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Everything posted by r_rr

  1. r_rr

    Well of Well-Wishes

    Wow, good to hear he's keeping a positive attitude through this thing. That is what matters most.
  2. r_rr

    GBA Doom DM levels

    Heh, I never knew GBA had specific deathmatch levels. Thanks MP2E. I'll be looking for the cleaned up version as well Nemark.
  3. r_rr

    Who thought... [cacodemon eyes]

    It does actually look like blood running on bone to me. Cmon, I've never seen a pair of shorts fit that tight!
  4. r_rr

    Building stairs made easy (preview)

    Useful little too., can't wait to try it out.
  5. r_rr

    UAC Labs by Eric Harris

    Disregarding the author, in my opinion uaclabs was not that bad. But wasn't that good either. Compared to others WADs of it's time, my honest rating would be an average 3/5. This WAD was his best work from what I've seen.
  6. I listen many different kinds of music, and yes I do love metal. Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, and Danzig to name a few.
  7. r_rr

    How do you map?

    I just open Doombulder and start drawing ideas. I playtest lots, and change the map around many many times. It takes me forever to choose the right textures and get comfortable with my choice. I will sometimes draw up a basic idea, but it always looks better on paper, and ends up being changed around. To me, a map is never complete. There is always some way to make it better. I have a hard time handing someone a finished map, because I always discover a problem or an area that needs improvment at the last freaking second!
  8. r_rr

    Doomworld goons' hobbies/fetishes

    My hobbies include all aspects of video gaming (I love machinima), computers, and outdoor adventure sports like dirt biking, mountain biking. I also practice Doom at a semi-fetish level.
  9. r_rr

    SLUT - a true story

    Looks good, and makes good use of original textures.
  10. r_rr

    Doom Builder crashes when you...

    Could it be that you have your WAD opened in another editor like XWE? This causes doombuilder to crash especially on 3D view.
  11. r_rr

    Doom in 3D

    Cool effect. /me gets headache Although I can't do it for too long.
  12. r_rr

    Dehacked Weapon Mods

    No way! Nothing can beat the mad, coma inducing, brain boiling effects of the Blessed Engine!
  13. r_rr

    what the stupidest thing you did in doom?

    Tried to take out a charging lost soul with a rocket.
  14. r_rr

    The DOOM Movie

    That was a classic. lol Doom movie could have been much better. It was an ok movie, but it wasn't the Doom I had in mind. The story changed too much from the original, and of course they threw in their hollywood (aka crappy) extras. The only part I enjoyed was the first person scene towards the end.
  15. r_rr

    My grandma

    It's always hard when a loved one passes, sorry to hear.
  16. r_rr

    The Christmas 2009 Thread

    I got a Casio vz one Rock cell phone. It's water resistant, rugged, and has lots of cool features built in like a compass. Useful considering all the dirt biking and mountain biking I do. I also recorded my very own Doom ringtone, which I am very proud of. :D
  17. r_rr

    Your name

    Well, the first time I discovered ZDaemon, I was so eager to play I just typed in r_rr. The nickname stuck. I use it for ZD, Skulltag, and so on. I also go by the name Rnitrofish for my youtube account and email address.
  18. r_rr

    What makes a map scary?

    Combination of atmosphere, music, and sounds. The element of surprise is always good, but don't over do it. Also, maybe a monster that you only see for a split second here and there. Fear of the unknown is the best fear.
  19. r_rr


    JW: Do you have any cookies? r_rr: I do not. JW: Why not? r_rr: Because I do not have any in my possession. JW: Do you not have a male? wtf?!? o.O
  20. r_rr

    What monster are you?

    Arachnotron I love the sound of that plasmagun goin off :D
  21. r_rr

    Doom Survival Kit

    DOOM2.WAD (Doom 2) Skulltag, ZDaemon Doom Builder, XWE, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity etc, Oblige Tei Tenga, Void would be the first two... uhh
  22. r_rr


    1 cat, 2 Cockatiles, and a small Turtle roaming the backyard. The turtle is older than I am.
  23. r_rr

    Top 10 Best and Worst Films

    I wasn't too impressed with Crank 2 High Voltage
  24. r_rr

    Post your PC and Setup

    Windows XP Pro SP3 Nvidia SLI Chipset, not sure the exact model AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 4GB DDR2 RAM Nividia GT9400 512MB Video Card 2 200GB Hard Drives, one external 22 inch LCD Stupid Windows sound recorder doesn't work if you have more than 2GB RAM lol
  25. r_rr

    What car(s) do you own.

    I'm assuming you watch Top Gear :D