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  1. Vampirajay

    John Peel dead, aged 65

    you see what I mean? you know damn well that I've been here for ages, but there you go, being stupidly sarcastic, you're not funny, you're just sad.
  2. Vampirajay

    John Peel dead, aged 65

    Respect? you have no respect for anyone. Do you really have absolutely no compassion? or are you so wrapped up in yourself that you have to be a git to everyone else? or is that you need to be the center of attention all the time so you make these dumb arse comments so everyone focuses on you. I feel sorry for you, you must be so lonely, I mean why else would you act the way you do to people? you remind me of a child, a naughty child having a tantrum.
  3. Vampirajay

    John Kerry Interpretive Campaign

    very funny :)
  4. Vampirajay

    your first comment

    I was just wondering what you first comment on a Doomworld thread was (if you can remember that far back). Mine was something to do with sitting on the roof of my house threatening Spike with a shotgun, yes really.
  5. Vampirajay

    point of origin - where do you live?

    Same as Spike, Obviously :)
  6. Vampirajay

    News of the Weird

    There is this one as well, some guy gave an alibi when the police supected him of robbing a bank, the alibi? he was in another state buying Heroine at the time of the robbery. He gave them the receipt for the hotel he was staying in and when the police searched his room, guess what they found? 84 packets of heroine, lol
  7. Vampirajay

    Heh; Life-saving dope?

    lol, I didn't know about that, so let me get this straight, weed "Prevents" cancer, but smoking "Causes" it so....now all you got to do is decided what you'ld rather die from....brain or lung cancer..hmmmmm
  8. Vampirajay

    REVISED - The Underworld : Becoming (Part III)

    Much better my dear, I love the way you explained what was happening in his mind, the whole Neurological Black Hole was genius. Exellent :)
  9. It is really good! I personally think it looks so much better than the Doom3 version.
  10. Vampirajay

    Those Tissue Box Moments

    that had me crying aswell.... Movies that have made me cry are....never ending story (I was just a kid and the bit where the horse dies) American History X, T2, Riding cars with boys and american beauty. On another thought though, when I saw the title of this thread I was a little bit worried about the content of the thread....glad I was brave enough to have a look anyway..
  11. Vampirajay

    Green Pile 13

    Green Pile is so cool, can I ask how long ago did you start doing this?
  12. Vampirajay

    The Underworld : Corrupted (Part I)

    wow hun, this has got to be your best so far, I am really intruigued now, must know what happens next, get writing, now, do it!
  13. Vampirajay

    fav meat

    Hmmm....chicken is yummy
  14. Vampirajay

    Looking for certain program

    try http://www.download.com I got one from there ages ago, when you get it you have to tell it what to use and set it up to random, otherwize it won't do what you want. I searched under wallpaper changer. hope that helps :)
  15. Vampirajay

    Which NIN Era are You?

    The Downward Spiral Anger, Spite, Hatred, Depression, Suicidal tendencies, everything is mixed together. You're on The Downward Spiral, and you're ready to do anything at anytime, as long as it feels good or right at the time, ignoring the later consequences. Heh, it's the best album anyway IMO :)