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  1. Megaz

    Best Band names?

    And I thought I was going to be the cool unique guy and be the first to mention Yes. Other than that, Plus-Tech Squeeze Box. And of course, the best *song* name ever, St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast.
  2. Megaz


    [/B] Not talking about any of those. Keep reading the post instead of hitting the quote button right away and you'll see that I was talking about effectiveness of pokes, block strings, timing on combos...The fact they changed these to be more like SF2 rather than SF3 is bedazzling, being that SF3, IMO, was the pinnacle of the series. Oh, if you think we should take out mechanics that aren't universally appreciated, being that 3rd Strike never reached the fanbase SF2 did, why don't they just remake SF2 again? I don't know if you read my post or just quoted chunks at random but every point relates back to how they tried to keep it as much like SF2 as possible, and I'm saying they shouldn't have. These stated design goals are exactly what I'm complaining about Either you don't know what negated means or you misread - Pokes and blockstrings in this game outprioritize just about everything ever in SFIV, and are insanely effective, thus negating the need to use SF3-style combos that don't involve pokes, when you can just crouching lp -> projectile/uppercut everything. I would've thought by my 'them' you'd assume I was talking about combos brought over from 3rd strike, being that the previous line had '3rd strike combos' in it. Sentences I form actually relate to each other, gasp! Anywho, try and perform any combo brought over from 3rd Strike, or even Alpha, and you'd notice how much tighter the timing is. What are you talking about, have you not played a sagat in SFIV, ever? His normal moves have a range of infinite, both his Tiger knee AND Tiger uppercut are armour-breaking, his projectiles have just about no recovery and he has both high offense AND high defense. If everybody who used him wasn't a wakeup-ultraing scrub, he'd be nigh unbeatable in the right hands. You don't need a tier list to work this out. Nice assumption but you've obviously never seen me play/played me lololol
  3. Megaz


    SFIV is nothing compared to the perfection that is 3rd Strike. Why they would change such a beautiful thing is beyond me. They take 3rd Strike Movesets but take out half the mechanics and replace them with SF2 mechanics. And it doesn't work. Why would they take out parrying? Why would they make block strings so effective, yet keep the 3rd strike combos, even though block strings completely negate them? And why is the timing so tight on them? Why is Sagat still god?
  4. Megaz


    I can't stand Mugen. Just because how every 3rd strike character is just a little bit off and that makes me shit at Actual 3rd strike after I play with them.
  5. Megaz

    Your favortie song in Doom 1 or 2?

    E2M1 in Doom 1 gets me all hot, sweaty and makes me do my best impersonation of MIDI instruments
  6. Megaz

    Chip's Challenge Game

    It's a game about a boy who eats computer chips that are bigger than him. It's also about shoes. Oh, it's also a very rad game.
  7. Megaz

    Obesity is Contagious

    Food isn't a virus, what are they on about
  8. Megaz

    Looney Libreal Bin: No Big-Screen TV for You!

    Kevin Rudd's beat you to it.
  9. Megaz

    Favorite cartoons?

    Rozen Maiden
  10. Megaz

    Jokes and cultural differences

    Well, Dr.Chamberlain was my English teacher but that never stopped us from making dingo jokes between each other, so I guess not.
  11. Megaz

    Australian or English muffins?

    This thread is now about true blue Australian stereotypes. Bloody drongos.
  12. Megaz

    Australian or English muffins?

    I have english muffins all the time. I've never heard of an Australian muffin. I'm also Australian.
  13. These are so PUNbearable. I was speed reading the article, so when I read 'They are a fire hazard', I thought they were talking about the flaming hobos for a second.
  14. Just a thought, are one of the generic types of enemy meant to be Sagat from SF? Looks just like him. Also, the Hugo boss, is that meant to be Hugo from Street Fighter III/Final Fight? Looks just like him. And is called Hugo.
  15. Megaz

    What were you doing 15 years ago?

    Since i'm a young sod, I was busy being a toddler.