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  1. Thanks, you just reminded me of sevearal months of ear pain as my country's youth was invaded by this. Yes, I hate Bullet for my Valentine.
  2. Oh no! My Warez!!! *just kidding, I don't have Warez* Even if it this law thing is applied, it will be ridiculous. There gajillions of Laptops, iPods and other stuff out there. Just plain ridiculous.
  3. Versian

    I Want to Believe

    Awesome, we get to have a rap battle with aliens/mind controlling people/weirdos/etc.
  4. Versian

    Jack Thompson, how I love thee.

    After his crap of Video Games being "mental masturbation" I'm glad he got what he deserved.
  5. Versian

    Indy 4...you gonna go see it?

    yeah... I guess
  6. Maybe... didn't cross my mind as it is a rarity to me
  7. Why don't we just invent some sort of liquid cheese (that doesn't involve being burning hot) and use that to stick our dicks in? It kind of makes both Oral come WITH the Cheese. To answer the question. Cheese. The few Times I've had oral it was kind of dissapointing. But I still can't make a valid opinion of it. I need more experience (off to level up)
  8. Versian

    Doom 4?

    I want to Doom 4 to be a true sequel of Doom 3, of course having references to the original Dooms just like Doom 3. I'm really hoping for some actual non-linear events. Just for the replay value. No-Clipping Monsters. A must. And more monsters ON FIRE
  9. Versian

    need help on the story

    Several PDAs don't even talk about major plot issues. One guy just talks about some machine malfunctions that are pointless in relationship to the plot (I'm not talking about the monorail). I even hated the fact that I had to listen to a 5 min long PDA just to get the code of the cabinet right in front of me. Some had martianbuddy spams like "enlarge your pen1s" or "get out of debt" Also, plot doesn't matter, I you were a marine stuck in a mars base would you focus on what the hell so and so dude did? No, if it were me I'd be too busy killing the goddamn demons.
  10. Versian

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    I'm glad somebody mentioned the Burning Zombie already. The first time I saw him I had a weird mixture of feelings. It was something along the lines of "OMFG the mo'fo is gonna kill me, shoot it, SHOOT IT!!! he's on FIRE!!! I am going to Die!!!" combined with the uncontrollable urge to laugh. Chainsaw Zombies as well, pure awesome. Should've been more of them. Hell Knights are my fav monster. Just pure badass.
  11. Versian

    The most chilling/disturbing/scariest game or moment?

    hmm, can't really think of anything that scared the bejeezus out of me, but here are some of the scariest moments. Again I wasn't really scared, just... startled. i did get some good chills down my Spine though. Half-Life 2: Ravenholm. So, this is a potential candidate to a truly scary moment. Creepy Zombies everywhere, scary sounds, lots and lots of bodies and blood. My ammo was constantly running out (did not want to use the gravity gun since it killed the mood, I WANTED to be scared). Unfortunately the second time I played it all the magic was lost and it ruined the thrill for me. Resident Evil 4, in the castle, where you have to send ashley to raise the platforms to cross some sort of pool. Damn Monks wouldn't stop coming. Several moments in the village gave me goosebumps. The boss fights kinda killed the scary mood since they were so flashy and not nearly much of a challenge. Also the regenerator (I think it's called) was kinda scary. At first. several Folk stories of my country including the Death Wagon, the Black Dog and the White Dog, the Weeping Woman, and more gave me serious frights as a kid, but now as a teenager I find them entertaining. I might still piss my pants if i'm in the wrong part of town at midnight though.
  12. It's obvious it wasn't about the money, the guy just wanted to go to the history books as "The dude who tried to cash a check for 360 Billion dollars" I applaud him for that. Marijuana to a bank? WTF?
  13. Versian

    School Bomb Threats Suck

    I'm amazed. Where I come from students would be crazy to pull a stunt like that. Our teachers would go Texas Chainsaw Massacre on our asses. High School and College.
  14. Versian

    Iron Man

    I really liked Iron Man, as a matter of fact I liked it so much I saw it twice at the movies. I really prefer Iron Man over just about any other super hero out there except for Superman. Iron Man rules. If I met Tony Stark, I'd like to be his friend, unlike Peter Parker for example. The only weakness Iron Man has makes you cheer him on, unlike other heroes like Spiderman's emoness which made me facepalm like 4 or 5 times during each spiderman movie (so yeah, I have issues with spiderman). I found the acting by all the cast members quite great. I hated Obadiah Stane in a genuine "he's a real villain" kind of hate. Not like Lex Luther's "He's just a Jealous Mo'fo" hate or All of the retarded Spiderman villains.
  15. Versian

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    I found Doom 3 Startling at moments. Somebody here mentioned a skeleton moved by an invisible force? Yeah, that pretty much left me with a chill down my spine (and about 10 bullets shot out of my machine gun, but I guess if it happened in real life you'd lose those bullets too). I wasn't actually scared as in "MOMMY!!!". It was quite entertaining though, the ambushes were well done although some were quite predictable. Of course, Doom3 way scarier than any "scary" movie I've ever seen. Too bad it's too linear, which cuts away some replay value. On my 3rd or 4th time around I'm pretty much gonna know where every zombie closet is.