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  1. You could also use this mechanic for obstacles. While playing the Demo I noticed some giant mushrooms growing in the Lava Pits - I guess these were Stalagmites. So while giant mushrooms in a cave (on earth terrain) might be a great idea, they shouldn't be spawned in Lava Pits.
  2. I just got an idea that might actually work: Some time ago, I played "Wrath of Cronos", an RPG Mod for ZDoom Heretic. I remembered there were terrain-specific spawns: When you killed a Monster and Blood/Gore particles hit the ground, they would spawn a reagent that was specific to the ground it fell on (for example blue reagent when it landed on Ice, brown reagent when it landed on earth, ...) Since this is technically possible, it should be possible to do the same for Monsters as well: A Weredragon spawnpoint on an Ice Terrain could transform it into a Wendigo, on a metal/stone ground it could be transformed into a Juggernaut, and it could stay a Weredragon when it's spawned on Earth terrain. Wouldn't this be an idea? This way you wouldn't have the problem of random/odd monster mish-mashes and you would even get thematically fitting monsters to each map. Let me know what you think of it - I myself would love to see this realised. edit: Of course this would make it less random, but it would still add variety.
  3. I also really love to see something new for Heretic! :) And I also like the idea of having more variety in Heretic - the original had just very few Monsters compared to Doom. The only problem I see with randomizers is that they tend to mix things up just a little bit to much. What I mean is this: Let's say in the original, you had a cave with some Weredragons in it - this was thematically fitting together. Now you get a cave with a wild bunch of everything, Monsters of every sort in any color you wish - while this adds variety for sure, I think it feels just a bit too random and odd. - I would find it ok when there was one Boss-Weredragon in this group, that is stronger and looks a bit different, but having totally different monster mixed together is a bit too crazy for my taste. - Another (better) possibility (but I don't know if this is technically possible): I think it would be great if monster randomization would work more like, lets say, "All Weredrgons in E2M1 are replaced with Red Chaos serpents", "All Weredragons in E2M4 are replaced with Shadow Beasts" - this would still increase variety over the different levels and episodes, while preventing "wild colorful bunches of everything" in one single room. Just my opinion. I don't know whether it is possible, nor do I know if there are any other randomizers that work like this. But even if there aren't any (and this should be possible), you would indeed have created something special and new :)
  4. Fenriswolf


    No, I guess that's all that is supposeed to happen. It took me 2 "playthroughs" to get it's deeper meaning, though. Just give it another try and let your imagination run free.
  5. Thank you very much plums! This looks great, exactly the way I wanted it to look! @Fellowzdoomer: I am working on a "combination" Mod, that includes several modifications, some made by other people, some made by me. I am not sure whether I can release this, because it is not all my work - maybe this is just for friends and me. It is a Heretic mod that combines a Texture Mod by me (making Heretic darker and gloomier), a Blood Mod, an RPG Mod (Wrath of Cronos) as well as some minor sprite and script changes so that everything fits together, and the different mods don't mess around. I agree with plums - the Mace itself looks ok but the magic effect is not that good. As for the gauntlet hand: Since the Mace shall be used by a Cleric-type Character, it needs to have the normal leather gloves (just as the original from Hexen). But thank you nevertheless, I knew this sprite was out there (I think it was included in Hexen Arcanum) but didn't have any link.
  6. Great to have your support, plums! I'm looking forward to your work! :)
  7. Great, this is exactly what I was looking for, although a yellow/orange/red-ish glow would be perfect (but blue would be ok as well, if you want to keep the first frame the way you made it now)! Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help on this! The weapon is going to be used in Heretic.
  8. Hello! I am searching for a Heretic/Hexen-style sprite of a enchanted/magic melee mace. The Cleric character actually has a mace - this would just fit my needs but I would need something that looks "magic", like the powered-up staff of Heretic or the magic axe of Hexen. Does anyone know a WAD were a sprite like this was used? Or is anyone crafty enough to produce a "magic" version of the mace of the Cleric? Thanks a lot!!!
  9. Fenriswolf

    Unpopular Opinions

    I don't care for Doom that much, I'm just here for Heretic/Hexen.
  10. Fenriswolf

    Heretic Monsters that don't produce blood

    Thanks a lot! The reason behind this behavoiur was indeed a setting of those blood patches which indeed set the +NOBLOOD flag for the Knight, even though he does not have it normally. Strange thing...
  11. Hello! There are certain Heretic monsters that do not produce any blood when you are using ZDoom or any ZDoom-based bloodmod (BrutalHexen or Nashgore Blood) - First I thought that this was controlled via the +NOBLOOD tag, but than I looked into the script in gzdoom.pk3 and realised that just some of them had the +NOBLOOD tag (like the Sabreclaw) while others do not have it, and still produce no blood (like the Knight). So what's the actual background to this behaviour?
  12. Fenriswolf

    .Heretic New 3 weapons (Modified script)

    Well some screenies or a descripton would be great actually ;) I tried it out, though and must say there are some nice ideas yet I find the weapon behaviour overall a bit strange, so to say. I still liked the idea of the tome that shoots unpredictable random projectiles :D.
  13. Ah okay, that was probably the reason why I thought I was playing Diablo all the time ;) Okay I just tested it again and I did not encouet that bug, so it's probably not there and I just misunderstood something ;) There was a small "bug" though, I was able tohear the chickens when I was in the dungeon, this just sounded very weird it did heart the atmosphere (which was really great!) a bit. Still not through, though. The light worked now for me. Looks great, yet a bit too dark sometimes, there were rooms I hardly could see anything.
  14. Well, I think the sword costs 20 gold. When I talked to the guy who wanted me to bring him the sword he gave me 20 gold, yet as far as I remember my inventory said 40 gold afterwards. I went to the smith and talked to him and got the sowrd. I talked to him again and the same dialogue came and when I looked in my inventory I think I did not have any gold left... Thats why I thought I bought it two times. By the way, where does the dungeon music come from? Ok, I'll try this later!
  15. I just played a bit of it and think it's great... Kinda feels like 3D Diablo, don't know if that was your intention? Maybe that's where "Kane" came from? There might have been a bug (Im not sure) but I think I was able to buy the sword two times accidentaly, at least I lost 40 gold. I also had some graphical problems with GzDoom, I don't use this often, so I don't know why it looked a bit strange for me: How can I fix this?