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  1. psxdoomTC works up to the gz3.2.0 version (from what I could test). No need to update, we will gain nothing here imho. NB: ...but psxdoor not work here with gz3.2.0 or up (as indicated by hfc2x). PSXDOORS.PK3:zscript.txt, line 5: Attempt to override non-existent virtual function WorldLinePreActivated
  2. Jets

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    I grouped all the fix over time, here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1812839 If it can serve.
  3. LOSTMIX.PK3.ori => it's original file present in original pack @ first post, quite simply. LOSTMIX.PK3 => by kroc (most complete. So used) LOSTMIX.pk3.Alfaifi => by...Alfaifi = old version corrected (in principle useless now, but kept "just in case") LOSTMIX.PK3.ScottGray => by...(same) so you leave like that, and it should roll
  4. This links are always up to date: PSXDoom2.135u1 + PSXDoom-Fix (from this thread) + PSXDoom Music + Lost Level + PSXDoom-Fix2 if it can help you ^_^
  5. for info, PSXDOOMTC.exe doesn't launch psxdoom correctly with gz v3.2.1 (3.2.0 is ok).
  6. this files include this fix ? There are several lostmix, and it looks like they all have mistakes :?
  7. no problem with gz 3.1.0 and lostmix from alfaifi (check my previous post)
  8. DoomPSX (1st post) => hosted files + LostLevels (1st post). Or directly mirrored here + here + here = official + fix from Alfaifi (lostmix.pk3) & ScottGray (PSXNRFTL.PK3). phew^^
  9. Jets

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    yep, it's work :)
  10. Jets

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Hum, retribution crash with the new gzdoom 3.0.0 :/
  11. Hi and thanks for this release. Some questions: - PSXSOUND.pk3 and PSXLOSTVOICE.pk3 are useless? - PSXLOST.pk3 / PSXLOSTMUS.pk3 / PSXNRFTL.pk3 / PSXTCMUS.PK3 should go in the root directory or in the "mods" directory? thanks
  12. Jets

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    Hi all, Thank you for this addon and all your efforts for so long ! Just some questions: - I do not see the PSXNRMUS.PK3 file that is referenced in GAMEINFO.TXT in psxload.pk3, someone has this file ? - Besides I have (little) errors: At launch: but no problem. - Other strangeness: In PSX Doom TC Customizer> if "add the lost level to orignal episodes" is ON then: else if "add the...." is OFF then: and all episode are OK. I use the last psxdoom.pk3 (here) and last PSXLOST.pk3 (1st post on this thread) If someone has an idea or a solution, thank you in advance. PS: Sorry for my poor english ^^
  13. Jets

    Doom64 EX 2.2 Released

    Anyone know the real difference between "Doom 64 v1.1 (rom)" and v1.0 ?
  14. Jets

    Doom64EX 1.4 released

    and rename all *.mp3 to *.ogg, otherwise it will not work ;)