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  1. Vendettagainst

    Toke it up!

    So are there any maps open?
  2. Vendettagainst

    Doomworld on TV

    That's the problem - I can't find any archived footage anywhere and this looks pretty interesting.
  3. Vendettagainst

    Turning pk3 files into something useful.

    You do realize that that usually corrupts a file?
  4. Vendettagainst

    Doomworld on TV

    I've read places that "...Doomworld representatives appeared on CNN and Good Morning America after the Columbine massacre"...
  5. Vendettagainst

    Doomworld on TV

    I've been wondering if anyone knows any site with Doomworld on CNN or GMA? I've been looking for it to see what happened on it.
  6. Vendettagainst

    Young Doomers: Why this game?

    I'm 15 and I can remember playing both Wolfenstein-3d and Doom on the old PC back in about 96'. (Yes, I was 3 when I played Doom.) I can remember having a bunch of shovelware disks, and infact, the first time I played Perfect Dark, I liked it because it was "just like Doom!" I grew up with this game, and I can remember Doom Connector from around 03'-04'. Man, those were the days - I remember ZDaemon CTF 2 and playing a beta of Deus Vult. :P
  7. I've got the $10 Doom Collector's Edition (With a nice Doom 3 preview :P), Doom 1 and 2 on GBA (Which were bitches to find), A badly torn version of the first Doom novel with the back page missing, Doom 64, A Baron Of Hell metal minifigure thing, and Doom 3: Collector's Edition for Xbox.
  8. Vendettagainst

    A Doom 2 remake?

    DOOM II HD. :D Heh. Count me in, although is this a Doom game inpired by Doom II or a remake?
  9. Vendettagainst

    Phobos Terror 2009 now available for Download.

    They must be the son of god!
  10. Vendettagainst

    Doom 3 Deathmatch WAD

    Sounds fun! Can't wait, but I hope that the sprites are redone and not just copied and pasted from pictures of Doom3.
  11. Vendettagainst

    Multiplayer CTF?

    I might just get on at the wrong times but whenever I'm on there's only 1 CTF game on Skulltag and like 5 going on on ZDaemon.