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    Think that got officially confirmed somewhere. Can't recall where, though.
  2. (empty)

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've always been satisfied with the copies I snagged from Goodwill for four bucks. Only regret is that they're in leftover CD cases rather than proper boxes. Speaking of that Goodwill, they actually had one of those shovelware packs, even in '08. Didn't have the chance to buy it, though. The latter half of Doom 2 is fairly meh aside from a handful of levels I've IDCLEVed to. Thy Flesh Consumed past E4M3 is the bane of my existence. Still want to beat it eventually, though.
  3. (empty)

    New wad, some ideas with it.

    It's terrifying if you're afraid of dull corridors and Imps. Wound up turning on godmode because I have no idea how you're meant to take on the first two Barons. The second map atleast seems like it's got an interesting concept in mind, but it doesn't really deliver. Also, that "new texture" looks absolutely dreadful. I'll also mirror Memfis' statement. If you want the health stations to be a tension thing, save them for those tense moments. By the way, that little city area visible from the start? Infinitely more interesting than any of the actual WAD.
  4. (empty)

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've got the CDs for Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 lying around somewhere, but I also only ever really use the IWADs. Also, I can vouch for being a "never beat an IWAD" guy: Doom 2 gets awful partway through so I've never really bothered to beat it. I've gotten fairly far into Thy Flesh Consumed, but never beat it. Don't own Final Doom, so I've never had the chance to play it. I have beat the other episodes of Ultimate Doom, though.
  5. (empty)


    ...Wow. I never realized this somehow. More on topic though, logically a female version of the Marine would look exactly the same as the Marine always does.
  6. (empty)

    [TESTERS NEEDED] Herbtech beta 3

    I like the textures and felt they worked fine aside from the sky (reminds me of Batman: TAS more than anything Doom). Was an absolute breeze, though.
  7. I also approve of that start room, was amazing. I really liked the little animated-texture message thing too, don't think I've seen that before.
  8. Use imgur instead of Imageshack.
  9. A bit bland and barren, and you can jog past most of the fights. The Specter charge especially feels a bit pointless.
  10. (empty)

    The full extent of Empty's mapping abilities.

    Oh dear. Sorry about that. That does sound interesting, not sure how you'll manage it. Was already aware of the light level shortcut, but the rest is new to me. Thanks!
  11. (empty)

    The full extent of Empty's mapping abilities.

    Ooh a demo. I've never been entirely certain how to record those (which might not even be possible because GZDoom), but still. Will watch that in a bit. EDIT: Good cripes man. And here I was impressed that I got a 0:40 run.
  12. (empty)

    The full extent of Empty's mapping abilities.

    Managed to somehow scrape out a 0:43 while still circlestrafing the mancs. Didn't think to screencap it since for some reason I thought I could do better. Gonna try Eris' tactic and see how well I can get it to work.
  13. (empty)

    The full extent of Empty's mapping abilities.

    Thanks! I thought it was a bit obvious, but it's good to hear you liked it. ...Oh cripes you're right. How didn't I realize that? Huh. I'm not one to usually notice that sort of thing, so I guess that's why I didn't think to use it. Will keep that in mind. Thought the medikit was a bit obvious, but I wasn't sure how else to hide it. Good to know it worked regardless. The medikit probably would've been a good idea. Noted. Intend to put together an episode of sorts of quick little maps like this (albeit obviously higher quality) at some point. Had a bit of trouble trying to make them not boxes without making the rooms look weird. Will try harder next time. It went through several different incarnations. Could never get it quite the size I wanted. Oh wow. I should probably try that, actually...
  14. (empty)

    The full extent of Empty's mapping abilities.

    I thought the brightness was okay, but that's probably just me. Will keep that in mind. I really probably should've. I seem to blank on ideas at the worst possible times, though. Thanks! I intend to. ...Oh bugger that's right. I still haven't finished that Five Rooms of Doom entry I was supposed to have done months ago. Blargh. I had a feeling there was a better way of handling doors than what I was doing. Anyone care to explain a bit? Also sorry it took so long for me to respond; I went to bed early last night, and I woke up a couple minutes ago.