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  1. Repentance

    GBA Doom 1 and 2 vs. all other Doom ports.

    Ditto. But I do love hearing Burgertime's Youtube vlog about how the Jaguar 3DO port was developed. Makes it less hated on. Programming a DOOM game from scratch in less than a week or two isn't easy at all to do esp. in the 90's.
  2. Repentance

    GBA Doom 1 and 2 vs. all other Doom ports.

    One DOOM that I was always familiar with as a child until I had my hands on a PC and play DOOM and DOOM 2 completely was Sega 32X DOOM. A highly flawed port, the game's monsters only face you due to the limited engine and sprites. But at least the gameplay is still much better than SNES.
  3. I'm so glad I found this post. I'm in school for CS now and would love to watch your tutorials. I'm still trying to understand from the basics, so if you would please, when do you see a start to the first entry to the tutorials?
  4. Repentance

    Favorite Heretic/Hexen Game?

    Haha, yeah - Hexen multiplayer is a crazy experience.
  5. Repentance

    KDiZD... thoughts?

    Exactly, Quake would be a perfect example.
  6. Repentance

    Doom Classic Game + Doom 3 + Movie Connected?

    On that note, I think Silent Hill is the best one out of them all as far as being faithful to the series goes. And yeah, I don't know what movies you have been watching Tann&Jerri. Hahahaha, were they these movies? U.S. Domestic Alone in the Dark: $5,178,569 BloodRayne: $2,405,420 Dead or Alive: $480,813 Double Dragon: $2,341,309 House of the Dead: $10,249,719 In the Name of the King ..: $4,775,656 Postal: ... ouch, too bad. Wing Commander: $11,578,059 Postal apparently being Uwe Boll's best.
  7. Repentance

    Spider Demon Is.... GONE!!!! (I Think)

    Great concept model for the Spider Mastermind. That fanmade version looks like it did take some hard work but from what I saw, it didn't look too big.
  8. Repentance

    15 years of doom

    A Hallmark e-card from me to DOOM.
  9. Repentance

    Final Doom IS coming on the Xbox live arcade!

    Final Doom was beautiful for the PSX. It had 30 maps, though. 13 maps from Master Levels which is highly underrated, 11 maps from TNT: Evilution, and 6 maps from The Plutonia Experiment. Final Doom for PSX reintroduced me to DOOM after DOOM95 Shareware was all I could play. If Live Arcade is going to use the Playstation version, there may be pros and cons as far as the missing monsters and many missing maps from the Master Levels, TNT, and PLUTONIA. But the music and sector lighting effects were beautiful.
  10. Attention speedrunners, cooperative players: I'm planning on hosting a cooperative/survival tournament on the Skulltag source port, one of the two events for this introductory tournament on Saturday, 10/18/2008. So if you are interested and want to spectate this new kind of tournament, be there. Those of you who do not know what a Survival gamemode is - a Skulltag gamemode, it's simply playing under cooperative mode (alongside other players) each given 1 live - as it is playing by yourself offline. Everyone dies, the map restarts. This concept is fairly new, however being a modification of the oldest gamemode there are many ideas that can go through with this Survival tournament. Speedrunning, surviving, and # of kills are examples of factors that would determine winner. So far, most votes seem to aim for Hell Revealed or Alien Vendetta in regards to the second half of this tournament - a team survival. Nonetheless, compatibility settings will most likely go for fast monsters and no freelook or jumping. But if this goes successful there will be many WADs under consideration for the tournaments. What we do need though, is support from cooperative players and speedrunners like YOU. I've placed all the ideas under this thread, so please - just check it out and give some thought on here or there: http://skulltag.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=15284 If you would like to join the tournament, please feel free to contact me on any of these forums. I'm not here at all to promote a tournament but just an idea that I think could work for fun. I've been a DOOM fan since 1995 but have only been playing online for a year now. Most of you who are aware of the multiplayer source ports, I'm [EG]MARINE or [EG]Repentance.
  11. Repentance

    Scythe Ultra Violence TAS movie in 7:46

    I'll check these out soon, sounds lovely.
  12. Repentance

    KDiZD... thoughts?

    I dunno, as much as it may be interesting to have other tool wielding demons with swords and shields, it really didn't grab me. I say, save it for another project with another concept. Every single demon had higher technology than Mars or an equalized one.
  13. Repentance

    DOOM: The Gathering

    I think a Heretic board game would have been very interesting, and I don't play board games.
  14. Repentance

    Baron of hell, what is he made of?

    MionicDonut is lead singer, I'm in charge of bass guitar and the toy drum machine. You can be first fan.
  15. Repentance

    KDiZD... thoughts?

    Yeah, Scuba Steve's concept art of the Magmantis does remind me abit of Chthon.