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  1. Caleb13

    DBP58: Immortal Warfare

    Ah, yet another worthy effort! Even after all these years, I'm still impressed how y'all manage to produce mapsets with such similar visual and gameplay style. I played on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some problems: MAP06: isn't SSG supposed to be secret? MAP09: in at least 2 places, the player gets suddenly lifted into air, see the screenshots. I think there is a 3rd place too, but I can't pinpoint it. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say it's a nodebuilder issue.
  2. Huh, these were suprisingly intense, despite relaively low monster numbers... in other words, great work! There is one problem in MAP08, sector 420 shouldn't be secret. Conversely, in MAP05, I think soulsphere inside sector 296 is supposed to be secret?
  3. Caleb13

    [Limit-Removing] Shevirah (on /idgames)

    I'm just popping in to mention that the map worked without any apparent problems in GZdoom 4.10.0 with default compatibility setting, despite I killed the custom monsters via console (not a fan of those). Another damn impressive work, I have no idea how you manage to properly create and texture all those 45k+ linedefs...
  4. @Andrea Rovenski I looked at MAP09 in an editor, but I still see no way from behind those crates. It's sector 125.
  5. These were fun to play, I liked how you managed to progressively ramp up the difficulty. In fact, I played most maps from pistol starts, but I played continuously since MAP28 because of all the archviles. On the other hand, I think you overdid MAP30. It's pure luckfest if you manage to lure the mastermind off the platform and make it infight so you have enough time to make your way to the exit. And wading through lava all along the way. Apart from that, there is a bug in MAP09, player can become stuck behind crates near the blue keyed door. And GZdoom reports some geometry problems: MAP16: Removing 0-length line 339 Map has 2 unused sidedefs MAP32: Unknown middle texture 'MAXAU4' on first side of linedef 915 Unknown middle texture 'MAXAU5' on first side of linedef 947
  6. I enjoyed these, I hope you plan to make more and put them in a bigger WAD one day. BTW, in all 3 maps, GZdoom displays these warnings during startup: Unknown patch 'SKYSMA' in texture 'SKY2DM2' Unknown patch 'SKYSMB' in texture 'SKY2DM2' Unknown patch 'DOOM2-S6' in texture 'SKY12' Texture 'SKY3DROP' references itself as patch Texture 'CHSKY2B' references itself as patch
  7. I've only read about the original game, but it seems you've captured its essence well. It took me quite a while to find the 3-keyed elevator, maybe you could highlight it somehow. I played in GZdoom 4.10.0 and there were some other problems: Mastermind can become stuck on the "stairs" near the yellow key area. Also, it seems all teleporter linedefs in the lava around this area are facing the wrong way. Fence on the roof (with the arachnotron/fatso trap) is blocking shots. Also, lost souls can become stuck behind it, with no way to kill them. All narration text are displayed for too short time. I haven't had much trouble reading them, but many people will. However, simply to increase their time could be counter-productive, too. IMO the most elegant fix would be to configure the texts so they would get flushed to the console. That way, slow readers could take as long as they needed to read them. GZdoom reports many instances of these errors in MAP01 and MAP03: Unknown middle texture 'PHOTO_04' on first side of linedef 14740 Warning: z-offsetting not allowed for interactive portals. Changing line 7230 to teleport-portal! And these warnings during startup: Texture NUMBERS is left without any patches Texture CREDITS is left without any patches
  8. Don't be so hard on yourself, I certainly wouldn't call that "failure". It was actually refreshing to play something not chock-full of archviles for once. And in retrospect, it was my mistake that I haven't heeded your advice to play from pistol starts. Oh well, what's done is done.
  9. Pretty standard fare, though IMO you captured the feel of the original maps pretty well. My main gripe is that most maps are easy, even easier than that stock D1 maps. I don't think my health ever dropped below 60% during the entire playthrough. Also, there are some bugs: E1M6: player can become stuck behind sector 143. E1M7: player can become stuck in the cell pack secret. And... item collecting sound from Sonic? As if it wasn't bad enough that the latest Doom installment frequently plays like that damned bunny-hopping hedgehog...
  10. Damn, how I kept missing this for 5 years...? I tried version 0.4 in GZdoom 4.10.0 and during startup, I get about 100 errors like this: Roughness texture 'materials/roughness/BRNPOIS2.png' not found in texture 'BRNPOIS2' Metallic texture 'materials/metallic/BROVINE2.png' not found in texture 'BROVINE2' Specular texture 'materials/specular/SW1BRN1.png' not found in texture 'SW1BRN1' Ambient occlusion texture 'materials/ao/flat17.png' not found in texture 'FLAT17' Is that because the mod is not finished yet? The shaders do work on some surfaces, although the end result is nowhere as impressive as in the OP.
  11. OK, then. I forgot to mention one thing, Gzdoom displays these warnings upon start: Texture MODWALL3 is left without any patches Texture MODWALL4 is left without any patches Switch SW1_DNDB in SWITCHES has the same 'on' state Switch SW1_DNDR in SWITCHES has the same 'on' state Switch SW1_DNDY in SWITCHES has the same 'on' state
  12. Hot damn, the level of detail in this mod is amazing! Do you plan to give it some better backstory? Looks like UAC invaded the Mushroom Planet to get the energy orbs (sprites are from Descent?), but it becomes fuddled after that. I played in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some problems: MAP01: sectors 167 etc. have wrong brightness. Isn't the backpack in the library supposed to be secret? MAP11: it's non-intuitive that you have to both press and shoot Korax switches that open door (sector 3579) towards the blue key. I had to use an editor to look what they do. One of imps in sector 6317 didn't teleport out, maybe the destination was blocked for too long? Also, I think you overdid the arena with the lowering square platforms, it's the single hardest fight in the entire mod. If the player gets caught on a lowering platform, he will lose lots of health from the acid.
  13. Solid work, but you don't actually need the key to open the blue door. Also, I found no way to open the secret in the lava/archvile room, not even with help of an editor.
  14. Caleb13

    Get Out Of The Dark

    I know the thread is old, but I played it in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I got stuck in the blue key cave in MAP02. I killed the revs and cacos after I grabbed it, pressed the switch outside and door opening animation played. But I found no way out, sector 4487 was closed. Maybe the script doesn't work properly in newer Gzdoom? I'm attaching the save file, maybe it will help to figure it out. Also, texture on linedef 6635 that opens the secret exit is misaligned. And I noticed one minor problem in MAP01: near start, in the cell with the first spectre, you can walk through the back wall of the cell. save01.zip
  15. Caleb13

    [MBF21] "Urban Crusade"

    Very nicely done, I hope you plan to add more maps! I noticed a few problems along the way: MAP02: I chose a "wrong" path after start, I went to the fatso/hellknight alley first. Then I completely run out of ammo when cacodemon and elemental appeared. Fortunately, they didn't follow me and I could find the secret chainsaw. Still, I think you could redistribute the ammo somehow. MAP04: Sky texture is cutting away view to zombiemen around the entrance and exist, see the screenshot. And... it would really help if the intermission texts were rewritten by a native English speaker.
  16. Caleb13

    Tambourine Tangerine

    Nicely done, Doom 1 maps with mandatory melee combat are still pretty rare. And the maze-like layout played like E2M5 Command Center on steroids. There seems to be one oversight, though: isn't sector 181 supposed to be secret? It's hard to find and you can't get 100% kills without opening it.
  17. Interesting, it works only in vanilla? And what's the idea behind the map? The monsters can walk through walls? But why is the exit switch in the starting room?
  18. Huh, these were surprisingly nasty, despite low monster counts and obvious references to stock Doom 2 maps. Which is to say: good work! I played the RC1 version on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some problems: MAP15: arachnotron 187 can't teleport out. Teleport linedefs around sector 2 are facing the wrong way. MAP17: sector 654 shouldn't be secret. MAP19: not sure if intended, but there are small HOMs at linedefs 2440 and 2442. Similar HOMs are at about 5 places around stair sectors 323 etc. MAP21: HOM at linedef 2253 after the stairs activate. It's hard to get 100% kills because imps in sector 580 usually stay out of view. MAP22: small HOM at linedef 584 when the wall/lift is down. Theoretically, it's possible to become stuck in blue door area if the player doesn't have the key. MAP27: in GZdoom, the blue key is mid-air when the lift goes down. Imp 385 is rather well hidden and makes it a bit hard to get 100% kills. MAP28: the only way to reach the secret is archvile jump? MAP29: teleport sector 306 doesn't work, it seems it's set to a wrong destination. MAP32: it's impossible to kill any monsters in this map?
  19. I was a bit reluctant to play this, because crate maps are usually confusing and annoying. But you've managed to avoid this trope... well, for most of the maps, anyway. Also, I liked the episode names. I played on UV in Gzdoom 4.10.0 and there are some problems: MAP09: sector 594 shouldn't be secret. Missing EXIT sign. MAP10: 100% kills is impossible because revenant closet (sector 155) doesn't work. MAP11: game-breaking bug: if you teleport to red door area without the red key, you will become stuck. Also, 100% kills is impossible because archviles 453 and 454 never teleported into playable areas. MAP12: 10 imps never teleported into playable areas, I think they can't cross the teleport linedef in GZdoom. Missing EXIT sign. MAP14: About 100 monsters never became active and stayed in closet, see the screenshot below. And the ones that did teleport remained stuck in sectors 689 etc. Also, sector 557 shouldn't be secret. MAP18: Missing EXIT sign. MAP20: Gzdoom reports 7 secret sectors, but it seems only 6 of them can be actually found. I kinda expected there would be a way to telefrag or crush the cyberdemon. Also, I think you overdid the red key arena, it's by far the most difficult fight in the entire mapset. I found only one way to win it - get the BFG first, grab the red key, press the switch to open the door and BFG my way out through the revs before too many teleport in. MAP21: the most tedious map of the mapset, mainly due to the platforming and acid pits. Practically the epitome of why crate maps have a bad reputation. MAP31: the map is listed in the OP, but it's not in the WAD? Another problem is the HUD, the numerals are too washed out. It's not as bad as in another recent mod, but the HUD is rather hard to read, I had to cut it out.
  20. @jerrysheppy @UltimateDecaf Yes, I meant it as a compliment. But sometimes it just goes out wrong. Oh well, nobody's perfect.
  21. Ah, I see now, it's a Dubai branch of the actual british University of Birmingham, which is among the top 100 universities in the world. No wonder their students are more talented and determined than your average college... material. How many students originally tried to create a map?
  22. Oh, so only one map was made at the university? And none by actual students? Figures. From my experience, most student projects end up being... well... academic, which is just an euphemism for "useless"... Overally, it's solid work with lots of GZdoom eyecandy. My only gripe are some automatic doors in MAP03 and MAP06 (I think), they behave erratically, because they react to monster movements too.
  23. This mapset is visually great, but the gameplay is a mixed bag, with prolonged platforming sections and some confusing switch hunts. MAP07 in particular is a tedious chore, with pure luckfest combat encounters to top it off. I played on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some problems along the way: MAP01: there are 4 teleports in sector 500, but all their 16 linedefs are facing the wrong way. MAP05: Linedef 8309 should be teleport. 100% kill is impossible because another teleport is missing on monster closet linedef 8243. Revenant 445 can't teleport out, too. Isn't sector 1340 supposed to be secret? MAP08: I think you overdid the switch puzzle in the RL/imp area. I played with it for a few minutes, but then I used cheats to skip it. MAP09: there are 0 monsters, but 2 secrets...
  24. Caleb13


    @xScavengerWolfx Oops, I played the older version from December 2022. Oh well, none of the bugs were game-breaking, anyway.
  25. Caleb13


    @xScavengerWolfx Not blue door. There is a small ordinary door behind the blue key, the HOM is below it.