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  1. Caleb13

    Return to Hell (10 maps of eyecandy!)

    I see I forgot to post the screenshot, here it is:
  2. Caleb13

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    @killerkouhai Is there a full list of the maps that were supposed to be part of RR, but will be released solo now?
  3. Caleb13

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    Well, that's the problem: on my first try, I killed the archvile before I crossed the line that raises the bars. This needs to be fool-proofed somehow, IMO.
  4. Caleb13

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    Odd, now I can't replicate it either. How exactly those bars work? What causes them to lower?
  5. Caleb13

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    I played RC2 on HMP in GZdoom 4.5.0 and I encountered bug in the secret level: the final bars to the exit never lowered. On my first try, I killed all the monsters before I even approached the bars. Then I did a second try and sprinted to them (so they would rise), but they never lowered even after I killed all the monsters.
  6. Caleb13

    RbDoom, MOD + 9 MAPS

    I'm just popping in to report that Gzdoom complains about this during startup: Editor number 14122 defined twice for classes 'BerserkSphere' and 'RbBerserkSphere' No idea what causes it though, it's the first time I've seen such a warning.
  7. Caleb13

    Return to Hell (10 maps of eyecandy!)

    I finally got around to play this. It's pretty solid work, but the first few maps don't look nearly as good as the latter ones. I think it may dissuade some players from playing further. Overal difficulty is on the low side, I don't think my health ever dropped below 50. I played in GZdoom 4.5.0 and I noticed some bugs, though nothing critical: MAP03: you don't actually need the blue key to open the blue door. MAP04: teleport linedef to the secret megashpere should point the other way. Also, sector 685 should be secret instead of 1190, it's so narrow it's hard to "find" in GZdoom. MAP06: sector 976 is not visually marked as yellow door. MAP07: in Gzdoom, the player can become trapped behind sector 1036. MAP09: lost soul 36 can't see the player and thus 100% kills is impossible. MAP10: unclosed sector 990 (I think), which results in missing floor texture, see the screenshot. Also, walls around sector 1421 don't appear on automap. MAP12: linedef 269 shouldn't be impassable. And GZdoom complains about some geometry issues: MAP05 - The Nuclear Works Line 4320 has no first side. Line 4571 has no first side. MAP10 - The Bunker Line 4759 has no first side. Line 4759's right edge is unconnected
  8. Oh, there are two DLCs out already? I completely lost track, but it seems I didn't miss much - I watched part of the UN run on the first page and OMFG that platforming bullshit seems like 3 times worse than in base Mario Eternal. Yep, I'm definitely not touching this unless someone makes a mod to bypass/skip all puzzles that have 3 or more steps. Until then, Microsoft can shove this crap up their asses, I'm not going to repeat the same mistake twice (pay for Doom and get Prince of Persia instead). Also, I have sort of a personal crusade that I try as little of my money as possible to seep to Microsoft, so it will be even better if I wait and then get the DLCs for bottom bargain price. BTW, what about the Master Levels? How many are out now? Do I need the DLCs to access them?
  9. Caleb13

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    I made it to epsiode 2 and it's not that bad - if I cared about graphics, I wouldn't play 25 years old game, anyway. I still have one question if I may - the map markers have different font than normally. How did you do that, I can't figure it out. I deleted all menu and HUD font lumps, but the new markers remain.
  10. Caleb13

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Oh wow, I didn't know Slade had that menu, thanks for the tip! I fiddled with it for an hour, but in the end, it was easier to convert all assets back to orignal Doom palette, delete the AA palette and then delete most sprites. Some of the new textures look a bit washed out now, but nothing critical.
  11. Caleb13

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Sorry for necro-posting, but is there a version of the WAD without the custom sprites for fatsos, arachnotrons and other stuff? Alternatively, is there some way to cut them out without making the original sprite colors look garbled? In other words, is there some tool that can mass-convert sprites to selected palette (or mass-revert them to the original palette)? Thanks.
  12. Caleb13

    Hell Keep redux v1.0.0 on idgames

    Very nice work, it plays great, I like the tight ammo balance. There one bug though: spectre 576 never became active and didn't teleport out even after noclipped there so it could see me. And the plus-shaped hall with green marble walls leading to the exit could use better texture alignment.
  13. Caleb13

    Super Slug: Two maps for GZDoom

    Solid work with great attention to detail, it's a damn shame you don't do more mapping. I noticed a small problem in MAP02, four zombies didn't teleport into playable areas. It happened because I didn't need green armor 543, this happens often with thing-tagged actions.
  14. Caleb13

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [Now on idgames]

    BTW, you forgot to translate the "secret is revealed" message that appears in GZdoom and related ports. Also, there is still "press y to quit" when you want to exit the game.
  15. Caleb13

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [Now on idgames]

    Hmm, from the name and description, I kinda expected it would have an ACS script that would prevent the mod from working unless it was run on a spanish-language operating system...