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  1. Ah, I see now. It does indeed work, I just BFG'd the cyberdemons so quickly that I never noticed the newly released monsters. Nevermind, then.
  2. I know it's probably too late, but I couldn't get 100% kills in MAP08. There are 4 closets tagged 29, with archviles and barons inside. But they never opened, even when I tried grabbing megaspheres and everything else in sight. I played on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0.
  3. Pisu primo cesky, zadny translator jeste neni tak dobry. To snad neni nic neobvykleho, ze na mezinarodnim foru se najde par cechu? Kdyz uz je rec o MAP02, tak jsem si vzpomnel jeste na jednu vec: nektere vytahy jde tezko rozpoznat, ze to jsou vytahy. Nejhorsi je to ve vode, hlavne u vypinace, ktery spousti ty mrize. Tam jsem se zasekal asi na 5 minut, nez jsem to nasel.
  4. Wow, Romsu se vratil! A ma dalsi paradni mapy! Uz jsem se bal, ze jsi po Cacowardu usnul na vavrinech... Hraji se dobre, i kdyz hledani vypinacu je nekdy matouci a osobne mi taky moc nesedly ty nove prisery. No, alespon jsi to s nimi neprehnal. Taky mi prislo, ze MAP01 je vyrazne tezsi nez MAP02, protoze v MAP02 je pomerne hodne modrych vest, megaspheru a jinych silnych powerupu. Hral jsem na UV v GZdoom 4.1.0 a MAP02 ma vaznou chybu, hrac muze aktivovat sektor 246 a utect zpet nez se zvedne. To zablokuje postup mapou (myslim, ze tomu zde rikaji softlock). Sektor 1740 se neda prekrocit, musel jsem se skrcit, abych se dostal k vypinaci vzadu.
  5. Solid work, but overal difficulty is quite low. I played from pistol starts since MAP03, but I don't think my health ever dropped below 70%. There are some traps, but somehow it was almost always obvious to me they're there. I played in GZdoom 4.10.0 and noticed some problems: MAP02: isn't soulsphere near exit supposed to be secret? Also, 100% items is impossible because an armor bonus near start is unreachable. MAP03: the exit lift is poorly designed, the player can trigger it and back out, with no way to get back in. MAP06: sector 169 shouldn't be secret. MAP08: sector 310 shouldn't be secret. MAP11: misaligned ceiling texture in sector 150.
  6. Caleb13

    Guest of Honor - three map set

    Solid work, the maps are visually striking despite using only stock textures. I couldn't get 100% kills in MAP01, because the monster closets are poorly designed. One lost soul from sector 580 always hugged the wall and never teleported out. Also, there is surprisingly little health in MAP02, unless the player finds the megasphere.
  7. Caleb13

    EVADED - DOOM2 map

    Umm... do you realize that your description here is almost longer than the actual WAD file size?
  8. Solid work as usual, although difficulty varies greatly between the maps. In particular, I think you overdid the final fight in MAP05 - 2 cybers and 2 archviles in 512x512 room? Also, in MAP02, there is HOM at linedef 832 after the posters come up, this may affect more of them. Isn't soulsphere nearby supposed to be secret?
  9. Caleb13

    MEGASPIRAL - A Goofy 11 Map Set I Made

    Fun little maps, I certainly wouldn't mind if you expanded it to a full megawad one day. However, I encounted a serious problem in MAP11. Right after start, when I dropped into water, I suddenly got backpack and some cells. Then my framerate dropped to about 5 fps and it became unplayable. It happened on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0.
  10. Caleb13

    HABITAT.WAD - WIP Testing needed!

    Solid work for your early mapping. I can confirm monsters get stuck in ground outside, it's probably a nodebuilder issue. Try a better/another one. Also you forgot to make linedefs 1436 etc. impassable. Overall dificulty isn't high, but I think you overdid the blue key trap. If the player doesn't know about the invulnerability secret, they can become easily cornered by the barons in the narrow corridors. And at the same time, player still has only relatively little ammo for the plasma gun and RL.
  11. I know it's too late, but Gzdoom reports this during startup if you load Slime City: Editor number 333 defined twice for classes 'DoomDoll' and 'Deh_Actor_183' And these when you start the map: Line 10414 has no first side. Line 11928 has no first side. Line 11929 has no first side. Unknown middle texture 'AQSUPP1-' on second side of linedef 10842 Line 10414's right edge is unconnected Line 11929's right edge is unconnected The map plays fine, though.
  12. Caleb13

    DBP58: Immortal Warfare

    @ryiron The missing monster in MAP06 is caused by "non-secret secret" @matador mentioned.
  13. Caleb13

    [GZDoom] Exousiastes

    Yes, I could finish it without problems. I normally don't play mods with so much custom stuff, but the land mines you took from Star Wars Dark Forces were amusing. Overally, the map was surprisingly difficult, because there was little health on UV.
  14. Caleb13

    [GZDoom] Exousiastes

    I'm just popping in to report that GZdom 4.10.0 generates these warnings during startup: Script warning, "Exousiastes.pk3:decorate/fires.txt" line 23: Numeric type expected, got "SoundSlot7" Script warning, "Exousiastes.pk3:decorate/fires.txt" line 50: Numeric type expected, got "SoundSlot7" Script warning, "Exousiastes.pk3:decorate/tracer.txt" line 157: Unknown class name '0' of type 'Actor' Script warning, "Exousiastes.pk3:decorate/explosions.txt" line 23: Unknown class name '0' of type 'Actor' R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad frame characters in lump XDB5O0 (
  15. Caleb13

    DBP58: Immortal Warfare

    Ah, yet another worthy effort! Even after all these years, I'm still impressed how y'all manage to produce mapsets with such similar visual and gameplay style. I played on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some problems: MAP06: isn't SSG supposed to be secret? MAP09: in at least 2 places, the player gets suddenly lifted into air, see the screenshots. I think there is a 3rd place too, but I can't pinpoint it. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say it's a nodebuilder issue.