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  1. Caleb13

    DOOM 404 - complevel 2 megawad - now on idgames!

    I played the latest version in Gzdoom 3.5.1 and I think the boss fight in MAP29 is broken. I'm supposed to shoot the red pentagrams and then flip switches in the small BFG corridor, which should raise the lifts (sectors 46 and 83) higher, right? Well, it doesn't work, the lifts always stay at the original level. Moreover, if I shoot the highest pentagrams (linedefs 95 or 127) with mouse aiming, Romero's head stays immune to rocket and hitscan fire. He is only vulnerable to BFG fire from one certain angle. Enabling strict Doom compatibility in Gzdoom doesn't help.
  2. I actually read the rules (compatibility settings etc.) before asking, but this looked like gray area to me. So theoretically, if someone plays in GZdoom, they should disable both dynamic lights and 5.1 sound since they're not supported in Prboom+ or even GLboom+. Sounds reasonable.
  3. I don't have much time to play Doom anymore, but this got me intrigued. I don't understand a few things, though: -How you make sure that a player doesn't do several runs and posts only a successful/surviving one? -What if a player remembers a lot of details about the maps from previous playthroughs? Isn't that an unfair advantage? -What about advanced functions like 5.1 sound and dynamic lighting in modern ports? In my experience, they help a lot to avoid some hazards. Back in my TNS days, I remember that some people even suspected I cheat, because I was able to hear and instinctively turn around to a precise angle when some threat appeared behind me (a monster closet, usually).
  4. Caleb13

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    What's the deal with exit door in MAP16? Linedef 1774 is tagged as W1 and there doesn't seem to be other way to open it. Also, there is a minor HOM in BFG secret in MAP31:
  5. Caleb13

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    Just popping in to report that the player can become stuck in soulsphere secret in MAP07 (sector 146) if the door closes behind them.
  6. For some reason, thriller movie directors don't use slow, pop-like music in action scenes of their movies. Yet, somehow this became the norm in the mods for THE action game. Sorry, I find word "gay" pretty fitting for the situation.
  7. Why? I do that all the time since the custom sound filth became widespread. Usually it requires just a few clicks in XWE or Slade or whatever. I have dozens of such "cleaned" WADs on my drive already.
  8. After Scifista's post, I checked and learned that I had Zdoom internal node rebuilding feature disabled (CVAR gennodes was false). When I enabled it, all the "bugs" have disappeared. Hmm, what is the default setting of that CVAR in a fresh Zdoom install?
  9. Are you sure you've updated the download link? Because it didn't help. I even tried to update my Zdoom to the latest SVN, but the bugs are still there. Are you sure your nodebuilder is not badly configured or something?
  10. As requested, here are the screenshots. I took them in Zdoom 2.8pre-1805 and I used the fixed WAD version from the last post. And I found one more HOM and one more unclosed sector...
  11. At first, I was overjoyed that someone has used (non-gay) Descent music in a mod for once. But then I got disapointed by some of the custom crap that was included in it. The new BFG is particularly bad; why did author choose to replace it with weapon that had big spread and huge splash damage in mapset with tight spaces and a narrow corridors is beyond me. When the crappy BFG killed me a few times, I excised most of the custom cancer out in Slade3. After that, the maps were much more enjoyable - not exactly easy, but also not particularly hard. Oh, and here are some minor bugs I noticed along the way: -Map15: HOMs are briefly visible on linedefs 245 and 247 when the sectors around the megasphere are moving up. -Map22: HOM in one of the symbols near the exit, I think it is on linedef 511. -Map24: unclosed sector at linedef 270. It becomes visible after you lower stairs to the blue key.
  12. Caleb13

    Freudian Slipgate - Released! (Version 1.2j)

    I noticed 2 more bugs during the TNS session: -Map16: sectors 1418, 2178 and 2191 shouldn't be secret. -Map21: unclosed sector at linedef 2126.
  13. Caleb13

    Operation Portalus (MEGAWAD)+CONSOLE PORTS

    But... when you pick it up, it says something like "go back to landing area, I found something useful". I thought it would trigger some scripted event, presumably to award the player with a powerful weapon or something. Except it never did.
  14. Caleb13

    Operation Portalus (MEGAWAD)+CONSOLE PORTS

    Anyone figured out what the flare-shooting gizmo from Map03 does?
  15. Caleb13

    Ice Prison - small Vanilla Hexen Level (released)

    Visually, the map is good. But I found it super hard playing as Fighter, mainly because there were so many ranged monsters. Conversely, it was total breeze playing it as Mage. This needs to be addressed somehow, original Hexen maps never had so many ranged monsters in the first map, when the players had no decent ranged weapons.