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    Oh my, this is a real treat, I love how the detail level in these maps is so consistently high. I don't remember any other community project that managed to do that. I played on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some problems along the way (yes, I know it's probably too late): MAP03: HOM below door near the blue key. MAP12: aren't sectors 370 and 371 supposed to be secret? What's their point, anyway? Speedruns? They open only after you clear the map. MAP13: arachnotron in closet sector 395 can't teleport out, probably because target sector 358 is too small. Or maybe the teleport linedef or destination thing are too close to walls. MAP15: about half the monsters can't exit red cubicles in the corridor that leads to the red key, it's probably GZdoom-specific issue. Imp 273 was stuck in ground. MAP17: fatsos 560 and 561 can't teleport into playable areas, the reasons are the same as in MAP13. IDK why, but GZdoom behaves different from other ports in these situations. Also this: Line 1741 has no first side. Line 1741's right edge is unconnected MAP20: in Gzdoom, you can't walk up the flesh-stairs that lead to backpack secret. MAP22: sectors 284 and 290 shouldn't be damaging. MAP25: Gzdoom reports texture problem: MAP26: like MAP31, this is another map with too little ammo, even if you employ monster infighting. MAP27: some map geometry problems here: MAP28: Line 2294 has no first side. Line 3153 has no first side. Line 2294's right edge is unconnected MAP30: more geometry problems: MAP31: this map is a huge ammo drain. I know I'm supposed to kill all weaker monsters with berserk and save the ammo for the tougher ones. But even if you you luck out with the archviles and elementals and ignore the cyberdemon, you will run out if you play from pistol start. This is in stark contrast with other maps, where ammo is (usually) plentiful. There are some typos and mis-spellings in the intermission texts.
  2. Caleb13

    PUSS XXIV: Lover’s Quarrel

    @Peccatum Mihzamiz -MAP07: I didn't noclip behind the painting, but it seemed the imp was stuck. It couldn't shoot, but scratched me when I got too near. -The HUD: well, it's hardly the first mod that made such mistake. Even high-profile ones like Stronghold On the Edge of Chaos suffer from that. Just because nobody complains doesn't mean it's a good choice. Nobody else reported certain bugs, either.
  3. Caleb13

    PUSS XXIV: Lover’s Quarrel

    Nice work as usual, I'm still amazed how some of these community projects produce mapsets that are so visually consistent. Only the new cyberdemon corpse felt off, it's the creepiest thing I've seen in a mod in months. I played on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some problems: MAP07: one imp is stuck behind angels painting in the small red key room. MAP17: sectors 766 and 767 shouldn't be secret. MAP20: 21 monsters in sectors 858, 865 and 872 never became active, so you can get 100% kills. Linedef 4665 should be impassable. MAP21: the only way to reach the BFG secret is archvile jump? MAP24: 34 monsters in sectors 1163, 1179, 1187 and 1217 couldn't teleport out, because there is no trigger tagged 18. Some of them hadn't even became active. Linedefs 4217, 7886 and 7913 shouldn't have teleport action, this apparenly also affects equivalent linedefs in the multiplayer area. MAP26: sectors 171 and 263 can't be found in single player and thus shouldn't be secret. Also, secret sector 607 is so small it can't be "found" reliably in Gzdoom. In GZdoom, another visual problem concerns firesticks. Their colors don't match with GZdoom's dynamic lights, so the new pink firesticks actually emit green light. Similarly, barons fire pink fireballs, but they glow green. One tree type emits light although it shouldn't. I know GZdoom isn't the intended port, but it looks weird. And... who the hell designed the "improved" HUD? Red numerals on red background? Really? After 25+ years of mainstream GUI use, I'd expect people would be familiar with at least the basic tenets of its design. Namely that good contrast is needed for fast and reliable readability and reduced eye strain. But apparently, they still don't. Needless to say, the HUD was the first thing I deleted from the WAD...
  4. I know it's too late, but I noticed these problems in GZdoom 4.10.0: MAP01 Line 2874 has no first side. Unknown top texture '0_WRNBG1' on second side of linedef 14 Unknown bottom texture '0_WRNBG1' on second side of linedef 14 Unknown top texture '0_BKBKL2' on first side of linedef 21 Unknown top texture 'ADEL_M06' on first side of linedef 23 Unknown top texture '0_WRNBG1' on second side of linedef 39 Unknown bottom texture '0_WRNBG1' on second side of linedef 39 Unknown top texture '0_BKBKL2' on first side of linedef 46 Unknown top texture 'ADEL_M06' on first side of linedef 47 Unknown top texture '0_WRNBG1' on second side of linedef 64 Unknown bottom texture '0_WRNBG1' on second side of linedef 64 Unknown top texture '0_BKBKL2' on first side of linedef 71 Unknown top texture 'ADEL_M06' on first side of linedef 72 MAP04 Line 796 has no first side. Line 796's right edge is unconnected MAP10 In GZdoom, many pinkies and imps spawn/teleport mid-air in the final arena. Then they get stuck frequently. I think it's because teleport destinations are too close to walls. It also happened to few pinkies in the main room with the cyber/pinkie trap. MAP31 Unknown ceiling texture 'FLAT15T' in sector 1289
  5. Caleb13

    Doom, but every Enemy has a BFG

    @Enator18 Deus Vult 2 has secret exits which were presumably used during development. I reverse-engineered one of them, you need to press 3 more or less random linedefs in correct order to open it. Speedrunners have been using them for a long time, although I'm not sure if there is a complete list somewhere.
  6. Huh, I don't remeber playing a Heretic UMDF map before, nicely done! I played version 1 and I noticed 100% kills is impossible, monster 411 didn't teleport from its closet and monsters 355 and 359 didn't even become active.
  7. Caleb13

    Doom, but every Enemy has a BFG

    If there is Hell and has a special corner for Doom players, it probably looks like this. I tried it in Gzdoom, but I noticed one flaw: actors of the same type can kill each other only with "splash" damage, they're immune to direct hits. In other words, they can't kill each other if there is a large distance between them.
  8. Caleb13

    Morior Invictus (Vanilla-Compaible 32+ Level Megawad)

    I tried the extra maps and I noticed some more problems: Extra MAP07: teleport linedefs around sector 385 should be WR, not W1. There are HOMs all around sector 1037. But more importantly, I couldn't finish the map without cheats. I found no way how to re-open the big door sector 260, nor I found any other way back towards the "time machine". It's odd sector 260 is tagged 666, which is a special tag for Commander Keen. But there are no Keens in the map. Well, whatever the idea behind it, it doesn't work in Gzdoom, although I did switch the compatibility as recommended. The player has only one chance to get the secret soulsphere? Extra MAP17: there is no way out of 2 water pits, sectors 357 and 1673. I couldn't find any way to get into the automap secret, maybe except archvile jump. Extra MAP20: 15 monsters in 3 closets (sectors 1035 etc.) never became active and thus 100% kills is impossible. There is no way to get health bonuses on sectors 512 etc. And... did you do something with berserk or pinkies? They felt much harder to hit with the fist.
  9. Caleb13

    Morior Invictus (Vanilla-Compaible 32+ Level Megawad)

    Ah, another WAD with pre-defined start and end area, it reminded me of Hellevator. The maps were enjoyable, but sticking the "final release" label on them was quite premature. Here is list of problems I've encountered on UV in Gzdoom 4.10.0, although now I see that some of the were already reported by Obsidian and galileo31dos01. MAP02: there is a fatso in a closet, but it never became active. And even if it did, it can't teleport out in Gzdoom, because the teleport linedef is too close to wall. MAP03: what's the deal with dummy red switch in the backpack secret? MAP09: isn't plasma gun near start supposed to be secret? MAP10: sectors 491 and 492 shouldn't be secret. MAP22: ammo boxes 85 and 90 appear in the air in Gzdoom. MAP23: game-breaking bug: when follow the path towards the battery, sector 154 lowers down. But if you then go for the berserk and back to the starting room, you can't return, there is no way to rise sector 154 again. Thus you can't get the battery and finish the map. MAP26: chaingunners 891 and 892 are stuck. 100% kills is impossible because fatso 563 is deaf. MAP29: this map is a huge ammo drain and virtually unplayable from pistol start on UV, unless the player has non-stop luckfest with the archviles. Sector 134 shouldn't be secret. Also, 100% kills is impossible because fatso 285 is deaf. MAP30: what's the deal with sectors 158 and 160, they look like somebody made a bad mouse move in an editor? Also, monster riser sector 806 doesn't work because it has no tag. MAP32: cellpack 298 appears in the air in Gzdoom, you need to place it farther from sector 198. And... is there a a way to reach MAP33 without cheating?
  10. Caleb13

    Tetanus | Now on Idgames!

    Great work as usual, I noticed some problems with secrets along the way: MAP07: isn't sector 604 (blue armor) supposed to be secret? MAP10: sector 239 shouldn't be secret, but it seems that megasphere in the final arena should be. Although I haven't figured out how to get it, apart from archville jump. Edit: not sure why, but fatso 132 never became active and didn't teleport into playable areas. I did teleport out after I noclipped to its closet, though.
  11. @tmorrow @Uni Ooops, I didn't mean to spoil those non-secret secrets. TBH it's hard to discern authors' intentions these days, particularly when they don't provide text description for their mod. But like you said, most of the "secrets" are inconsequential, anyway. MAP06: I knew that. Point is, you can get armor without finding the alcove. The easiest fix would be to move it further from the player. I tried MAP12 again, but this time it worked. I think it originally broke because sector 476 is tagged 22, too. Some of the trigger linedefs are quite closely spaced and I imagine the player could trigger them repeatedly before the adjacent sector stops moving down.
  12. Ah, a worthy successor to TNT indeed, that retains both the good (challenging gameplay with nasty traps and deadly monster combinations) and the bad (often confusing and tedious map progression) characteristics of the original. I played the beta5 on UV in Gzdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some issues along the way: MAP06: in the blue key area, it's possible to pick up the secret blue armor without flipping the switch. MAP12: I couldn't get 100% kills because closet sector 456 got broken. When I noclipped there, I found that teleporter sector 455 was about 128 units below sector 456. It seems it happened when I run over trigger linedefs several time. MAP16: isn't the megasphere supposed to be secret? MAP20: is sector 668 supposed to be damaging? MAP21: aren't sectors 76 and 308 supposed to be secret? MAP23: isn't BFG supposed to be secret? MAP25: secret sector 214 (soulsphere) is so small it can't be "found" reliably in GZdoom. MAP29: secret cellpack in sector 302 is really hard to get, it would help if the pillar was a bit lower. MAP31: isn't blue armor (thing 341) in blood-splattered courtyard supposed to be secret? A spectre teleports into sector 561, but it can't reach the player from there. Also, GZdoom reports "Line 4408's right edge is unconnected", it looks like an unfinished auxiliary sector. And... is there some way to reach MAP33 without cheating?
  13. Caleb13

    The Cognition Engine - Single Map

    Very nicely done, this combination of flesh, tech and corruption indeed looks interesting, despite using many known textures. I noticed one problem with monster closets, lines tagged 40 should open the closet doors permanently. I couldn't get 100% kills because of that. It affects other tags too, 8 for example.
  14. Caleb13

    DBP56: Augustland Barrens

    Great work as usual, I noticed some minor problems along the way: MAP01: teleport linedefs leading to the berserk secret should be WR, not W1. MAP04: isn't backpack supposed to be secret, too? MAP06: GZdoom reports invalid texture names: Unknown bottom texture 'HTTPS://' on first side of linedef 1675 Unknown bottom texture 'HTTPS://' on first side of linedef 1681 MAP08: in Gzdoom, the soulsphere secret can't be "found" reliably, because the sector is recessed lower.
  15. Ah, an aptly named mod, considering the nasty surprises in most maps! Although in my case, it was more like "revenants pounded my flesh"... Anyway, very nicely done, I hope you plan to do more in the future. I played on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0 and there were some problems: MAP02: I couldn't find any way to open sector 437 that leads to plasma secret. Does the script work properly? MAP07: 15 monsters in sectors 1005, 1507 and 1316 never became active and thus 100% kills is impossible. Also, I got message Unknown texture: "OSWTCHD4" in the console right after I rode up elevator from the mastermind arena. Maybe there's a connection? BTW, I liked that the monster spawners stop when you complete the switch puzzle. The obligatory list of map geometry warnings: And... has anyone figured out the switches in MAP05? I presume they open the door behind the bloodfall nearby?
  16. Caleb13

    Doom Open World

    Where did you get the music? Is it one of fan remixes (Sycraft etc.)?
  17. Hot damn, these are amazing! The level of detail reminded me of Archi-Tek - not quite there, but still a titanic achievement. One minor gripe: I think you overdid the berserk-revenant trap in MAP03, they can corner the player far too easily.
  18. One more problem - intermission text after one secret map is almost illegible, because it's red-text-on-red-background:
  19. I haven't finished the WAD yet, but there seems to be a nodebuilder problem in MAP21, monsters are falling into floor. The most problematic spot is outside, on coordinates X: -2069, Y: -1476. Also, thanks for the music track list. I couldn't sleep the other day and I remembered one tune I heard back in the 1990s. It turned out to be Funkytown by Lipps Inc. which you used in MAP08. Talk about coincidence...
  20. Very interesting, this is the most advanced "corrupted simulation" themed WAD I've seen so far. I had no idea GZdoom offered such functionality, icluding intermission screens and everything. The distortion effect when you die looks prety novel, too. I think you overdid the remote-scratch imps though, they are super deadly if they manage to hide behind some other tough monster.
  21. Caleb13

    [UDMF] [DOOM II] Naga's Abyss

    I see, but the teleporter room solution isn't exactly intuitive. Maybe you could at least script the lift so its outer linedefs become impassable once the player triggers it? Well, it's hard to say what the liquids should look like. The green-ish water definitely looked the best, with glossy surface and partial reflections. Lava looked like on your screenshots. Since we both used the same GZdoom version, there shouldn't be a difference in behavior... theoretically.
  22. Caleb13

    [UDMF] [DOOM II] Naga's Abyss

    Very nice map design, even if the gameplay is uneven - monsters are clustered in a few areas and others are empty. I played in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed 2 problems: -I couldn't find any way to re-open the final lift. I entered it, but jumped off before it reached the ceiling. The same problem occurs when you do ride the lift to the top, but then return to the caverns via the teleporter nearby. -GZdoom reports this during startup: P_Init: Init Playloop state. Unknown terrain Blood Unknown terrain Blood Unknown terrain nukage Unknown terrain nukage Unknown terrain Slime Unknown terrain Slime Unknown terrain Lava Unknown terrain Lava Also, GZdoom once hard-crashed (no error message) in the water cavern, though I'm not sure if it's related.
  23. Caleb13

    The Lost Magic - A Boom Mapset

    I know it's too late, but I noticed two other minor problems, just in case you'll ever update the WAD: MAP08: from certain angles, the secret rocket launcher is sticking out from the wall. MAP09: cacos can't fly down from blue rocks around the blue key arena.
  24. Caleb13

    Winter's Fury - 10th Anniversary Update

    @Bozzy Yeah, they are quite hard to find. So I unpacked the map files (WADs) from the PK3, opened them in Slade and read the logs in ACS script source files. Search for string "LogTracker". They don't contain anything important though, only BTW, reading the ACS sources for the ingame logs was sort of meta-reality experinece for me. Because some of them they also contain Pieruskwurje's development logs, thoughts and feelings... most notably MAP07A.
  25. I encountered two bugs in MAP01 while playing on UV in Gzdoom 4.10.0: -A chaingunner and a hellknight were stuck on berserk secret pillar. -One of the monsters closets was broken, see the screenshot. When I noclipped there, it looked like an archvile teleported above the revenants there, possibly because of messed tags? I don't plan to play further because all the custom monsters and sounds are just awful. I know the "mutated monsters" are part of the story, but is there a chance you'd release a cleaned version later? I tried to clean it myself (like I do quite often), but Decorate changes and sprites are too numerous in this case.