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  1. @Large Cat Yep, it was GZdoom. I think it happens because you use F_SKY1 in the problematic areas. As explained on (G)Zdoom wiki: F_SKY1 causes HOM when used as a fake ceiling between the viewer and normal space. Since there is no other good use for it, this kaleidescope is an option turned on by F_SKY1. Note that this does not preclude the use of sky REAL ceilings over deep water — this is the control sector's ceiling, the one displayed when the viewer is underwater, not the real one. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Transfer_Heights But you're right, it's probably not worth the time fiddling with it.
  2. I forgot one more problem in MAP15: in the red keycard arena, there are 4 pillars with cyberdemons. From some angles, HOMs are appearing on their walls.
  3. Heh, I get that from time to time. But my real world monitor brightness is actually quite low, so I have to crank up gamma correction in GZdoom to compensate. I got this habit from CRT monitor era, when most monitors were quite dim. Modern LCDs are much brighter, so much it's hard on my eyes, particulary when I do work on white background. I don't like to fiddle with the brightness constantly, so I use the gamma correction trick. It has its problems, but for Doom, it's enough. It's also why the screenshots look so bright.
  4. Ah, another great work, even if some of the authors reeeaaallly stretched the definition of what constitues a "short map" *cough*MAP15*cough*. I played on UV in latest GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some additional problems, some of them seem caused by this particular port: MAP14: many monster closets don't work, it seems the monsters can't cross the teleport linedefs. See the screenshot below. Also, there is a stray square texture in the air, I made screenshot too. MAP15: most cells in the vile/chaingunner arena are unreachable/invisible when you enter it. Then they get into air when you press all the switches, I made screenshot how it looks. Also, there are 2 yellow skullkeys. Is that intentional? MAP27: 100% kills is impossible, because 4 elementals in sectors 492 and 495 never became active. MAP32: I think the grey sand sectors in the blue key arena shouldn't be damaging. EDIT: oh, I almost forgot, GZdoom reports these geometry errors, some of them look serious:
  5. I know it's necropost, but latest GZdoom 4.10.0 reports these during startup: Brightmap 'brightmaps/sprites/VILE[1.png' not found in texture 'VILE[1' Brightmap 'brightmaps/sprites/VILE[2.png' not found in texture 'VILE[2' Brightmap 'brightmaps/sprites/VILE[3.png' not found in texture 'VILE[3' etc. R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad frame characters in lump VILE%5E8 R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad frame characters in lump VILE%5E7 R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad frame characters in lump VILE%5E6 etc. I haven't played the WAD (there are way too many custom monsters and weapons for my tastes), but MAP01 looked familiar. Hadn't @Snaxalotl release it about 5 years ago, but without all the custom stuff?
  6. Caleb13

    DBP55: Jolly Junkyard

    This is an odd theme combination to say the least. The gloom-and-doom postapo setting looked good, but throwing in the Christmas theme ruined it. Do you plan to release postapo-only version, by any chance?
  7. Caleb13

    Didaskalia: Episode 1

    That's... somewhat aggravating, actually... Oh well, it's not the first time I compiled an unnecessary bug report.
  8. Caleb13

    Didaskalia: Episode 1

    This has pleasing oldschool feel, the first 7 maps or so played almost like stock Doom 1 maps. Difficulty is similarly low, I don't think my health ever dropped below 60%. Using the CWILVxx lumps to convey the story was a nice trick, I don't remember seeing that before. It's amazing work for your first WAD, I hope you plan to continue it (and make futher maps increasingly nastier). I played on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some bugs, some of them serious: MAP03: isn't RL closet supposed to be secret? MAP05: pinkie 86 is stuck between the walls. In GZdoom, it's impossible to press linedef 672 and get the secret chaingun. MAP06: not sure if intended, but texture on linedef 942 gets stuck halfway down, see the screenshot below. You can walk through it, it just looks odd. Isn't the area map closet supposed to be secret? Also, there is no visual cue for the BFG secret. And the exit text should read "shooting at you". MAP08: Monster closet sector 355 is broken, there is no way to trigger it. Thus 100% kills is impossible. Isn't the chainsaw closet supposed to be secret? MAP09: hanging victim 390 moves with the door. MAP10: wrong texture on switch linedef 873. Game-breaking bug: if you walk over the bed, you can get into closet sector 670, with no way out. MAP11: Game-breaking bug, there is no way to open door sector 150. Caco trap behind the blue door is unreliable, it didn't open fully on the first try. Also, there were HOMs, they disappeared when I went in for the second time.
  9. These were pleasing to play, not too short and not too long, not so easy, but also not ballbustnigly difficult, and the secrets were cleverly hidden, yet most could be found with reasonable effort. However, I noticed some bugs, although I suspect some of them may be caused by GZdoom. I presume some of them could be resolved by including MAPINFO/ZMAPINFO lump with compatibility settings for advanced ports. I played the RC1 on UV in latest GZdoom 4.10.0 and the bugs were: MAP13: Gzdoom reports this: Removing 0-length line 2056 Map has 2 unused sidedefs MAP17: 100% kills is impossible, because sector tagged 50 is missing teleport destination thing. MAP19: The blue key pillar bug is quite annoying. Please consider reworking it to a normal lowering pillar so it's more reliable. MAP26: I think several parts of this map are affected by some bug that cause walls becoming invisible. Probably the "cleanest" example is hidden sector 382, which is visible from playable sector 377. It happens when you're standing in "northern" part of sector 377, "above" the teleporter. But there are similar invsible lowering walls in the next arena (I killed myself with RL because of them) and also around sector 144. MAP28: game-breaking bug, it's impossible to leave the BFG secret. MAP30: not sure if intended, but the first crushing (after 4 minutes) didn't kill Romero's head. I had to wait another 4 minutes. MAP32: a fatso pileup occured near the exit (Romero's head). I actually found it amusing, though. Also, some monsters got trapped when various walls went up, 100% kills may be impossible because of that. See the screenshots below. And why are there two separate MIDI WADs when most tracks in them are identical?
  10. I know it's too late, but there is a game-breaking bug in MAP08: player can become stuck in monster closet sectors 253 etc. It happens because linedefs 1437 and 1441 are W1, not WR. Also, I think those linedefs are too close to walls, so the player can't actually run over them. Another problem may be in MAP14: in GZdoom, it's impossible to climb onto the desk (sector 275) and run over red button. Well, it is possible if you use the small cubicle lift in front of the desk and then run on top of the wall. But that feels too... contrived to be intentional. Or is it?
  11. @KneeDeepintheSludgemetal Nope, the music track is from Symphony No. 9 ("From the New World") by Antonin Dvorak.
  12. I know it's too late, but there is a minor bug in E4M5: sector 151 shouldn't be damaging. Also, lower texture on linedef 672 is misaligned.
  13. From your description, I kinda expected RL would be the sole weapon in the WAD, but the other weapons made it better. The maps are nicely done, but you've overdone the animated explosions in MAP02. I played it in GZdoom 4.10.0 and area around sector 2427 is unplayable, I had around 3 fps on my (aging but still quite powerful) gaming rig. I think it's because of all the dynamic lights the explosions generate.
  14. Caleb13

    DBP54: Steamy Bathhouse

    Solid work as usual, I played on UV in GZdoom 4.10.0 and I noticed some problems in RC1.2: MAP05: Line 2854 has no first side. Line 2870 has no first side. Unknown middle texture 'SW' on second side of linedef 5888 Line 2854's right edge is unconnected MAP06: some imps in the arena can be seen through the floor. I think it's the ones behind the fence, they rise when you use the second switch. And Gzdoom reports these error during startup: Script error, "DBP_54_RC1.2.wad:GLDEFS" line 113: Warning: dynamic lights attached to non-existent actor Afrit Script error, "DBP_54_RC1.2.wad:GLDEFS" line 146: Warning: dynamic lights attached to non-existent actor CeilingBrazier
  15. Caleb13

    Winter's Fury - 10th Anniversary Update

    I wanted to ask, can you obtain backpack and BFG somehow? And do you keep them to the final fight? I never found them in the original WF and couldn't find them in the updated version, either...
  16. Caleb13

    Winter's Fury - 10th Anniversary Update

    Hot cold damn, this mod has better story and visuals than many commercial games I've played! Anyway, I'm just popping in to report two bugs, both berserk-related. Firstly, if it expires while you're firing/reloading SSG, the firing/reloading sequence will glitch. I think it affects other weapons too, but I can't easily replicate it. Secondly, if you maximize your screen size, GZdoom displays white medkit icon and current health next to it. Normally, the icon turns black when you pick up a berserk (and stays black for the rest of the map), but not in this mod. Also, every autosave message starts with "Captured yesterday". Is that intentional? I used latest GZdoom 4.10.0.
  17. Ah, a well deserved tribute! His tracks Thaumaturge and Subjugator are one of my favorites, although I still consider Unholy Realms by John S. Weekley to be the best WAD music pack ever made, overshadowing even the official Doom 1 score. Jimmy's face in the HUD is a nice touch, but honestly, you made him look like he had Down Syndrome... :-/ Still, kudos for the effort, I don't remember anyone from the Doom community who would get the honor (?) of appearing as HUD face (jokewads with Bill Gates etc. don't count).
  18. @SickBoyOC Yeah, it is, I think it's one of the reasons why so few people played it, even though it's nicely done. It irked me too, so I opened the WAD in Slade3 and edited the MAPINFO lump to remove the limitation.
  19. Ah, masochism is strong with this one. But really, you could use something to mark your way through the maze. Something like this wall spray mod: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=59536 You could make one symbol for the corners you've cleared, another to denote dead ends etc. Well, it's too late in your case (you can't add a gameplay mod without invalidating your save games), but maybe someone else will find it useful.
  20. Ah, very nice, for some reason, I'm starting to like these RAMP-like community projects with wildly different maps. I played version 1.1 in GZdoom 4.8.2 and I noticed many problems, although some may be caused by engine incompatibility. I see that you've released v1.2 in the meantime, but here is the list anyway. Firstly, GZdoom reports this problem during startup: Brightmap 'BMARBRB5' not found in texture 'ARBRB5E5' HUB: honestly, I found the hub too long and confusing. In the end, I just used GZdoom console to jump between the maps. MAP04: not technically bug, but I chose a "wrong" path after start and went for the blue key instead of yellow key. I didn't get RL and plasma because of that and I completely run out of ammo in the SSG area. I had to use cheats there, but I amassed loads of ammo whan I went to the yellow key area afterwards. MAP10: there wasn't enough ammo to kill the final cyberdemon, even when I found the BFG. MAP12: not sure if intended, but there are monster-blocking linedefs in the first lost soul/spectre cavern. It makes killing them very easy. MAP13: several misaligned textures near start. There is no way to lower the BFG. I completely run out of ammo several times in this map, notably in the plasma/caco arena and then after blue door. I found all the secrets, but they didn't help. Also, GZdoom reports this: Map has 3 unused sidedefs Sector 75 (tag 0) has no lines MAP16: make the linedef that triggers the final baron trap longer, I missed it and spent 5 minutes finding other ways to reach the exit. MAP18: GZdoom reports this: Unknown texture: "PCF_SKY" Unknown texture: "PCF_SKY" MAP25: sector 296 shouldn't be damaging. MAP26: linedefs that control the blue key trap (tag 45) are so small that you can pick up the key without triggering it. MAP30: GZdoom reports this: MAP33: 100% kills is impossible in this map, there are several monster closets that don't work (sector 554 for example). It affects about 60 monsters in total. MAP42: odd, I played this map about a year ago. Or at least the main courtyard is the same. How come it's in the pack, now? Anyway, there needs to be at least one more radsuit in the red key acid area. Also, I couldn't find how to lower the bars (tagged 56) to final yellow door, I had to look in an editor. It would help if you placed something into sector 819, so the player has a reason to go there. MAP43: after you open the yellow door, error message "Script 103, line 1: no such function: 'ls'" appears. Then it keeps appearing every 5 seconds or so, it's quite annoying. Also, isn't blue armor in the water supposed to be secret? Also, GZdoom reports this: MAP46: I think this map is broken. When I press the first switch (guarded by 3 sargeants), I hear something moving, but nothing new opens when I go downstairs. I skipped this map. MAP49: GZdoom reports this: Unknown floor texture 'OBA_WAL6' in sector 51 Unknown floor texture 'OBA_WAL6' in sector 109 Unknown bottom texture 'OBA_WAL6' on second side of linedef 214 Unknown bottom texture 'OBA_WAL6' on second side of linedef 215 Unknown bottom texture 'OBA_WAL6' on second side of linedef 274 Unknown bottom texture 'OBA_WAL6' on second side of linedef 275 Unknown bottom texture 'OBA_WAL6' on second side of linedef 408 Unknown bottom texture 'OBA_WAL6' on first side of linedef 435 MAP50: GZdoom reports this: (null): invalid ACS module MAP52: lots of GZdoom warnings here: MAP53: there are many unnecessary secret sectors leading to blue and red skull keys. MAP56: lots of GZdoom warnings here: MAP57: I had chronic ammo shortages, although I feel I was supposed to avoid some fights? Meh, I don't like custom monsters anyway, so I skipped this map after I got the red key.
  21. @thebiomage Nice, it still impresses me how y'all manage to "draw images" with small sectors and pre-existing tiles. As for making it more visible, maybe you could make the secret exit line(s) visible on the automap if/when the player finds it? They're completely hidden now. If the player knew about them, it would be an incentive to... figure out the first part of the puzzle.
  22. Nicely done, though I found one more bug: you can become stuck in one of the toilet stalls near yellow door. The map played well, but has one drawback: with they blue key, you can trigger the spitter far too early, before you collect strong weapons and enough ammo for them. I had to replay a large part of the map because of that. I think you can even skip the yellow key.
  23. Caleb13


    Nicely done indeed, but posting it to /idgames was a bit premature, becuse I encountered 2 game-breaking bugs: MAP03: I could climb and walk behind the green crate with RL and became stuck. MAP05: You can trigger the zombieman/caco trap repeatedly and became stuck. You should rework it to one long trigger linedef across the entire hallway. Also, red door nearby is wrongly marked with blue stripes.
  24. I'm not sure, "my" ZIP file has 1625360 bytes and the WAD inside is from November 8.
  25. Man, this really takes attention to details in Heretic maps to another level! I hope you'll manage to keep it up in the other maps... The path to the secret exit is clever, but I think you overdid this one, nobody is going to figure it out without looking in a map editor. Even the fireplace one is pretty hard to find, despite it's hinted it's nearby. Also, it seems sector 570 shouldn't be secret, because there is no other way to reach the 3-stage arena anyway.