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  1. hatechild

    The /newstuff Chronicles #83

    uhh, i guess it depends on if its 1.13.0 or 1.13.1 one goes in / and if that doesn't work try /run/jdoom/ i know its one of the two
  2. hatechild

    The /newstuff Chronicles #83

    never really heard that much duran duran if any, i'm sure i have and just don't know who it is. hatechild was an old song structure from a long ass time ago back when i wanted to be in an industrial band with my friends. it's one that was flushed but i just thought of the name and typed it in for my username, and started my doom page the same day, using that name. just a dumb toy with words / lovechild/hatechild, because it sounded cool back in the day for some reason. i already changed the page name to AlienNation, because of its double meaning and i'll probably use it as a chapter name in the game instead of the 2nd one. i dunno, that one was probably accidentally stolen and thought-to-be original too, and i'm sure someone had to have thought of that one before too somewhere for something
  3. hatechild

    The /newstuff Chronicles #83

    well the stupid sprites were going to be replaced later anyways with models, says in the text. don't worry, the actual game will be higher quality everything
  4. hatechild

    Intermission editing

    if your levels weren't strictly for a certain source jdoom has intermissions and finales you can completely edit using simple scripts. is what i'm using for my main plot that will have an intermission/finale after every single level you can have a different interpic replacement for each level if you want, any patch, or you can just use any flats, and play whatever music you want during it (even mp3s if you're sick of midi) more than one screen too, you can write just enough text to fill the screen then clear it and write more, you can even stick enemies in, i use this to show what enemies you'll meet before the first levels i place them in (just copy the finale script from after map30 and change them around a little big, mostly trial and error)
  5. hatechild

    /newstuff ... where do i upload?

    sorry for the dumb question but i'm still new i went to the 'levels' link and tried to find an incoming folder but the only one i found still didnt have upload permission where does one upload levels to have them reviewed in /newstuff
  6. hatechild

    Soundtrack Sample

    ok its an mp3 now, but i haven't listened to it yet because i don't wanna wake my g/f. its currently uploading at the moment and i'm on another computer in another room. it'll probably be finished in about 10-20 minutes. i came in here to listen to it when its done but i'm about to crash. just wanted to give the address in advance in case anyone from before was eager to hear it. i apologize if it sounds like crap. i usually never encode less than 96 usually but i don't have much space hosted on my server, plus the smaller file size is a more quicker download. there are realaudio conversion tools available if you'd rather download the smaller but probably more coherant version with no warbles and possibly make the output a wave or higher quality mp3 file (avoiding the new realplayer altogether) thanks for any responses and i'll probably devote a page from the loki's website book-thing (if you've seen the somewhat-page you'd know what i mean, heh) to reviews and their origin (with your permission, and i'll add your url or email if you want) must go coma entranced seeing things bla oh yeah http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/soundtracksample.mp3
  7. hatechild

    music reviews/opinions needed

    ok i understand, hehe have any recommendations of a better filetype. i still have the sample collage i made in its original wav file format but thats like 10 megs i figured realaudio would be a small file size that still sounds about the same as a radio-quality wav file. think i should just throw up the wave file? anyone know a better way than real-audio or the reason no one likes real audio anymore? sorry i've been out of it for quite a while, hehe
  8. hatechild

    psx-doom / cdr w/ mod chip source port anywhere?

    it would be a dream to have that technology, and it seems like a sin on the doom community that its never happened since it'd be so simple, hehe. i've always wanted a console game in my hands that i made, even if it was an atari-quality game on the xbox or something. i was searching for like 2 weeks straight for a way to port a dos game to psx. so far i found a psx compiler for basic, so programmers could make games from scratch on psx. then i saw this one page for people with playstations that have at least 3 or more soldered on parts, maybe thats what i gotta do to play my own doom, practically solder my playstation to my pc. fuck that. the REAL reason is just so i could make psx doom wads and burn em and pass em around to people with mod chips for the hell of it. ps2 would be better though. i wonder if i should take up linux programming. i've owned 3 versions of linux but never could install them, neither could my friends. then a guy that didnt even know what it was called and said this sucks do you have that windows cd again? we all got shitty and wanted to know everything. he said all he did was click install and it worked. maybe i should downgrade my computer about 5 years and try again. is there still a linux doom developer?
  9. does anyone know if anyone has ever made a source port for psx doom? or a way to edit psx doom and burn it to a cdr that'd work in a modchipped psx? or a doom source port for any cd-driven gaming console?
  10. hatechild

    music reviews/opinions needed

    http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/soundtracksample.ram [stream] http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/soundtracksample.rm [download anyone that likes the industrial sound hopefully will get some kind of sanctuary in the soundtrack. a lot of the other songs unsampled are similar and others are completely out there and not even close. i tried to grab a good variety soon i'll probably skip the demo idea i had planned before and just release some levels from 'lokis realm' before i even make the new models in july/august. if you don't mind the fact that the usual doom characters probably won't fit in with the atmospheres at all. i'll probably use the old school 'nightmares of loki' sprites & sounds (ugh, they're horrible) anyway please leave feedback :( i'm hoping for any opinions, good or bad. the full game will have mp3-quality music, not real audio.
  11. hatechild

    Soundtrack Sample

    I'm working on a total conversion (pretty much) called Loki's Realm. i'm trying to get hosted either here or newdoom.com, hopefully here, and i had it on a crosswinds account for a couple days, but now its at my server muzakfiend.com. the page isn't really finished though there's a little bit there, probably not enough worth seeing yet http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/ anyway i just put up a 10-minute realaudio sample of about 8 songs from the mp3 soundtrack to the game. the samples aren't high in quality so you're not really getting the full sound, but just an idea. please let me know what ya think, somebody! http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/soundtracksample.rm [download] http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/soundtracksample.ram [streaming] note: i checked my ftp this morning and there were around 10-20 files on my full site (including loki's realm) that didn't upload, so i resubmitted the jobs. now the last thing uploading is, well, the soundtrack sample. so if it doesn't show up when you click on it, its still uploading. i'll be taking a shower for hell/work and i'll check on it again before i go thanks a million, jerry
  12. hatechild

    Editable? Anyone Know?

    aaagh hey does anyone know if doom3 is going to be editable? if so, as much as classic doom was?