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  1. Geonightman

    FLAT problems.

    The port is going to be for Skulltag. EDIT: I also tried putting TX_START and TX_END (with every texture between them) and it did not make them appear in flats. DOUBLE EDIT: I figured out the problem. I had accidently set the mode of Doom Builder to Doom 2 (as opposed to Skulltag (Doom in Hexen Format)). Thank you for you help.
  2. Geonightman

    FLAT problems.

    So I am making a new map and just found out how to import new textures. I have successfully imported several PNG's and they all work, however when I am trying to make them FLATs the image goes grayscale and when I open the editor it becomes an unknown lump. It also will not appear in the level editor. I have tried this in SLumpEd and XWE. I am using Doom Builder 2. I have also double checked that they were 64x64px. Can I get some help with this please. EDIT: I tried adding the Marker F_END and now the files seem to be staying as flats in the wad, but they still do not show up in Doom Builder 2
  3. Geonightman

    How do you make...

    No biggie
  4. Geonightman

    How do you make...

    Actually I think that would be more for making maps and other LUMP files. I put this here because I'm making a WAD which is why its in WADs and Mods as it says under it "Talk about Doom levels and projects."
  5. Geonightman

    How do you make...

    I'm making an upcoming Death Match WAD and I was wondering, how do you make classes? Such as how its done in Cutmanmike's Ghouls vs Humans and Captian Ventris's ZDoom Wars.
  6. I would be honored. It's my dream to be immortalized in the Doom community. It was my first FPS, first computer game, and I still remember when I was 5 and my Grandpa told me "idkfa". Tell him though my only problem is I am AMAZING with detail, but I need both textures and an idea for my map. If I can get those two things it won't be any problem.
  7. I don't know exactly. Unless we here from the rest of the team, we won't be able to do anything and this is effectively dead. Sorry to break your hopes D_GARG. But we cant make a full wad with two 1994 Mappers...
  8. If anyone still visits this thread, sorry to say, but I have some bad news. My comp just took a dump on me and I lost all my works in progress, my videos, my flash documents, and unfortunately, my WAD files. I no longer have the map I worked on. Sorry guys.
  9. Hey where is everyone? All I've heard from is D_GARG. Speaking of which, Garg, send me the wad so far over Rapidshare. The sooner I see your flaws, the sooner we can fix them and the sooner your a published mapper.
  10. Dont give up man. If you hit a writers block. Just keep trucking. @ceejay I had an idea for another person: http://www.realm667.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogsection&id=8&Itemid=136&limit=20&limitstart=40
  11. Send me a copy of what you have so far. I'll see what you need to improve on
  12. I've started to come to mappers block.I need inspiration or motivation. But I will NOT give up on this project especially since i started it up again! Here is some screenies to show I'm not out yet. Tell what you think. I turned the computer around so it looks better. So what if it's backwards in the movie. (Click to enlarge) Here is the file cabinet to the right of the secretaries desk. (Click to enlarge) Finally, here is the random pipe next to said cabinet. It was green in the movie but i don't know how to recolor textures. (Click to enlarge) Please guys. I need some help thinking of what to do next. Currently the area behind Janine's desk is to complicated (I will get to it, don't worry.) I also don't want to start upstairs until I am done with downstairs.
  13. Sorry for my inactivity. My computer broke recently and i had to send it to the shop but its working now. I can return ot working on the map.
  14. Idea @trooper: You know how you had the blue Civil War ghost first then you had the gray one, well how bout we keep both. In the Civil War we used both blue and Grey so what we could do is make us the ghost busters travel across an old haunted war zone. Half of the map could be the confederate's base, half could be the union's base.