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  1. omega_supreme

    Doom Registered 1.1 New in Box

    Any chance the mail order invoice is still there? And if so, what is the date on it?
  2. omega_supreme

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    Personally I would consider either of these to be the holy grail of Doom collectibles: A v1.1 copy framed by Dave Taylor on the day of release or these 5.25" master disks
  3. omega_supreme

    Your Doom stuff?

    Wow! where did you find the Hexen shirt? I have been looking for it for a long time without success.
  4. omega_supreme

    Help! Doom 1 Boxed - Floppy Version

    I'm just talking about the package, I don't think there is any difference in terms of data on the disks. Here is a comparison of the different labels.
  5. omega_supreme

    Help! Doom 1 Boxed - Floppy Version

    Judging by the (red) labels and the ink of the boxart, I bet it's version 1.2 from the UK. definitely not a US release and definitely not version 1.1 either. The US copies have the version number printed on the disks and the first release (1.1) had blue labels.
  6. omega_supreme

    Want to buy

    Hehe made me smile :) I don't know if he will be bidding on that Doom but I'm afraid they don't get much cheaper than this auction. You have to be lucky and find one nobody else has found yet to go below that price. I also noticed that in the last half year the demand for the mail order has increased significantly.
  7. omega_supreme

    Want to buy

    Well I just really like collecting all the different versions out there. And I'm really into the details too. So if something pops up slightly different from what I have, then I try to get it. Also if a copy in really good condition crosses my path then I'll go for it. Other than that I really don't buy every Doom copy I find. If that where the case then I would have had about 50 copies or so. We just have a different definition of a complete collection I think. In my opinion it has nothing to do with selfishness. Everybody has a chance to buy a certain game. And I'm not rich, I'm still a student. My priorities are just different from most people. Here is another mail order copy from the UK. Maybe you get lucky: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110602284183 Anyway, the point was that there is *******ely an official CD mail order release of Doom. Just not many people know this.
  8. omega_supreme

    Want to buy

    I somehow got hold of the CD version of Doom that Six pointed out. (don't ask how). Behold, one of the rarest Doom items around. It took me several years to get hold of one. The only version more rare is the 5.25" disk one. And my entire collection of (almost purely offcial resleases of) Classic Doom. As you can see, I really love and specialize in the mail order Doom. ---- Oh and the prices paid for those mailorder 1.2 and 1.666 are outrageous. Never seen them go that high and the boxes where not even mint, not even the invoice is included. I have no idea why anyone would want to pay that much. And remember that it takes two persons to drive a price up like that...
  9. omega_supreme

    Want to buy

    Thanks, I completely over read that it was the CD version. I'm pretty mad at myself I did not notice this. The CD version (1.9) mail order is one of the last Doom items that is missing in my collection. I'll try to reason with the winner of that auction.
  10. omega_supreme

    Want to buy

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Doom-PC-Manual-/120636014978?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1c16778182 ---------------------------- Six, can you let me know who the seller is of that Doom on CD? I already sent you a message but I got no reply.
  11. omega_supreme

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Seems I was mistaken, I thought Risen3D was the same as the JDoom Resource Pack. JDRP is what I have been trying already. The monsters look the same but the weapons looks different in the version I'm using. I checked and it seems I'm using the latest version (v1.01) now. I would like to see the weapon models from the screenshots in action. How do I get those? Is there a separate download for them, or a setting (can't find one though)?
  12. omega_supreme

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    What is the model pack from the screenshots called? The only one I can find is Risen3D.
  13. Is your screensaver the CD-ROM version or 3.5"? I often see the 3.5" floppy version but never the CD. I'm starting to doubt if it even exists but I can remember one auction that had the UK release in CD format so it must be out there. I have a copy from the Japanese seller already, recently arrived and I am really happy with it. It is also 3.5" though. The registered Doom is what I am most crazy about. I have a whole stack of them in many different flavors. I have multiple copies of versions 1.1 to 1.666, just 1.9 is missing. I do have 1.9 but only the CD and sleeve. I have been negotiating with someone for the 1.9 version but it has been a while since I heard anything from him. I search ebay and other places all the time. At least twice a day. Registered Doom shows up more often that generally believed. I have bought at least 4 copies in the past year myself and I let even more pass. Oh and the 5 1/4 release was actually my own post ;) That is my most prized Doom possession. It is a version 1.2.
  14. I already have the bigger GT box myself, so no need to give that up. I have read some earlier collections posts here that included the small GT package. I hope one of those people will show up eventually. The original shrink wrap from GT was a tight one by the way. I'm not sure is that changes when the wrap is opened. My plastic (unopenend) is not brittle at all. The collectors edition is not as common as you might think. The newer (smaller) box shows up every now and than (one a month?) but I only encountered one bog box on ebay in the past year. Unfortunately I really couldn't convince the seller to ship outside the US. It's really frustrating that people do not ship worldwide by default. I miss out on so much nice stuff because of this. Of course there is other stuff I am looking for but since my collection is already quite extensive only the really rare/uncommon stuff remains. See below a list of stuff I am still looking for and want really bad. - Registered Doom 1.9 (US mailorder release) - Doom II screensaver CD-ROM UK - Doom II screensaver CD-ROM US - The classic Doom shirt (ID logo on back) - The Doom II shirt and probably some more stuff that I'm not yet aware of. The registered Doom 1.9 seems to be a really hard-to-find one. One of the most elusive Doom items I know of.
  15. Hi all, I am looking for a few Doom items for my collection that I find difficult to locate. The first and most important is the ShareWare release from GT Interactive. There are two releases from them, one in a box sized the same as the other retail Doom stuff (Ultimate Doom/ Doom II/ Master levels etc.) and one in a smaller box that is typical for GT shareware releases (Heretic and Blood use the same box size for example). I am looking for the small box. The second picture included below shows exactly what I am after. The first picture shows a second item I am looking for. This is the collectors edition from 2001. It is a big box and only contains the classic Doom games. I know there is also a release from 2004 that contains Doom 3 preview content in a smaller box, but that is not what I need. It must be the big box. The last pictured item is Wolf3D that includes the Doom shareware bonus from GT again. If anyone has this sealed in mint condition (as pictured) then I would be interested as well. Since I am a collector I am looking for this stuff in good condition. The pictures show the items in a condition I find good. I know these are hard to find but maybe somebody here has one or two of them and is willing to part with them for a collectors price. For the GT shareware in perfect condition I might even consider trading some of my own precious Doom stuff. I have not seen it for sale once in the past year. I let one go in the past because I though I would find an even better one and that was just dumb. So if anyone here has any of these items please let me know.