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More 3D Illusions

[lock.jpg] All pictures are taken from Gothic Deathmatch (1,9 MB).

Gothic DM Map16

These kind of tricks appear more often in recent wads. Most of them are done with new textures as the one shown here. Easy to do, but incredibly adding to the aesthetics of a level!

To duplicate this, make three sectors near the normal door... now apply 'crossbeam' textures as their middle texture, and give them 'block all' attributes. With the correct offsetts, the textures appear like the one shown here. Of course, the 'lock' seen in this map does not have a bottom or top texture... just the sides are there.

[gallow.jpg] Gothic DM Map31

And another texture trick, but this time combined with an invisible lowered ceiling from which a body is dangling. Take a look below to see how this is done. With the same technique (but applied to a invisible raised floor) you can construct 3D appearing torches against walls and such.

[gall.jpg] SECTORS

1 : ceiling/floor 192/0;
2 : ceiling/floor 192/128;
3 : ceiling/floor 192/0;
4 : ceiling/floor 110/0


a: no upper textures,
all references to sector 4

This is the diagram of the Gothic Map31 gallow. The "poles" are made up of sector 2. The body is hanging from a lowered self-referencing ceiling (sector '4') which lacks upper linedef textures ('a'). By applying 'crossbeam' textures (like 'STEPTOP') to the middle textures of linedef a and b an illusion of a crossbeam supported by the poles is created. Of course, the "bottom" and "top" of this crossbeam do not contain a texture.

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