Wad Editor
Latest Version: 1.16 (2009.05.05)
Developed by Csabo

After more than a year, the new version (1.16) is here. From now on, besides the full version, you will also find the latest beta (EXE file only) on the main mirror. The help file has been reorganized to be more useful and updated with more frequently asked questions. I've also updated the user comments section. Download and enjoy!
Click and drag sprite alignment [requested by Gargoylol]
Full PNG support:
- New Load raw data to import any lump without conversion
- PNG patches are aligned for ZDooM [Thanks to Randy Heit for the ZDooM specific info]
- Save As for PNG files does not convert them into BMPs
New option (on by default): Auto play sounds. Also sounds now play asynchronously
New option: disable undo. This speeds up operations so you get better performance on large files (but no undo of course) [requested by Scuba Steve]
Loading tall patches fixed, loading BMP files is more flexible [thanks Krillancello, Macro11_1, Skadoomer]
Partial support for Future Shock [requested by WildWeasel]
New function: convert MIDI to MUS [requested by robindegen]
Extra characters in lump names after zero byte are ignored (Memento Mori maps load fine now)
Better support for Quake WADs
When exporting lumps, XWE filters out invalid characers from filenames
Plus many bugs/issues reported on the forum fixed

This is mainly a bugfix release. Lots and lots of bugs fixed, plus all the issues that came up on the forum are resolved.
Support for Amulets & Armour RES files.
Better and faster entry recognition.
New (default) option to show maps in preview mode (faster).
New options to show/hide Size and Position columns.
Will play MUS files, if you have the MUS2MIDI utility.

Major changes:
Moving in the list with the cursor keys (or clicking on a lump) immediately show the selected entry. Double-click or press enter to start editing it.
New entries that are created, imported or pasted will be added after the currently selected entry, rather than the end of the list.
When the list is filtered to FLOORs, any flats loaded will be automatically saved as a flat (no need to click Image|Save as Flat). F_START/F_END markers will be automatically added if necessary. 128*128 and 256*256 flats supported.
When the list is filtered to PATCHes, any image loaded will also automatically create a texture. [thanks to Espi for the idea]
New shortcut: double click any of the Filter Toolbar buttons, and it will filter the list plus open the import dialog. This way importing flats, sprites or patches is truly a one-click procedure.
Other changes:
By popular request: Options to select what extensions (including none) will XWE associate itself with.
New command: Entry|Cut [suggested by Virgil the DOOM poet]
New option: Cut and Copy commands empty clipboard first. With this option, the copy/paste commands will work like any other app. However, you lose the ability to copy multiple entries and pasting them all at once. [requested by Virgil the DOOM poet]
New option: Perform Clean Up on exit. You no longer have to click Clean Up once you're done editing (although you still can). This option is turned on by default.
Read-only files can now be opened. Also fixed a problem when the main WAD file was read-only.
Support for FAKK2, partial support for Scrapland.
Many bugs fixed.

Loading large patches bug fixed
Filter toolbar added [requested by torn]
Texture editor is faster, patch caching
Texture editor: added ZDooM flags column [requested by Michael Niggel]
Map: Join fixed, better XWE script support
Map: Texture selection with double-click from list [suggested by espi]
Text editor: modified flag bug fixed [thanks cyrez]
Image editor: Loading large images don't use sprite align [requested by beezee88]
Lots of other small bugfixes.

Updated the website a bit.
Uploaded a small example level: escalator.

Added support for DeathStar [requested by Myk Helnyte].
Added support for Chasm: The rift [requested by fire woil].
Added support for Outlaws [requested by mmnpsrsoskl].
Added graphics support for Unreal.
Added useless partial support for Cyberstorm. [requested by Katarhyne, but I couldn't do it.]
Added XWE Script to the map editor.
Some other improvements.

XWE is gay. Wintex ownz. [suggested by Josh Frazier/Inferno_45].
Added support for Shogo (and other REZ files) [requested by deamonserj].
Added support for Eradicator [requested by deathbringer].
Added support for MDK [requested by ?].
Added partial support for Alien Trilogy (unfinished).
Improvements to the Map Editor [big thanks to Espi - you know why].
Texture editor supports high resolution textures for ZDooM.

Added support for System Shock [requested by Nick Baker].
Exclusive: Added support for Realms of the Haunting [requested by Russell^].
Exclusive: Added support for Ultima Underworld I [requested by ZarcyB].
Added support for Descent 2.
The music viewer now 'understands' and correctly displays the Apogee IMF files. This means we are one step closer to a possible IMF to MID converter.
The music viewer also plays standard MIDIs (use Music|Play).
A few improvements on the Map Editor [thanks to Espi for the suggestions].
A few other minor fixed and improvements.

XWE now 'knows' about the main WAD file. If you start XWE, it will ask you for the file location. Point it to your Doom/Doom2 etc. folder.
This means that the texture editor finally displays all images, even the ones that are in the main WAD.
This also means that importing new textures is easier: when a new texture is added, the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES entries will be automatically copied from the main WAD [Thanks to ReX and Doom_Dude for the suggestion].
Entries in the list (including multiple selections) can be arranged with drag and drop [Requested by ReX].
Texture Editor: Patches on the texture can be dragged with the mouse. Make sure to select which patch you want to drag first [Requested by Espi].
Texture Editor: Move Patch Up/Down feature allows patches to be brought forward or sent backward.
Added a new feature: Image|Auto crop, to remove extra transparent areas [Requested by Ebola].
Added a new option: Save only one backup file [Suggested by Doom_Dude].
Entry|New now asks for the new entry's name. This saves the extra step of renaming the new entry.
The sample rate of wave files can be changed.
Any wave file recognised by XWE can now be saved in the Doom Wave format, use Wave|Save (Doom Format).
Added a new feature: Draw New Sector in the map editor.
The (still inadequate) help file got updated: under Contents there is a new chapter explaining some of the basic wad editing procedures with XWE.
Other minor bugfixes and improvements.

Added support for Eye of Beholder 1 and 2. [Requested by Enjay].
Added support for Lands of Lore (TLK Files). [Requested by Nick Baker].
Added support for Adrenix, NecroDome, Witchaven, Dark Forces, Descent 1.
Encrypted Blood files are now also supported.
Much better VOC and WAV support: segmented and 16bit VOC files are working.
XWE now automatically recognises most sound files by the header, regardless of entry name.
New Feature: For EOB3, Duke3D, Blood, PowerSlave, Witchaven, Dark Forces (any game with multiple sub-images): Image|Save All will automatically save all sub images.
Map Editor: Flip LineDef feature, LineDef textures can now be edited.
XWE warns users to save changed entries, finally [Thanks to ReX for the suggestion].
Lots of improvements and fixes.

Added support for Eye of Beholder 3 (EOB3, Dungeon Hack). [Requested by Enjay]. The EOB3 data file has images that have their own local palette. To view these images, locate their palette counterpart in the QuickFind box (e.g. "Troll" --> "Troll palette"). There is now a new function in the Palette Editor: "Use Current". Select this to switch to the current palette, then the corresponding image will display properly.
Added support for the audio files of Wold3D/Blake Stone, etc. [Requested by YicklePigeon].
XWE now warns when a textfile that's bigger than 64K is loaded into the text editor [Thanks to Espi for the suggestion].

Added full graphics support for Rise of the Triad (ROTT) [Requested by Angst].
Added full graphics support for Wolfenstein3D, Blake Stone and Corridor 7 [Requested by CacodemonLeader].
Palettes are no longer hard-coded into XWE. Custom palettes can be added by placing new files into the "PALETTES" subfolder. Use Image|Select Palette fucntion to choose one for games with no local palette (see above).

Viewing weapon sprites is fixed [Thanks Bitstate for the suggestion]. The alignment boxes can be adjusted with +/- (don't forget Image|Apply Alignment to save).
Colormap Rebuild feature is better: the number of steps in which the colormap reaches the final color can be specified. The default is 32, higher values allow lighter and lower values allow darker colormaps.
Map Editor improvements: New Rectangular and Polygonal Sector, Join and Split linedefs.
Grid Editor: current position shows as 0 based. This way it's easy to locate e.g. linedef 47, etc. in the raw list.
Grid Editor: Go to line feature, to find a thing, linedef, etc. quickly in the list.
Fix: Clean Up and some other operations did not update the Entry List on the screen. They do now.

Mus viewer now displays music correctly.
TextScreen (ENDOOM) editor improvements (copy/paste area function).

New: ColorMap Editor with 'rebuild' feature
The Grid Viewer is now a real Grid Editor, so it is possible to manually edit Things, LineDefs, Sectors, etc.
Importing bitmaps is vastly improved. When BMPs are saved and re-loaded between WADs, it remembers the Doom image alignment. Loading bitmaps always maps the images to the local palette. Also, 1000s of images can be imported in one step without running out of hard disk space (thanks for Jack/DeepTeam for pointing this out).
Map Editor Improvements. It actually 'compiles' the map, so it is possible to make changes.

Palette Editor improvements
Color Remap feature for images
Started a Map 'Editor'

First 'official' release, no longer beta version. Renamed the project to XWE.
'Lite' version of XWE has everything, except non-WAD file browsing.
Doom images are saved as 8-bit bitmaps.
JPG images can be imported.
Multiple export works as it should.
New feature: Copy/Paste function, even across files.
New feature: Texture|Duplicate.
Tons of other improvements and fixes.

Fixed the Entry|Load function. Loading (importing) multiple new BMP files is easy and can be done in one step.

Added support for Quake3 (PK3), Thief (CRF) and Blood (RFF,ART) files. Thief support is not that useful, since the graphic editor cannot load PCX images yet.
The image editor loads TGA and JPG files (for Quake3 support).
The wave editor loads Doom, VOC, WAV and RAW formats, and finally plays them.
"Load" was changed to "Replace" and there is a new "Load" menu entry, which loads multiple new entries.
Added "Move Down", and both Move Up and Down works with multiple selection. Makes it real easy to reorganize a WAD file.
New feature: right click on multiple entries, and add them as Patch Names. Useful after importing bitmaps.
Fixed a bug with multiple Rename, and other improvements.

Added support for Strife, Duke3D, Quake, Unreal and WAD2 files.
Warning! Opening non-Doom files is for viewing only, don't try to modify their content.
Images can be saved.
Lots of other improvements.

Added full and unlimited Undo feature. Fixed a bug with Delete Entry. Improved the Text Screen, MUS and Map editors/viewers.

Large images are displayed properly, added a Find feature to the texture editor.

Lots of fixes and improvements:
When EXWE was opened for the first time, the list did not show. Fixed.
The Texture editor is faster and fully functional. Adding new patches is "smarter" (try it).
A bug fixed when creating new WAD files.
The Help is still inadequate, but at least all topics are linked to the right place.
When you press Enter in the the QuickFind box, the 'found' entry is selected. Another Enter opens that entry.
and some more minor things.
Thanks for ReX (Gurkha Boy) for his comments and suggestions.

A few minor things were fixed.

Finally implemented Delete in the Texture editor, other minor improvements there as well. Fixed a bug with Move Up.

Fixed a bug with Edit|New.

Fixed a bug with the Patch Names editor. Other improvements.

More improvements, added support for ZDoom images (not compressed ones, though).

Minor improvements.

Fixed a few bugs. Implemented 'signature' types (to recognize sound files).

TextScreen (ENDOOM) editor works (bit buggy). LineDefs and Vertexes can be viewed.

Import bitmaps can finally handle transparency. Few bugs fixed.

Interface improvements, remembers column settings. Patch Name editor, hex editor (text only) works. Texture editor is better, almost complete. New function: Entry|Move Up.

Importing bitmaps is better. The program now registers an action associated with WAD files (right-click, "Edit with EXWE"). Few other minor fixes.

The list of entries can be filtered by type... Multiple export works, section types (such as floor) are finally implemented. Lots of other minor improvements.

Finally bitmaps can be imported (Entry | Load). Worked on palette editor and floor viewer.

Added Delete Entry and Merge. Now you can merge any wad file to the currently open one, EVEN ITSELF. Neat.

Most entry operations are done, including 'Clean Up'. Started a help file.

Texture editor almost done. Finally finished some basic file operations. Added an interesting new feature, that finds a floor texture in all the sectors (to see where it is used).

More work on the texture editor. Cleaned up the code even more...

Try editing Textures (not complete). Cleaned up the code. To be continued...

Rewrote a whole bunch of stuff. Mus and Texture viewer, icons, quickfind is better. New features, cleaned and improved the code. Look at the "DOOM2.WEI", and you will realize how powerful this thing is gonna be... :-)

Image viewer is much better, Visual Wave viewer, started a MUS editor. Export finally works (for Waves only) - so this thing is now officially more than a browser. Interface is much nicer.

Added lots of features: image zoom, demo viewer, palette and endoom viewer, etc.

Started the project. At the moment it's only for browsing.