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If you've never played Doom, the first stop you'll want to make is the Shareware page where you can download the original Doom shareware, featuring nine levels of gut-wrenching, hellspawn-blasting action.


If you have played Doom, and have questions about setting it up, getting it running, grabbing the red key in Map02, killing the goat head on Map30, etc, head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Editing Tutorials

To learn how to build levels, or figure out other terminology (Node builders? Reject maps?), head to the Editing Tutorials page, which offers level editing tips to help out beginners and veterans alike.


If you have an old version of Doom (on 3.5" disks maybe?) then head on over to our Patches page to upgrade to version 1.9, which is pretty much a given if you want to use any Doom stuff nowadays.


Finally, if you want to know more about Doom's musical score, we've got a Music page available, with download links to both the original MIDIs used in Doom and Doom 2, as well as MP2 versions that show what they can sound like on the right sound card. This page also houses a catalog of some of the best Doom music remixes available on the Internet.