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Mad Dal 85

Poison Status From Enemies


Hey Everyone.


Hope you're all safe and well.


My question today is about the poison status effect that some monsters can inflict upon you for a few seconds.


Is there any way to defend yourself from it? 


RAD Suit don't work, that just protect you from damaging floors like lava and nukage. 


I downloaded a few monsters from Realm667 to add to my Doom mod I'm creating for GZDoom, and the poisonous monsters in question are; Vulgar (kinda like an Imp) Poison Soul (kinda like the Lost Soul but has a poison cloud trail) and Volcubi (flying fatso (aka Mancubi) and one of the Volcubi is a poison based version.) 


If there is any way to protect yourself against the poison status, please let me know. I'm looking to create a Powerup or some kind of Armour that makes the player immuned to it for a short while so things don't get extremely difficult with the poisonous enemies. I'm gonna make my mod difficult and challenging to beat, but not impossible (I have heard that Doom mods and wads that are impossible to beat are not liked at all by anyone.)


Thanks in advance.

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