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UltimateDoomBuilder on Linux

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So I've totally had it with Windows 10 and all it's bloatware and background data mining so I've taken the leap of faith and installed Linux mint (on my secondary) in the hopes of a Windows free existence. It's all great except for one thing: I can't get UDB up and running. I've been at it for hours and also scoured the internet and various forums with little progress. I'm down to my plan Z, this thread.

Can anyone confirm that they have UDB successfully working on Linux?

Could anyone offer a step-by-step for installation?


I'm new to Linux so it's likely I'm missing something simple.  


I've got wine / wine tricks / PlayonLinux....none of them seem to help. 

I almost had it installed through Lutris but ended up with error: filenotfounderror(2, no such file or directory)


I'm not a fan of Eureka and don't want to install a windows Virtual Machine either and use an old version of Doombuilder. I'll settle for no less than UDB. (can't live without slope handles and visual mode paint select etc, LOL)


I'm certain other Doom mappers had or one day will have a similar dilemma so that's also another reason I started this thread. There isn't much information out there about this. 

Perhaps the solution is to stay with Windows? 

Thanks for the replies.

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You can run it natively, but you'll have to build it yourself and some things might not work or get displayed correctly.


Build instructions:


  • Install Mono. The mono-complete package from the Debian repo doesn't include msbuild, so you have to install mono-complete by following the instructions on the Mono project's website: https://www.mono-project.com/download/stable/#download-lin
  • Install additional required packages: sudo apt install make g++ git libx11-dev mesa-common-dev
  • Go to a directory of your choice and clone the repository (it'll automatically create an UltimateDoomBuilder directory in the current directory): git clone https://github.com/jewalky/UltimateDoomBuilder.git
  • Compile UDB: cd UltimateDoomBuilder && make
  • Run UDB: cd Build && ./builder

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