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  1. Code Blocks type usage

    Actually a = 5 will return 5, not 1. Like a = b = 5 will put 5 in both a and b, and not 5 in b and 1 in a. But that's still good enough for C. Modern compilers can also warn you about assignments like that. Other languages, for example C#, will not allow that at all, because the statement must result in an actual boolean value.
  2. Finished E2 and I have to say that it was excellent. I'm usually not a big fan of huge levels, but here they didn't feel like they drag along at all. The last two levels were especially amazing.
  3. How do I make doors

    If you're using an editor from the DB2 family you can also highlight/select a sector and press Shift-D to create a door.
  4. Soundproofing

    An important thing to note about Map01 is that the block sound flag on linedef 190 is completely useless since both its sidedefs belong to the same sector. Without this "bug" the effect would have been much better, since you wouldn't wake up the imps in the next room while shooting in the first half of north/south hallway. Anyway, sound propagation mode in GZDB(-BF) and DBX are really helpful to see what's going on with... sound propagation.
  5. Eureka 1.21 Released

    Windows and Unix-line systems use different representations of line endings, so maybe that's the problem. If you're not doing so already you might try to use an editor that is aware of those differences, like Notepad++.
  6. Are there actually many maps that are ugly but play really well? Thinking about it, it feels like maps with good level design also have good environment design. And there are quite a few great looking maps where the level design is not up to par. But maps with good level design and bad environment design? Can't think of any off the top of my head.
  7. What destroys the illusion of naturalness for me are the small lava streams. It looks like they are just straight lines perpendiculat to the canyon. That's nitpicky, though, but I guess that's allowed on a project that claims to deliver "top-tier level design" ;)
  8. It's equally weird if someone "likes" a post you made 17 years ago...
  9. 100K

    I'm hereby taking part in this eventful event.
  10. That behavior was a "feature" added in some version of GZDB. But it was later reverted (AFAIK there is no toggle option for it), so maybe you're still using a version where this was enabled?
  11. How can I make a Hud ??

    I played around with status bars some time ago, so here's w hat I gathered. The proper way to do a HUD in recent GZDoom versions is through ZScript, which is radically different from the old approach: https://zdoom.org/wiki/ZScript_status_bars The documentation is quite lacking at the moment, so you'll just have to play around a bit with it. The existing status bars are in gzdoom.pk3, in the folder zscript/statusbar. You can use those as a base. You'll have to name the class something different, so instead of class DoomStatusBar : BaseStatusBar use something like class MyStatusBar : BaseStatusBar You then have to put your modified file in a pk3, I recomment putting it in its own zscript folder, for example zscript/my_sbar.txt (but that's not mandatory AFAIK). You'll also have to add a file called zscript.txt in the root folder, where you tell GZDoom to process your ZScript file, like that: version "3.3" #include "zscript/my_sbar.txt" Lastly you have to tell GZDoom to actually use your status bar, which is done through mapinfo. So create a file called mapinfo.txt in the root folder of your pk3 and put in something like this: GameInfo { StatusBarClass = "MyStatusBar" }
  12. Joining sectors GZDoom/Doom Builder

    In addition, if you want to join sectors that do share lines you can press Shift-J to join the sectors and remove their shared lines.
  13. Doom Builder 2 Glitchy Level Panning

    But Valgilton wants to pan the view while pressing space, they are not doing it by accident. And why would anybody wants to use archaic means to pan the view like using the cursor keys when panning the view is so much more convenient by moving the mouse. I don't really have a solution to the problem, the only thing I can thuink of is that maybe space is bound to some other action? You could check that in Tools -> Preferences -> Controls. Does it always jump to the same location?
  14. GZDoom Builder hi-def visual mode?

    You can toggle highlighting by pressing the (by default) H key.