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  1. boris

    kmetal 2018

    I don't mean teleporters, I mean portals.
  2. boris

    Ethics of announcements/releases

    I never look at pinned posts (when do they ever change, really?), so I missed the release of REKKR.
  3. boris

    kmetal 2018

    Just keep in mind that - depending on what you are doing - portals can be a better solution.
  4. boris

    Ethics of announcements/releases

    Do it like the gaming industry starts doing: make an announcement that you'll make an announcement on date X. That way everybody else can plan accordingly!
  5. boris

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    Just played E4M9. Nice homage to Doom 2 Map02. The red key area instantly reminded me of map02, but what really gave it away way the blue key drop and exit room. I noticed you can grab the blue key from the plasma secret.
  6. boris

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    E4M2: E4M4: E4M8: Same with the box of rockets on the other side. I wouldn't call it "forced" pickup, since you can navigate to not pick them up, as I said it's just tedious to do so. I also see it as less annoying with ammo, since you're not swimming in ammo, so it's not as likely to waste it as it is with health. Also I'm not a fan of the scrolling upper texture around the plasma gun in E4M7, it just looks weird to me.
  7. boris

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    Really nice layouts for speedmaps done so quickly. The RL in E4M4 only shows up on UV. Is that intentional? It's a bit irritating to have rockets in the map, but no RL. I spent a few minutes looking for it, thinking I had somehow missed it. What I also don't like are items directly in front of switches or in the middle of a pathway, just makes navigation tedious if you don't want to pick it up. [edit] The WAD seems to include all Doom 2 patches, even the unused ones like the Wolf3D ones.
  8. boris

    Freedoom haves a lot of errors

    Look, Freedoom: Phase 1 (freedoom1.wad) is a replacement for Doom 1, Freedoom: Phase 2 (freedoom2.wad) is a replacement for Doom 2. So if you want to create maps that are compatible with Doom 2 you should use freedoom2.wad as your IWAD, and only that. And for compatibility with Doom 1 use a Doom 1 config in GZDB, and freedoom1.wad. Loading both freedoom1.wad and freedoom2.wad as your resources will allow you to use textures from both, and you might end up with maps that have missing textures if run with only the IWAD you designed the map for.
  9. boris

    Freedoom haves a lot of errors

    Make sure to use freedoom2.wad as your IWAD.
  10. boris

    Phlegethontic Waves

    Excellent map. The lava and white rock clash so nicely, and the green stone and wood textures thrown into the mix give off a nice E3/E4 vibe. The change between outdoor and indoor areas, and interconnectivity where you can peak into other areas of the map and loop around are what I really like in Doom maps. That said getting teleported right in front of the red key door after getting the key felt rather cheap, but seeing how far the door and its key are apart it's still a better solution than backtracking. The big fight near the end felt a bit out of place, but since it didn't really divert from the rest of the map difficulty wise it wasn't annoying or anything.
  11. Was fun to watch, I hope you repeat that sometime. Looking forward to play the maps.
  12. boris

    Warp PBR textures possible?

    Not possible. Check out the materials section of the GLDEFS wiki page:
  13. Line color has nothing to do with actions. The colors are based on the height differences of the sectors on either side. The line is brown when there's a height difference of the floors. If the floor heights are the same, but the ceilings heights are different, then it is yellow.
  14. boris

    kmetal 2018

    Also check out https://zdoom.org/wiki/Category:Floor_and_Ceiling_specials, no need to use Floor_* and Ceiling_* together.
  15. boris

    Weird visual anomaly in GZDoom when testing maps

    Creating maps is quite a technical process, and IMO it's OK that it's expected that the user has some understanding on the inner workings of the map format/engine. You can't really make editors foo proof, because the user might want to intentionally "fuck up" to achieve certain mapping tricks, like self-referencing sectors. What "unusual situations" are you thinking of? Yes, dragging existing geometry over each other doesn't end well, but the question is if doing that better is worth the effort. It's basically "don't try stupid shit and you'll be fine". Obviously the definition of "stupid shit" can differ vastly, I consider trying to drag geometry over each other as "stupid shit", others might want to expect it to work flawlessly.