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  1. boris

    The limit of Vertexes lump. (Boom format)

    Any data in the VERTEXES lump past the first 65536 vertices is can not be referenced by the other map data. So the data (whatever it may be) is not usable. The nodebuilder generates additional vertices required by the SEGS lump. For example the VERTEXES lump of Doom 2 MAP01 contains 383 vertices, but if you open that map in any map editor it'll only show 316 verties. The other 67 vertices are only used by the SEGS lump and not by linedefs. Editors generally silently drop those vertices - UDB also does that. You're just getting the message because your VERTEXES lump contains more data than can be referenced. Which is obviously not normal or expected. It will not have any influence on the map's gemetry (i.e. you'll not lose geometry), because as explained linedefs can't reference that data anyway.
  2. boris

    The limit of Vertexes lump. (Boom format)

    Sidedefs uses a 16 bit value to reference vertices, as do the segs. So there's no way to have more than 65536 usable vertices in a vanilla or Hexen format.
  3. boris

    Why am I getting this error?

    Did you modify your doom2.wad? The original one only has 468 patches defined, not 2346+. You should never modify your IWADs.
  4. The TEXTMAP lump effectively is the map. Nothing stops you from writing that and putting it with the header and footer into a WAD. The big problem will be to keep track of everything. All map elements are implicitly indexed by their order. That means lots of things have to have their references changed when you remove map elements. For example when deleting a sector (assuming it's not the last one) you have to change all sidedef's sector reference for the deleted sector or any sector that comes after that.
  5. boris

    two or more 3D floors in udb

    That's about multiple tags per sector, which Zandronum doesn't support. This is completely unrelated to multiple 3D floors per sector Zandronum doesn't support multiple tags for sectors.
  6. boris

    two or more 3D floors in udb

    Of course it will. That even worked in ZDoom. And if you use an up-to-date version of UDB the 3D Floor Mode will also handle all the tags for you.
  7. boris

    Quake Remastered

    Get in line with GOG customers :P
  8. Can you give examples? Depends on what extra functionality you mean. After all you can also make perfectly fine vanilla maps with DEU, yet nobody uses that anymore. From my experience the claims that UDB doesn't offer anything when doing non-GZDoom mapping are from people that don't know how to use UDB properly. Here's a non-exhaustive list of features in UDB that also benefit vanilla editing: it's possible to filter (search) for linedef actions and sector types in the editing dialogs it's possible to filter (search) for thing types in the edit thing dialog it's possible to enter a thing's position in the edit thing dialog synchronized thing selection in sectors mode. Selecting a sector in sectors mode can optionally select all things in the sector (for example making dragging sectors with its things easier) paint select in both classic modes and visual modes (while holding the assigned button anything the mouse curor touches is selected) mass selection options in visual mode. Holding Shift while clicking will select all adjacant sidedefs, floors, or ceilings with the same texture. Holding Ctrl while clicking will select all adjacant sidedefs, floors, or ceilings with the same texture and sector height when pasting map element properties you can optionally paste only certain properties instead of all many input boxes allow more complex expressions like `+++` for incrementally changing values of the selected map elements the edit sector dialog has a "height offset" input box to increase/decrease both the floor and ceiling height event line between linedefs and tagged sectors to make it easier to see how things are triggered. Optionally with showing the corresponding action on the event line more customizable texture browser. It's possible to set a black background to make the texture colors look more neutral. When a used texture is highlighted pressing the tab key will jump to the texture's position in the full texture list more faithful vanilla support, like (better) visual representation of self referencing sectors in visual mode, or correct handling of patch offset quirks in textures it's possible to filter (search) for actions in the program's preferences dialog selections can be synchronized between classic modes and visual mode, i.e. selecting a sector in sectors mode will have a surface selected when entering visual mode (and vice versa) options for merging dragged geometry (i.e. dragging geometry will merge geometry correctly) each game configuration can have multiple engines for testing, which can also be selected from the test toolbar button more drawing modes: draw curve mode, draw rectangle mode, draw ellipse mode, draw grid mode many more error checks in map analysis mode function to export sector floors or ceilings as an image (i.e. it can be used to create new textures from sectors; best be used in conjunction with GZDoom UDMF maps) improved search and replace mode with more options and functionality "select similar" function for map elements that selects other map elements with selectable same properties tag explorer docker that shows all tagged sectors and linedef actions in the map function to show all used tags in the map function to show the number of all thing types in the map supports aspect ratio correction (pixels stretched vertically by 20%) supports loading DeHackEd patches to correctly show changes made to things through the patch Yes, you don't need anything of that, but then what I said about DEU applies again. Making use of what's below the surface can make editing a lot more comfortable.
  9. boris

    Mail Order DOOM

    And the chair looks like it's not been cleaned since 1993.
  10. boris

    Are there any German mappers out here?

    That was mostly made by Dragonfly, of the 50 or so maps roughly 20 were contributed by other community members, one by T667.
  11. boris

    Why is it that BT_RUN is not an identifier?

    There is no BT_RUN in zdefs.acs. In the source code it's defined as 1<<25 (which is 33554432), so you can use that directly.
  12. boris

    Ultimate Doom Builder is not user-friendly.

    You seem to be talking about the 3D Floor Mode. That just makes handling 3D floors easier. Nothing stops you from creating the control sectors manually (which 3D Floor Mode automates).
  13. boris

    Ultimate Doom Builder is not user-friendly.

    What do you mean? There's nothing special about it. How they work is dictated by the port, not the editor.
  14. boris

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    The banner is gone, has the issue been fixed? Since chaning passwords only makes sense if the attacker doesn't have access to them anymore. Hackers selling stolen data is pretty normal.