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  1. boris


    It says it's a signup to get information about the beta, not for the beta itself. I bet they'll go the (paid) early access route further down the line. Game looks interesting, though.
  2. boris

    2 sector plat into one group?

  3. boris

    Doom Builder 2 help

    Mode -> Find & Replace Mode, the default hotkey is F3.
  4. So that's without any modifications to GZDoom itself? How do you handle lighting things?
  5. Played around with brightmaps a bit and came up with this: It's a bit sloppy (off by 1 pixel on each axis) because I crafted it by hand. Editor screenshot: Texture for the floor (it's just FLOOR0_1 tiled to 512x512): Brightmap for the texture: Unfortunately brightmaps do not influence the brightness of things standing on them, otherwise we'd have static lighting right there. Example is attached. brighttest.zip
  6. boris

    Doom Eternal Hints in DOOM 2016 Multiplayer

    Or id created all that stuff for Doom 2016 and is simply reusing it in Doom Eternal. The whole video is based on the idea that all that stuff was created for Doom Eternal and then incorporated into Doom 2016, but it collapses like a house of cards if you consider that it could be the other way around.
  7. boris

    Monster generator script

    That script will not even complie because of syntax errors in your for loop, and even if it'd compile it would not spawn anything because you're supplying a wrong 2nd parameter to Thing_Spawn. Here's a working version: #include "zcommon.acs" script 1 OPEN { int SpotId = 1; int ZombieTid = UniqueTID(); for(int nSpawn=0; nSpawn<25; nSpawn++) { while(!Thing_Spawn(SpotId, T_ZOMBIE, 180*256/360, ZombieTid)) Delay(70); ThrustThing(180*256/360, 30, 0, ZombieTid); // Thrust the just generated zombie in 180 degree direction ZombieTid = UniqueTID(); // Get another TID } } Note that the T_ZOMBIE is not in quotes, since it's a constant defined in one of the files included by zcommon.acs. If you want to spawn things by their class name you have to use SpawnSpot or one of it's variants. Example WAD is attached. zombiespawner.zip
  8. boris

    Three Questions

    Since you seem to be targeting the ZDoom family you can use UDMF to flip textures. To do that you have to set the scales of the texture to -1, like this:
  9. boris

    Things not showing up in testing - DOOM Builder 2

    What flags for difficulty and multiplayer have you set for the things? What game configuration? Note that setting the "multiplayer" flag in vanilla format makes the things not show up in singleplayer. Monsters not showing up could also come from using the "no monsters" launch option when testing.
  10. boris

    Key Based Switch? [Lower Floor Action]

    A common practice is to place a door directly in front of the switch, that, after opening, reveals another switch that can do any action. I attached an example WAD. keyswitch.zip
  11. boris

    Key Based Switch? [Lower Floor Action]

    Obsidian's post has the answer you are looking for...
  12. boris

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Since you're going for MBF compatibility you could check out if you can utilize the new A_Spawn and A_LineEffect code pointers. If you have have enogh free things it should be possible to make a boss battle with multiple phases. For example when boss dies it A_Spawn's it's second phase and use A_LineEffect with the usual voodoo doll shenanigans to do other additional other stuff. Like the attached WAD. When the Hell Knight dies it spawns a Baron of Hell, and also teleports some Imps into the room. And when the Baron dies the platform with the blue key lowers. Of course it's pretty sloppily hacked together in a couple minutes, but I think it could be utilized for some nice encounters. mbftest.zip
  13. boris

    Having trouble with slopes

    DB2 doesn't support most ZDoom features out of the box. You should get GZDB-BF: https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/gzdbbf/
  14. boris

    Can't even release my first map, help!

    Do yourself and us a favor and do not try to cramp every single engine feature and half the Real 667 bestiary into your map. That, unfortunately, usually leads to crappy GZDoom maps without a soul and shitty gameplay. I recommand to come up with one or two ideas that form a simple "story" and (r)evolve your map around that, instead of adding more and more ideas. That way you'll also have stuff left for more maps ;)
  15. Their editor, DoomEd, was created by Romero. But it sounds likely that DoomBSP, that compiled the text-format output of DoomEd into the WAD file was created and/or maintaned by Carmack. That way he could have just added or modified the output to his needs without having to touch the map's source file.