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  1. Code looks fine to me. The only thing I noticed at a not-so-thorough glance was how you're checking the bounds of the list index. For example in CommandHandler.remove_entry_by_index you have if index not in range(0, len(th.todo)): That of course works, but there are no holes in the list, so you could just do something like if not 0 <= index < len(th.todo): Some other things I noticed: the task list starts at index 0, not 1 comments above methods, consider unsing docstrings below the method header instead check user input for strings with just blanks try adding a description with a comma in the text, then exit and load again (protip: use the csv module to load/save CSV data) check out the plethora of table formatting modules, could make your task list more flexible Ideas: make it possible (with Ctrl-C or whatever) to abort the current input make it recognize partial commands, i.e. not just "remove" and "rem", but also "r", "re" etc. for all commands make errors more visible, for example by printing them in red
  2. Anything set in MODELDEF only applies to the frames that come after your settings. So instead of Frame act1 A 0 "frame01" USEACTORPITCH USEACTORROLL you have to do USEACTORPITCH USEACTORROLL Frame act1 A 0 "frame01" UDB doesn't do that, it applies everything to all frames.
  3. That PC must be 11-13 years old, doesn't sound like something a spoiled kid would have :P F means no integrated graphics. What CPU is in there, exactly? I can't see any F CPUs for the LGA 1155 socket.
  4. I'm not talking about just Decorate/Zscript. I'm talking about every GZDoom mapping feature. 3D floors, sidedef texture scaling, dynamic lights. Fuck it, just put all mapping features of all ports into a single game config, what could go wrong?
  5. This is about the things showing up in UDB, not what the engine does. Of course you can enter whatever you want for any value, that doesn't mean the UDB does (or has to) support it. I doubt you'd agree that UDB should re-enable all the GZDoom features in the EE game configs just because someone might make a map in a EE game config and decides to run it with GZDoom anyway.
  6. No, UDB isn't "out of spec", because the spec for Doom is no Decorate/ZScript. That's like saying DEU is out of spec because it doesn't show Decorate/ZScript things. And nothing stops you from adding a thing with the respective DoomEdNum in the editor - you'll just not see it with the correct properties.
  7. No, UDB does not support Decorate/ZScript in the "Doom: Doom2 (DoomFormat)" game configuration. If you want GZDoom features in the editor you'll have to select a GZDoom game configuration.
  8. boris

    Need help with editing the chaingun

    Use inheritance: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_inheritance
  9. boris

    Issue Adding OBJ Files To Slade 3

    You can not have models in WADs. You'll have to use a directory structure/PK3. You know, just like the tutorial you linked mentions. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_ZIPs_as_WAD_replacement
  10. boris

    Portals (UDMF) use-cases?

    IMO to this day Infraworld - Coma Moonlight has some of the most impressive portal usage.
  11. boris

    alot of errors in ultimate doom builder

    By remembering to include the required resources (i.e. an IWAD), just like the error message says.
  12. boris

    Question about starting new topics

    Use the search first, both here and on your favourite search engine. There's barely a sensible question that hasn't been answered a million times in the past 30 years.
  13. I think that'd actually be interesting.
  14. boris

    Linedef ID change?

    If it's just about portals you should have a look at https://zdoom.org/wiki/Line_SetPortalTarget Doesn't work with static portals, though.
  15. boris

    Counting kills with ACS and Infighting

    An advantage of the solution Kan3 posted (which is indeed the most common solution to this problem) is that it's independent of the number of monsters, and doesn't require all monsters to have the action set. So if you have different monsters on different difficulties it'll just work out of the box.