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  1. boris

    Scripts Break When Handled Too Fast

    By default a specific script can not be executed again while it's already running - that's the case when the enemies executing the script on their death die in the same tic. If you still want to execute the script you have to use an action like ACS_ExecuteAlways. A common alternative to do something if specific enemies died is to have an script running in an infinite loop and just count the things (for example using ThingCountName) until their number reaches 0.
  2. boris

    How to put godmode on when testing?

    Since "god" is a console command in GZDoom you have to write a plus sign, i.e. "+god".
  3. boris

    [Fixed] Hall of Mirrors in some source ports

    Your TEXTURE1 lump is missing the textures. GZDoom loads multiple TEXTUREx lumps accumulating, but most other ports don't. So you have to fix it somehow. I guess the best way to do it is to start from scratch with the Doom 2 TEXTUREx and add your other textures to that.
  4. boris

    From scratch mod?

    There's also https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=70232 for GZDoom.
  5. boris

    Basics of testing

    D* doors do not need tags. I have clarified that in my original post.
  6. boris

    Basics of testing

    Chocolate Doom isn't limit removing. You should test for what you design your maps for. If you make a vanilla map you should test in Chocolate Doom If you make a limit removing (i.e. no additional mapping features to what vanilla can do) map testing in some Boom-based port (like DSDA-Doom) is fine. You might want to set the compatibility options to vanilla If you want to use Boom features you should use some Boom-based port (like DSDA-Doom) and make sure you have the compatibility setting set to Boom What you should not do is test your vanilla/limit removing/Boom map primarily in GZDoom. Out-of-the-box GZDoom behaves in ways that can make play your map just fine in GZDoom, but break them in vanilla/limit removing/Boom ports. Some examples: When an action is set to tag 0 GZDoom uses it on the sector in the back side in the linedef. Vanilla uses the action on all sectors with tag 0 (which is usually most of the map's sectors). Note that D* never need tags, they will work on the linedef's backside's sector even in vanilla/limit removing/Boom You can't shoot projectiles through things in GZDoom, but you can in vanilla/Boom You can pass over/under objects in GZDoom, but you can't in vanilla/Boom Things can't get stuck in each other in GZDoom, they will always be able to move away from each other, but they can get stuck in vanilla/Boom Some of them can be changed through compatibility settings, either in the menu or through a MAPINFO, but it's rather cumbersome to do so.
  7. boris

    how do I rotate a flat

    While that technically answers the question, it's usually not the best way to go. It can be really cumbersome to get the angle right, and you also usually need to modify the offsets to make it look right. In most cases the quickest way is to use one of the auto-align actions on the floor or ceiling in Visual Mode. Note that it always uses the linedef the cursor is closest to as a reference. You might have to play around with the different (X offset only, Y offset only, X and Y offsets) alignment actions. If you need more precising and control you should use Floor Align Mode or Ceilign Align Mode.
  8. boris

    How does group select work? UDB

    This is a purely visual issue. Even if they are not "filled" they are still selected.
  9. boris

    What is your best tip for beginners?

    DO NOT MAKE WALLS FROM ZERO-HEIGHT SECTORS (unless you know what you're doing) If you want solid walls just delete the sector. Using zero-height sectors for walls is the number one cause for the "my door moves down instead of up" problem that pops up twice a week.
  10. No, first and foremost it's an port issue. Movement, collision, LOS checks, sound propagation... everything relies on how the map format works. It'd be easier to make an true 3D engine act like Doom than the other way around.
  11. The dev builds of EE support independent offsets for upper/middle/lower textures, and UDB is set to support that, too. You can either upgrade to a EE dev build or edit "Includes\Eternity_common.cfg" in your UDB installation diretctory and remove or comment out the line containing "localsidedeftextureoffsets" (not that updating UDB will overwrite that file).
  12. boris

    Remove strange warping when using mouselook?

    That's Y-shearing, see https://zdoom.org/wiki/Y-shearing. Switch to a hardware renderer to get rid of it.
  13. boris

    Insanity Edged - Released

    Arch-Viles left, right, and center. And I'm not even an AV hater. I get that they resurrecting monsters is a theme in the map. What made me quit was the trap behind the tag 88 door (the one straight ahead from the starting position). No matter what I did I had no chance of survival. I just tried it again a bunch of times, and I was able to beat it a few times. My issue is that it feels completely random. It heavily depends on what the two AVs do. Where they move, what they resurrect, how the other monsters move, how they infight. If both of them happen to target me I'm pretty much toast. Even if I manage to break the line of sight of both it's likely that one of the other monsters gets me. The pillars you can use as cover are pretty slim (64x64 units), and the space between them and the walls is only 96 units. With doomguy's speed, and being under pressure from multiple sides, makes it pretty hard for me to use them against the AVs; it's very easy to overshoot and not be behind cover. Maybe making the pillars bigger on lower difficulties (through ACS) might be an idea. I'm going into that fight with about 100 health and 26 blue armor. I'm just an average player, so you can definitely attribute many fails to skill issues (I'm very good at shooting rockets into my own face). But I'm playing on HNTR, not UV or anything like that.
  14. boris

    Insanity Edged - Released

    Playthroughts (without commentary) of map01 and map02: I think in map01 at the 11:26 mark I got up to a part of the map where I was not supposed to be yet. I didn't bother finishing map03 because combat got so annoying just wasn't fun for me. Looks great, though.
  15. You're probably running into this bug: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Vertical_offsets_are_ignored_in_texture_patches