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  1. I definitely prefer the new AR over the old one. It just makes much more sense, while the old one felt like a superfluous piece to the combat puzzle.
  2. boris

    Prodeus Kickstarter (Finished)

    Make sure to disable SSAO and SSR in the graphics options.
  3. So that's something that can be solved with money? How much does it cost to operate the Wiki every month?
  4. boris

    Is there a way to block players from walking only over the top?

    Check the linedef's "Walkable middle texture" flag.
  5. boris

    Here's an idea: Doom Builder Online

    But DoomEd was much simpler. Effectively it only had lines and things. Vertices, linedefs, sidedefs and sectors were generated at compile time, so at edit time there was no need to care about their relation as community-made editor have to.
  6. boris

    Doom Sector Light levels

    When I explained it to hawkwind yesterday I had a look at the Unofficial Doom Specs. In section 4-9 it actually says that there are 32 brightness levels, not only 16. I didn't really dive deep into the source, can anyone explain why there are colormaps for brightness when apparently only 16 are used? Does it just use every other one or something like that?
  7. boris

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    You can just open the console (with the key left to "1") and read the messages again. I use that quite a lot myself.
  8. On the one hand we have maps like Tears of the False God for free, on the other hand we have levels that look like the first test map done in Trenchbroom, that they (eventually) want money for... yeah, I'm calling them out on it.
  9. boris

    Alex Trebek has died.

    Pancreatic cancer is pretty much a death sentence, the chance of survival is very low.
  10. Looks pretty boring from a visual, gameplay, and level design perspective. The market ist really being flooded by those "boomer shooters" by now. And no, just using low poly and unfiltered low-res textures doesn't make a good game. Also it's not based on Quake.
  11. boris

    How do I make colored sectors in Boom?

    This is not correct, you can do it with the Boom linedef action 242, see https://soulsphere.org/projects/boomref/#ld242 There are some limitations, though, most noticeable is that the colormap is only applied when you are inside the tagged sector. A way to fake the coloring while you're outside the sector is to apply a texture of the color you want to the outside linedefs and give it the action 260 to make them translucent.
  12. boris

    Contextual footsteps

    You might want to have a look at https://zdoom.org/wiki/CheckActorFloorTexture, that way you don't have to use tags.
  13. boris

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    So I finished episode 2, here's the playlist, took me nearly 7 hours to complete it (on medium difficulty). Was a great ride and took me much longer than I expected, since I finished episode 1 in under 2 hours back in the days. I'm notoriously bad at using the inventory (and had a bit of a hard time navigating it, beacuse of the HUD scaling I'm using), but this time around I tried to use it more often, which definitely helped. The difficulty ramp was pretty good, easy at the beginning (which you can see on my inventory), then steadily rising. It's a bit crazy how the upper tier enemies can kill you pretty much instantly, even when you're at full health. Two bugs I found:
  14. boris

    ACS: multidimensional array with different types

    Simply do this: int funkyArray[2][2] = {{1,"banane"},{2,"banana"}};
  15. boris

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Played a bit and it's pretty good so far. Right now I'm stuck in Willowwood and have no idea what to do. I opened the doors to the woods, but there are bars blocking the path. Issues I've found: You can get stuck behind some shrubbers in the treasury, around 600, 1100: The string for MERCI_PUZZLE_GREENKEY_1 says "The green key is lowered in the fortress" instead of "The green key is lowered in the iron fortress".