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  1. I'm using the very latest devbuild. Looks like it's a bug, since it works fine-ish in earlier versions. I opened a bug report for it: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=62524 [edit] Aaaaand it's fixed :D
  2. Nice maps. Some bugs I found: E3M1: you can grab the berserk pack from the ground floor. E3M2: the switch sector (25) has a ceiling height of 160 (with missing upper textures), the surrounding sector only 96. For some reason that results in a rendering error in GZDoom. Works find in PrBoom-Plus. E3M4: similar thing as in E3M2. Sector 73.
  3. boris

    Change wall texture using actions

    https://zdoom.org/wiki/GlassBreak If you need more control you can implement it yourself by creating a script and using the following functions in it: https://zdoom.org/wiki/SetLineTexture https://zdoom.org/wiki/Line_SetBlocking
  4. boris

    Doombuilder 2 visual mode "laggy" movement

    At least Windows 10 doesn't really shut down if you tell it to shut down. I shut mine down last night and powered it on this morning, yet I have over 8 days of uptime. I guess the timers are not reset in that case.
  5. boris

    Help with mapinfo bug(?)

    You seem to mix the old format and the new format. In the new format it's just "cluster" (without the "def"). And I think the number shouldn't be written in quotation marks.
  6. boris

    ZokumBSP 1.0.10 finally released!

    Is it using multithreading?
  7. boris

    Project Warlock

    It's out now: https://www.gog.com/game/project_warlock Costs 11 €.
  8. But don't those cut-off pixels also happen if there's only one seg for the linedef? If a linedef is only, say, ~90.51 units long (i.e. the hypotenuse of a right triangle with 64 units long catheti), isn't it expected to see half a pixel drawn? Thinking about it, shouldn't we see wider/narrower pixels where the segs of a linedef meet? If we have a setup like this: There will be a split along the short linedef. The "real" intersection of the lines will be at 15.574144486692013/1.9467680608365043, but the new vertex will be created at 16/2. That will make the shorter seg ~16.12 units long, the longer seg will have an offset of 16. So I'd expect to see 0.12 pixels of the 17th pixel where the segs meet, and then the 16th pixel again where the 2nd seg starts. but that doesn't seem to be the case, at least visually.
  9. boris

    ZokumBSP development

    Any plans to add -ccc with HDR output?
  10. You can even have this effect in vanilla Doom. Just raise the ceiling of the sector where you want to have a bright floor, but a dark ceiling high up, and don't set the missing upper textures. This is how it looks in the editor: There are quite severe limitations, though. For example you can't have height changes in the ceiling. A map that made nice use of this technique is map07 in End Game by @Szymanski: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/d-f/endgame
  11. Quite possible that this was the case in early version, but in GZDB-BF it's definitely not the case. I checked both the code and tried it out with the debugger.
  12. That's not the case. The DB2 family doesn't even have an internal node builder, it reads the data right from the WAD. The nodes only get rebuilt (with an external node builder) if one of the lumps required for the mode are missing, or if the map was changed.
  13. The DB2 family has a mode that shows subsectors (and splits). If you want to add subsector visual output to ZokumBSP I guess SVG would be a good format.
  14. boris

    Doom Builder 2

    You don't necessarily have to cut down map size, putting the parts closer togther might do the trick already. As the thread @Nevander linked says your map has to fit into a 32767x32767 box. You could try to move your lava area between the other areas, like this: Then check if it doesn't exeed the 32767x32767 limit (easiest way is to try to draw a box with those dimensions around it).