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  1. Nice! I'll play it today. Love it when reviewers make maps and vice-versa.
  2. PeterMoro

    What gives you ideas for DOOM maps?

    I think of and list ideas before even starting a wad. I try to have a least one new idea in a wad so that it's not just a generic techbase wad but offers something new conceptually. Put them all down on paper first. Could be any new concept about gameplay / monster placement / room design / motifs / lighting / story / architecture / even color schemes. For example in my last wad i had an idea where the player sees an enclosed tech room that is accessed by portal only, but when they arrive it's the same layout but all the textures have been changed and it's a hellish version of the tech room. Lighting is a big factor in this game and using brightness / darkness / strobing can have amazing effects on levels. I like having areas where the lights go out, become dim, or get turned on like in DoomII's map 04 (the Focus). Great use of lighting in that wad and i love how the lights can be turned on in the corridor. Also look all around for architecture / design ideas. I take photos of random stuff all the time to put in a Doom level. For example i saw this light in a restaurant. The exact same copy didn't work so well in the map but i changed it a little and came up with something new. It's a similar idea.
  3. I just played an Oblige map with this mod. It's soooooo good! Thanks x 100 Tango!!!!
  4. PeterMoro

    GZDoom Builder (bugfix) Fatal non-ui error

    Thanks. I'll try out the 64bit SlimDX. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's something simple like this. In the meantime vanilla GZDB works fine.
  5. PeterMoro

    GZDoom Builder (bugfix) Fatal non-ui error

    64bit windows10 + GZDB-bf. I've checked vanilla GZDB and thankfully that works.
  6. PeterMoro

    GZDoom Builder (bugfix) Fatal non-ui error

    Actually, you are right....it's just one L. Hard to see with the error code so small.
  7. PeterMoro

    GZDoom Builder (bugfix) Fatal non-ui error

    That's a fair call. Sorry for sounding so general, i thought that the error message was a common one. I downloaded a new version from the DRDteam site. I misspoke before, you don't actually install it but run it from the .exe file. It's the latest version - There's no crash log but here's the full error message: Fatal non-UI error: unable to load DLL 'devill.dll': the specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) Stack trace: at CodeImp.DoomBuilder.General.illnit() at CodeImp.DoomBuider.General.Main(String[] args) I didn’t make any changes to my pc before GZDB crashed so i can't figure it out. Maybe i should try an earlier version of GZDB?
  8. So my GZDB suddenly stopped working. No indication why. I would get the popup: "missing devil.dll" so i checked and it wasn't missing...but i downloaded it and included a new one anyway... but still same problem. Then i downloaded and re-installed GZDB (bugfix, of course). That didn't change anything. So I searched the net and it seems like a graphics driver issue so I updated my graphics driver. Now there's a different error message: "Fatal non-ui error.....blah blah blah". Been searching the net all morning but I've got nothing. Nothing seems to work. Anyone got any ideas? I really don't want to go back to Doombuilder...I'm dialled-in to GZDB.
  9. PeterMoro

    Need help tweaking Oblige.

    Oh really? That's a bummer. I kinda prefer one 30-45min large map which gradually increases in difficulty. Oh well, i guess i'll have to get used to playing multiple smaller maps. Thanks for the reply.
  10. PeterMoro

    Need help tweaking Oblige.

    So I love to fire up an Oblige wad every now and then. The problem is, i can't seem to figure how to set up the monster placement to fit the wad and also how I'd like to play it. Usually i only get lower-tier monsters in a wad. No Cacoes, Mancubi, Arachnotrons, PainElementals, Barons of Hell etc. Just Imps and Sergeants etc. Weapon spawn and everything else is pretty good but I'd like the monster placement to suit the wad so that every 5-10mins of gameplay a stronger monster will be introduced, which would match the weapon spawn. I'd like the wad to progressively become more difficult. I'd like almost every monster in DoomII to be in a single wad. I've messed around with the settings again and again and can't seem to figure it out. Any suggestions?
  11. PeterMoro

    What mouse settings do you use?

    Well for anyone who gets a new mouse and stumbles across this thread this is what my setup is: I bought a Logitech G-600. It's really handy for mapping. Takes a while to set up and get used to but once you get comfy there's no going back. So nice to copy / paste with single clicks instead of having to Control + C / Control + V every time. Page up + Page down is also really comfy once it's assigned. I use those commands all the time when mapping. This is my configuration using GZDB: G7 Mode switch (G-600 mouse) G8 Insert G9 Linedefs mode G10 Vertices mode G11 Sectors mode G12 Copy G13 Backspace G14 Delete G15 Paste G16 Page down G17 Page up G18 Draw rectangle mode G19 Curve linedefs mode G20 Draw ellipse mode Left click - Select Right click - Edit Right Right click - Align texture vertical + horizontal (AKA Control + A) Mouse wheel click - Clear selection Mouse wheel click left - Undo Mouse wheel click right - Redo
  12. PeterMoro

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Started playing Anthem a week ago, it's been so addictive! That game is fun! I love flying games. The combat is really good too. When i saw the trailer i thought the game would be so lame LOL It's way more fun than Destiny. Anthem is the Dark Void 2 that I've been waiting for.
  13. PeterMoro

    hello i am new here

    Welcome! DoomTheWayIDDid + Doom2TheWayIdDid are great if you liked Doom and DoomII. https://doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/megawads/dtwid
  14. Doom + Victor Vran because i like top-down shooters and Victor Vran is the best one IMO.
  15. PeterMoro

    Tips for new mappers?

    Chubzdoomer's tutorials really helped me get started back in 2013. I'd recommend starting here : ...as well as looking at maps from the Doom and Doom II Iwads in Doombuilder or GZdoombuilder. Good luck : )