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  1. PeterMoro

    Wads to play with brutal doom

  2. PeterMoro

    Lightsaber Color

    Green double blade, like I play in Jedi Academy. (Avenger lightsaber)
  3. You are right. Although it's not my idea of fun to play something like this, obviously many people are playing and enjoying this kind of map so who am I to say it's not fun for everyone. Fair enough.
  4. PeterMoro

    Does anyone find Tech Base maps boring?

    NO. I'm just getting started :p
  5. My two cents: I'm all for mazy maps and non-linear progression, it's my jam....but this....looks pointless. Supriseless. Boring, and a waste of your good time. Sorry to sound Gatekeeper-ish but what you made just looks lazy and I'm sure you could make something inspiring if you really tried. C'mon, please try. I get the novelty of making a "hedge maze" for Doom but FFS who wants to be playing this after 20 mins? Most mappers could make a map like this in under 60mins. If you wanna impress people around here, please make something fun and interesting with great GAMEPLAY. Putting a small 'hedge maze' in a fun map would be way cooler. Well that's my opinion. I think I got triggered after seeing yet another "hey everyone I speed - made a bunch of uninspired useless lazy junk for everyone".wad There's been a lot of those this year :(
  6. PeterMoro

    What Doom game should I replay

    DoomTheWayIDDid + GZDoom + Brutal Doom and DoomIITheWayIDDid + GZDoom + Brutal Doom
  7. PeterMoro

    Halloween wad - Beneath Phobos Lab #5

    Hey man, thanks for the review. Yes this is the most linear map I've ever made. It was originally going to be a short and simple map but grew into a longer but simple map. Ironically, most reviewers complain that my maps are not linear enough LOL Now I'm inspired to make my next map super non linear :P An earlier rocket launcher as a secret is a good tip...hmmm I might put that idea into the final build. Thanks for the feedback, hope you liked it. I miss your review videos :)
  8. PeterMoro

    Worst Doom Level

    Are you kidding? It's one of the best IMO.
  9. PeterMoro

    What is your favorite wad?

    JP LeBreton's Arcadia Demade is probably the best Pwad I've ever played. There are so many good ones, special in their own way. It's hard to choose just one.
  10. A tech - prison break out. It got too over the top and too big and ridiculous. My maps tend to do that and I really have to focus on making them as small as I can. Part of the problem is that prisons are not really beautiful places and their design layouts are usually simple so the map ended up feeling very samey and predictable. I still have the wad and might work on it again one day but I think I'd rather just make something else.