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  1. PeterMoro

    New to the site, Few questions

    Welcome to Doomworld. I also reccomend UDB, it's got everything you need. Chubzdoomer has great videos for beginning mapping for Doom. It's where I started. These are old videos but still relevant. I reccomend you watch them all and learn the basics. I also reccomend starting out by making a simple 15min Doom episode 1 style map. When it's done, post it on Doomworld and ask for some feedback. A little feedback can go a long way. Good luck! edit - oh! yeah, @HrnekBezucha is right - start your map in UDMF. It's the best format for building Doom IMO.
  2. PeterMoro

    New Years Doom Resolutions

    Finish my never-ready Hellscape map.
  3. I read it and liked it. Great post. Thank you for writing it. Wish I could read it when I was starting out in 2013. We need more posts like this around here. Usually about once a month we get a newbie flame thread, something like "Do you guys like Brutal Doom?" : p
  4. PeterMoro

    What are you playing now?

    I was so disappointed with Halo Infinte so I bought another game for Xmas. I bought Assasin's creed: Valhalla. Played the first hour and so far it's awesome! Looking forward to playing it all winter.
  5. PeterMoro

    How secret should secret exits be?

    I agree with Sandy Peterson in that secrets should have some kind of hint. Same goes with secret exits. I think secret exits should be just a little more difficult than a regular secret. Perhaps a good mechanic would to be to make the second "secret" exit visable but the means of arriving there not obvious. Maybe a well hidden switch or something.
  6. PeterMoro

    Unfortunate design coincidences

    Everyone's used Hexagons in Doom design but my point was: what i was building turned out to be pretty much exactly what was done in Halo Infinte - rooms / walls / floors / areas created with huge, muilti-heightened black hexagonal pillars. Looked quite similar to @rd.'s map (above).
  7. PeterMoro

    Unfortunate design coincidences

    So recently I'm building a DoomII map and I've got this design concept where there's an area and walls created by huge hexagonal pillars at different heights. I've used this design a little before in a hellscape map from early 2020. (pictured) Anyway, so this weekend I've started playing Halo Infinite and guess what????....it's the same exact design! grrr....now I'll hve to change the concept and a lot of my map. Don't want to be labelled a plagiarst. I'm frustrated though. I'm not saying that 343studios ripped off my ideas (LOL) but it's an unfortunate coincidence. Has this ever happened to you? Share your similar experiences in this thread. Ever made a map / area / game mechanic/ etc, only to discover later that someone else has released something similar? I hope it never happens to you.
  8. PeterMoro

    How do I go about making Doom maps?

    This video is where I started. It's a little old but still covers all the basics really well. Chubzdoomer has a number of great videos covering the basics. You should watch them all first. I reccomend using UDB, which is similar to DoomBuilder but better. I also reccomend starting by making a simple 15min Doom style map. Have fun and don't compare your work to others. Some people around here are insanely talented and semi-pro game devs.
  9. PeterMoro

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks really good!
  10. PeterMoro

    What's a map you never get tired of playing?

    Oblige. (computer generated wad creator) Levels are averagely pretty good but every now and then you get gold or garbage. Great for a 20min Doom time out or testing a new mod or HUD.
  11. PeterMoro

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Still very much a WIP (still tweaking monster placement and haven't even started the lighting), but the final Boss in my upcomming wad will be the most badass Icon of Sin fight that i can muster. A few gameplay ideas are working really well. I'm glad i could put in a few hours today. Trying to have it done before Xmas.
  12. PeterMoro

    What do you think of Doom 2?

    I pretty much agree. The gameplay + new monsters + new weapons were fantastic. I think the maps are not terrible though, I would have liked the maps to have a more story orientated progression, like in Doom2016. Some of the Doom2 maps feel like random maps strung together. I like it when a new map is connected to the end of the previous map.
  13. PeterMoro

    How do you aproach building maps?

    1. Think up some new ideas / concepts 2. Get as much planning on paper as possible 3. Build in UDB 4. Test / build / test 5. Scrap a whole area / start again 6. cry 7. procrastinate 8. Play some X:com2 9. Watch some mapping streams on Twitch / get inspired 10. Work on the easy parts 11. "Fuck it, that's good enough." 12. Test monster placement 13. Rebuild a whole fucking area because of one little issue 14. test / build / test / grind 15. work on lighting / minor detailing 16. Play map 100 times and smooth out bugs / progression / gameplay 17. Release on doomworld for gametesters 18. Watch live stream gametester get lost, frustrated and totally not notice the most obvious switch in the world 19. Fix any problems gametester has 20. Upload to IDarchives 21. Tell everyone it's my final map
  14. PeterMoro

    What games should I get based on my wishlist?

    SW Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast One of the best games ever made. Great story, settings, characters and music that totally capture the Empire Strikes Back vibe. Fantastic gameplay - it was way ahead of it's time upon release. The first game to perfctly fuse FPS and 3rd person melee combat. (Unfortunately it takes a few chapters to get your lightsaber.) Has a really good multiplayer component, including bots, so single player- "multiplayer" is possible. Has a great cameo by Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian. If you like Star Wars, this game is a must.
  15. PeterMoro

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    I've always disliked "How do you do?" .........How do i do what?