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Help im stuck

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Mhm, I completed the game but I don´t exactly know where you are. If this is the part with the lift than you have to move it around manually, because the lift doesn´t stop at all the crucial locations when you just select Station 1,2,3 as destination. Move the lift to somewhere in the middle of the track and then lift it up in the air to jump on a bridge which will lead you to new rooms.

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someone answered on the thread you referenced, however if you need more help best place to head to is gamespot.com and search for doom3, and select their gameguide, has a very good walkthrough ... and its free which is always good ...

If you dont want to go near a walkthrough, as kinda cheating, just backtrack to start of level and search for PDA's as that is nearly always the keys you need. None of the PDA's or keys are hidden as such, but some are easy to miss if you not looking.

Dont forget to read emails + listen to their audio logs, as both have details on codes you will need mostly for cabinets but also for some non-critical doors with goodies.

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this part I got stuck too..
I find a bit confusing, but if you look carefully, theres a part when using the lift where a marine with pistol or shotgun ( depends on dificult ) appears where the rail divides in 3 to deliver you to diferent stations.
exactly where the rail divides into 3, look at up, and you'll see theres light above.. press the button to move the thingie up and there you go, just careful of the pinkys and the imps that will appear there.

*spoiler warning, dont read furter ( admin delete this if you think this doesnt fit here*


so first... you get into the room ok? then get to the lift, you will get then a new objetive.. to remove the security protection in the door thats inthe "EXIT" station.
what you need to do first is go trought the left door.
enter there.. DONT ENTER THE LIFT! the lights will off and will make appear some imps in your sides!.

you can go left to find some monsters and get some health and ammo, then return to go the right path.
keep going and when you reach a door you will find a dead man and his PDA, you will get some better access.
so now go to the station 3 by calling the lift
be careful witht he cacodemon and the marine . then when you almost reach station 3, I think another cacodemon will appear and in the other side will be a IMP.
move the lift so you can reach where the imp was and enter, go inside ( be careful, some monsters inside, keep moving until you reach a small station with a jawless zombie, kill him and then check the computer onyour right, it will unlock some doors.
now get trought the new unlocked door and call for the lift and now manually move to the STATION 3.
and right when you reach the section of the rail that divides into 3 and that comunicates the 3 stations betwen them.. stop there..
then press the button to make the lift go up. you will find a door there with some enemies. this will make you reach the control tower that was visible from the station 3 ( above the imp you killed )
now change the computer status , and the exit door in station 3 will change from red to green ( you can see it in the computer section ) and there you go

************************ SPOILER END ********************

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