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doom chronicles chapter 4 novelisation preview

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As I stated in the Wads and Mods forum, I decided to novelise the current project I am working on in an attempt to gain some more interest in it. I thought I could do it all today, but other things in real life took my attention away from it. As a result, I have decided to put up what I have for the moment. Some of it is dramatised, but for the most part it does happen in the map pack itself. For convenience, I have also included the background information for the chapter that you find on the web page.
Enjoy now, because the story is going to get one hell of a lot bigger (and this is just one part of the whole Doom Chronicles project...)

Chapter 4 - Aaron Boon and the Billy Goats from Hell

Time frame:
Chapter 4 takes place just as the demons are starting to invade earth.

Background Information:
The Union Aerospace Corporation. Even though it's home headquarters are on Mars, their prescence is more than felt on Earth. Their Earth operations have grown exponentially lately, and as a result they set about building a new Starport. Some people thought it weird that the UAC had never built a starport before - Earth currently only has one starport, and for such a big company like the UAC, it would only make sense to build their own starports. Purchasing a rather large chunk of land in the Nevada Desert, the UAC started construction on the new Starport.
Of course, the UAC needed some sort of security detail for the new construction site, as smaller and less powerful corporations may be interested in some industrial sabotage on the new Starport. Enter the military, UAC's biggest supplier.
Lieutenant Aaron Boon was one of the unfortunates assigned to the UAC construction site. His days consisted of nothing more than watching some vultures fly overhead and keeping in-form via the simulators.
Today was generating some interest. Just twelve hours ago, Deimos, one of the Martian moons, had just disappeared from space. Watching the TV, he saw debates on theories ranging from an alien invasion to one of the big magicians pulling an unannounced illusion. Suddenly, on the screen, a warning flashes that a disturbance has been detected out on the Landing Pad construction site. Just my luck, he thought, I'm stationed at the construction site.
"Reynolds," he says to the other marine stationed with him, "take a gun and check out that disturbance."
"Yes, sir," he replies, reaching for the chaingun. Boon gives him a puzzled look. "I always liked the big guns, sir," said Reynolds.
"Very well then, proceed."
10 minutes pass and Reynolds hadn't checked in over the radio. Boon tries to contact him, but with no success. "OK," Boon tells himself, "I'll have to go see what's keeping him."

The story of the game:
The room he was in was a temporary structure built for the sole purpose of having a few marines in there for easy access to the starport construction site. He was currently sitting in what he liked to call the "office," for lack of a better name - the room was very small. Trust the UAC to spare no expense, he thought to himself sarcastically as he lowered the guard rail enclosing the office and the rest of the room.
Boon walked over to the weapons rack. All that Reynolds had left him was a Shotgun and a couple of loose shells. He picked up the shotgun and was glad to find that, for a change, someone had left it fully loaded. Collecting the loose shells, he made his way over to the armour rack to suit up.
Not sure of what to expect, Boon stuck his head cautiously through the door he just opened. The tunnel which lead to the construction site seemed empty enough. He stepped out and walked towards the site. A few seconds later, he looked in puzzlement at the entrance to the construction site. It looks like it's caved in a bit, he thought, and took a step towards it when he heard the weirdest sound he had ever heard in his life.
But it wasn't a normal hiss. It was all fucked up. There seemed to be minor variances in the hiss instead of a smooth hiss that one would expect from something hissing. Taking another step towards the entrance, he finally noticed a slumped form just in front of the cave-in.
He ran towards it and crouched down. Yep, that's Reynolds alright, he thought. A trail of blood ran from Reynolds to the cave-in. He followed it along, and looked up through the cave in...
...and jumped up in fright as he saw several red... balls of gunk... floating towards the entrance and hissing. Holstering his ready shotgun, he quickly scooped up the chaingun that was lying beside Reynolds and stood up- What the fuck is that?
Without much more time to think otherwise, he dove to the side from some sort of fireball shot past him. Rolling and scrambling in the opposite direction he came from, he caught in the corner of his eye a temporary monitor change display from the disturbance message he saw on his own monitor to a new display.
Shit! They must be attacking us! Turning around to face the balls of gunk so as to make sure he wouldn't get hit in the back, he started to walk backwards and firing at the balls. The entrance was almost out of sight when a green light erupted just in front of him. He looked away for a second so as not to get blinded. A grunt he heard after the noise of the light had died down should have given him some clue that something was there, but he was still caught by surprise by a big brown horny beast staring at him.
Jeez, that's some fucked up teddy bear, he thought to himself. Doing the only thing that seemed logical at the time - he had just been attacked by red balls of gunk, so no telling what this teddy bear might do to him - he ripped in to it with his chaingun. A few bursts later and it keeled over backwards, convulsing and spitting up blood. Well, good to know they die at least.
He didn't have much longer to think about this new revelation though, because just as the beast was finally starting to stop convulsing, another green light erupted in the same spot. He opened fire at the light as he started to walk back.
A few steps later and he was around a corner and unable to see the actual lights, just the glow as they appeared. He heard something behind him, and light illuminated him casting his shadow on the wall he was facing. He turned around to see a pink mass moving towards him at a rather fast speed. Before he had time to react, it slammed in to him and knocked him off his feet. He landed wrong and as a result lost the grip on his chaingun and watched as it skittered off across the floor. Trying to come to his senses, he felt heavy breathing and some sort of a grown from just above him. A split second later, he realised it was the pink thing getting ready to have lunch. Narrowly avoiding its jaws, he rolled out of the way, got a hold of his shotgun, and levelled it at the thing's head.
With the creature's brains now splattered across the opposite wall, he quickly got up- "YEARGH!" he yelled out as something scraped across his back. Snapping around, he noticed that another of the bears had snuck up on him through all the noise he was making. The blood on its claws indicated that it had found his back. Without thinking twice, he sent it to hell with a shotgun shell.
Getting to his feet properly, he noticed that he was becoming surrounded from both ends of the corridor. Noticing that he was now within a foot of the chaingun he had dropped, he picked it back up. To the left of him, there were more bears. To the right, it seemed that there were people with guns - but not just normal people, these people seemed to be posessed or something similar. Common sense told him to get the guys who could damage you from meters away first. He opened fire on the advancing people as he walked towards them.
A fireball shot past his right shoulder. Shit, don't tell me the balls are in here now. He let loose a couple of more bullets before turning around to noticed that while there were no red balls, one of the bears was forming another fireball with his hand. After taking aim, there was no fireball and a bear with one less hand. Shifting his aim slightly, he finished the job with a head shot. At that moment the door at the end of the corridor leading out to the main courtyard opened. "Ah what now?" he yelled out, firing at the remaining gun men and walking through their corpses. He stopped at the door and turned around to make sure nothing else was following him. He had a bad feeling about what was on the other side of the door. He fired a shot out the door.
Still feeling uneasy, he ran though the door and slammed in to the wall opposite the door. He heard two shotgun shots and two death moans. He looked around and noticed two people on either side of the door lying on their backs, shotguns to one side, and a pool of blood quickly forming on the other side. The bastards were waiting for me! he thought, but at least they were stupid enough to get caught in their own crossfire.
He decided to take a proper look around. To either side, the corridors were full of dead bodies. Marine, bears, possessed people, pink things... At least there's more of them dead than there is of us dead, he thought to himself. He walked to the nearest marine and checked him. "Shit, they got you Dan." Dan was a friend from his academy days. The feeling of horror he was experiencing was quickly turning in to rage. With renewed energy, he got up and started to run down the corridor.
As he ran past a window, he heard screaming and growling. Taking a quick look out the window, he quickly dropped to the ground as he noticed several fireballs making their way towards the window and a couple of posessed taking aim. The feeling of rage he was experiencing was quickly turning into horror and panic again. He had noticed more marine bodies out in the courtyard. More dead marines that is. He had not seen a single living marine since the assault had started.
A green glow and a noise from behind him snapped him to his senses. The marines - my friends - are dead, and they keep sending more... FUCK! He turned around and ran blindy backwards firing at the source of the green light. After a few seconds he slammed in to a wall. He glanced sideways down the adjoining corridor and noticed a couple of bears and an open door. Ducking to avoid the incoming fireballs, he walked towards the bears whilst firing. Glad that two more of the bastards were dead, he ducked in to the door.
The interior of the corridor he just entered and the stairs at the end which went down indicated that he had found the entrance to the power grid. A single marine was lying on the floor, a trail of blood leading from the stairs to him. Assuming that the marine was dead, he started to walk past him, and almost jumped out of his combat suit when the body groaned and said "Sssir."
Gathering his wits, Boon said "State your name and rank marine."
"Private... Ben Jackson... Sir..." he said with some visible effort. He must be close to dead, Boon thought to himself.
Jackson continued, "Sir... Goat people... destroying... power grid..."
Fuck, what now? Boon thought. "Goat people?"
Jackson slid an arm out from under himself. "Here... take my gun." In his hand was a double barreled combat shotgun. "Kill them... before grid goes... down..."
Boon looked at Jackson. Get yourself together Boon! This kid's almost dead, he's seen a superior officer who's supposed to be all cool and collected in situations like this, and all you're doing is panicking! he lectured himself. Trying to build up some courage, he leaned down and picked the gun up. In the smoothest and coolest voice he could manage, he said to Jackson, "They'll never know what hit them."
Jackson tried to form a smile, but unconsciousness got the better of him.
A glow from outside the door and a growl snapped Boon away from Jackson. No way am I going to face any more of those bastards right now. He ran towards the stairs and began the descent down.

At the bottom of the stairs, he was greeted by some computer terminals that weren't where they were supposed to be. Normally they are mounted directly in to the rock just behind the walls, but these terminals were ripped right out of the wall and thrown across the room. These billy goats have been busy little suckers, he thought to himself.
He moved a bit past the terminals, and then noticed the state that the door leading to the access corridor was in. The door was still standing - well, most of it anyway. The rest was punched out of the door in what appeared to be the shape of a rather tall and blocky man. Lying on the floor just in front of the door still standing was the rest of the door. A noise made him focus through the hole in the door to what was on the other side.
He started at the bottom. Two hooved feet. The hind legs of any four-legged animal. Furry legs. The mid section had a disctinct line between fur and skin. Big muscly build. Hands shaped like claws.
And a goat's head.
He stared in disbelief at the monolith that could quite easilly fill the shape in the door. "That's a billy goat?" he said in disbelief. He started to laugh a litle. This is it! I'm loosing it! I'm going to go sit in a corner and laugh it all away and come back out when it's all gone!
At that point in time when he started to loose it, his mind threw two spanners in to the cogs in the form of two thoughts. The first one concerned Ben Jackson and how even though he was dying, he did his best to get help. To give in now would be to let down Jackson's memory.
The second one would help him deal with all the new shocks as he received them. It all revolved around one word - Ash.
Not the ash you would get as the after effects from building a fire in your fireplace back home. No. That ash is next to useless. This Ash has a cult following. This Ash starred in 3 Comedy Horror films. And this Ash seemed to have fun while he was kicking demon butt.
Boon collected his wits, grabbed the combat shotgun, made sure it was loaded, and almost questioningly he said "Come get some."
The goat seemed even more pissed off now that Boon was firing shotgun shells in to it like there was no tomorrow. It ducked from side to side through the door, firing flame - no, flame was the wrong word, these ones were green - green balls of energy through the door. He was down to loading in his last two shotgun shells before the goat finally gave up and died.
Switching over to the standard shotgun, he cautiously approached the still twitching corpse. Convinced that it was dead, he smiled and said, "Well, you're not so tough now Billy, aren't you?"
He looked around at the destruction that Billy had caused after he realised the silence was mocking him.
During his brief peroid of looking around, he noticed two dead marines on the floor, both clutching their shotguns. He raided the shells from the guns and decided it was time to go hunting for Billy's.
Stepping through the door, he tried to recall where he should go next. Well, Jackson said they were destroying the power grid... the best place to go would be the control center for the grid I guess. He turned to the right and made his way down the corridor.
After walking around a corner, he came to a T intersection. To the left was a door. To the right was a few meters of corridor and a door. He tried to open the door to his left, but to no avail. Damn Billy must have broken it. He then remembered that the door led to decontamination and the elevator down to the rector room.
He was almost at the other door when it almost seemed to budge a bit. He stopped and stepped back, looking closely to see if it wasn't his imagination. He was beginning to think he was loosing it again when it moved off the hinges. "Ah shit," he muttered as he stepped back further. With every step back, the door came out further. After a couple of steps it swung a bit to the right. He was just levelling his combat shotgun at the door when it swung open fully. As he suspected, it was a new Billy attacking the poor door. He opened fire as he yelled out, "What, that door isn't furry enough for you Billy? Here, I'll go get your brother's skin and we'll do some interior decorating." The bad joke seemed to have next to no effect, although Boon thought it seemed a bit more pissed off than what it was. Mental note, Boon thought to himself as he layed a few more shells in to Billy, if bad jokes piss it off, never insult it's mother.
A few more blasts later, Billy was part of the floor. And the wall. And the door. "Teach you Billy for trying to claw me." He realised that what he said would probably be classed as lame and something you'd hear in a B-Grade or Kid's Movie, but he came to the conclusion that there was no living human down here to point that out. Again, he thought about Ash. Not a single lame word came out of his mouth. Here he was, fighting billy goats, and all he was worried about was whether his speech would be classed as lame or not. Well, stops me from loosing it I suppose, said one part of his brain, while the other was saying, are you sure you haven't already lost it, you Grade A English Student? The other side retorted by saying lame! "OK enough you two," he said to himself as he pumped two more shells in to his combat shotgun. "We've got some ass to kick." Convinced that his brain wasn't going to argue, he walked in to the mess that was the control room.

There it is.
Any comments would be appreciated.

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