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  1. Got back from Reboot Develop yesterday. What a conference.

    1. Linguica


      Did you get any good D?

    2. GooberMan


      Andrew Stine, ladies and gentlemen! He does childrens parties and funerals.


      I did speak to Jonathan Blow at length about Jai and D stuff. Jai's coming along well.

  2. Is your title accurate?  Do you know how to script?

  3. MS bans emulators on Windows Store; gamers rage as they load up Steam instead.


    Oh wait.

    1. Edward850


      Technically Steam does have an emulator. Although a commercially licensed one for all of Sega's genesis games, rather than just something to chuck ROMs at.

    2. HavoX


      People use the Windows Store?

  4. I think it's been mentioned elsewhere in here already, but the DW news page was essentially "Weekly multiplayer digest" with occasional /newstuff updates for months on end. The news page needs to be far more dynamic than that. We have the hot topics panel on the forum index page now. I wonder how that would fare as a stand-in for a front page, with "promoted" content mixed in, ie things that actually are news. Something along the lines of reddit but far more formalised.
  5. I've had cases on WADs I've released where it's required me to converse with players on the idgames frontend. At which point, I've had to supply a rating to maintain the current rating when really I'd rather not dick with the rating at all and let the public sort the rating out.
  6. I also use a different email address to what I give people in WAD releases.
  7. I think the best part of this entire thing is that authentication is likely done using, you know, an open standard. And with such a system, your identity is only as secure as the weakest authentication provider you use. Ling's essentially lampshading that Doomworld is that weakest authentication provider here. If you're worried that the external authenticators in use here are vulnerable, well, the short answer is "yes" while the longer answer is "far less vulnerable than a website using off-the-shelf software". But hey. Maybe checking if your accounts have been pwned every now and then is a good idea. Your Doomworld account isn't still using the same password that was used on the VBulletin system... is it? You're putting a lot of faith in 15 year old software that doesn't have the luxury of professional security researchers constantly poking for flaws in it.
  8. I had this in an old blogs post. Might as well stick it here. My talk was on at the same time as Romero's. Whenever we chatted, it was always about heavy metal. Good times. Never got the chance to speak to him as one map designer to another though, given that we'd both released Doom maps within the prior year at the time that photo was taken I was going to ask him more in depth about the design decisions he was going for with his new FPS.
  9. People who still remember how to use a proper computer don't multitask.
  10. Partially, sure. And Sunlust is certainly a good example there. I'm talking more of a long-term view overall. Doom was groundbreaking in 1993, which led to a community dissecting it and seeing how far they could push it. Mapping envelopes were being pushed alongside things like DeHackEd. The source release was a natural extension to both, resulting in limit-removing ports and new ways of not just reusing Doom's internal logic but creating entirely new logic sets. Both were continuing well along that path when I dropped out of mapping around 2003/2004. While I was away, the retro backlash happened. A large part of the Doom community is now dedicated to seeing what they can do with the blocks that are already there. Something like Valiant does some great architectural things, but only implements logic changes through a DeHackEd patch. ZDoom mods are not worth talking about for the most part. It's difficult to find a mod or a mapset that isn't "old game <x> in Doom". Essentially my point is that, for the most part, the community is happy to use and refine what has come before rather than see what other new experiences can be pulled out of the Doom framework. I'm guilty of this to some degree too - Prime Directive is explicitly a Doom mod and sits on top of the Doom mechanics, thus fulfilling the conservative part. But it also adds and remixes mechanics to provide a play experience that turns purists off. I've got another mod I put a week or two of work in to last year that will also fulfill the conservative-but-purist-unfriendly category I find myself in which will further illustrate that point... just need to find some time and inspiration to buff it up a bit.
  11. I might be biased considering my career, but making Prime Directive was frustrating from an architectural perspective since I could not just lay out my levels in true 3D. Of course, that's ZDoom specific. Having said that, I find that going back to Doom every now and then to be a natural vent, where I try and do something interesting with severe limitations. I also find it rather odd that a community once dedicated to pushing the envelope has become increasingly conservative over the years.
  12. They're not dead. They're just resting. That's a serious response. I asked Ling about it on IRC, and it's on his list of things to restore. But it's understandably lower priority than some other functionality he's working on.
  13. DW April Fools suggestion - turn the site in to a storefront selling salt.

    1. GooberMan


      Hah, and the feed on the sidebar makes it look like clickbait by dropping the last word off.


      No regrets.

    2. Voros