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  1. So, uh, what is it exactly that you expect AVX to do? Simulation? Rendering? What grounds do you have for listing anything with AVX impossible, especially considering AVX is explicitly a superset of SSE 4.2 and is at least as capable as that instruciton set?
  2. GooberMan

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    "Ironic hyperbolic response gets serious hyperbolic response on internet forum. News at 11"
  3. GooberMan

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    "Doomers held at gunpoint forced to stop playing their game" The only people actually forced to stop playing the game is the ones the publisher/Denuvo is considering (ie people playing through Proton on Linux, people getting crashes that might be unrelated since it's a whole new update, etc) and cheaters whose cheats are broken. Everyone else is just taking an ideological stand. Which, you know, is fine. It's your money. I just find it hilarious considering how many other bad drivers people install daily that an anti-cheat driver is the hill they've chosen. (Ask me about how soon encrypted-memory-by-default should be the hardware standard, since that'll make the need to out-cheat the cheaters much less relevant.)
  4. GooberMan

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    An Expertus Wikipedius in the wild!
  5. GooberMan

    WADs to Re-release

    There was. But it involved getting hold of a pirate SDK and repackaging the game yourself.
  6. GooberMan

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Why did I decide for vanilla compatibility keeping this thing free of VPOs and HOMs once the map completely opens up is an exercise in masochism
  7. DWU! is a planned 32-map megawad targeting vanilla Doom. I know, right? I feel so naked without typing in scripts. So, Finland locked down thanks to the coronas. Within a couple of days, I had a Doom level editor out. Decided to challenge myself by making a vanilla compatible map. And then got so inspired that I had a grand idea: What about if I got a bunch of game developers to join in and make it a megawad? Make it a bit of a present to the people who keep buying our games which keeps us employed; and besides, so many of us were inspired by Doom to get in to the industry so give something back to the game. The major restriction is that it will be vanilla compatible. I've spent so much time already in nodes view mode avoiding HOMs and visplane overflows. Even that hasn't been enough, and I've had to get creative with tactical map modification. Which brings up the next major feature: The intention is to abuse Mikoportals and voodoo dolls to make a vanilla megawad like no other. I really want to get away from slaughter style gameplay, so using ghetto scripting we can start enforcing interplay instead of infighting. Pacing when monsters spawn leads to some really interesting (to me) map designs, and can really surprise the player even with the stark limitations on display. (Yeah, turns out I can't avoid scripting at all. Sue me.) I'm going to start chasing up my own industry contacts, but short story: If you're interested in contributing and have either shipped a game or are currently/have been employed in the industry then shout out in this thread. Kaiser is conditionally interested in contributing an early-slot map (the main hurdle will be whether this becomes a project or just remains a forum thread) so join in and sip a blood mocha or two. Current progress on my MAP07 candidate is linked below. Outside of Mikoportals, I've found using crushers+barrels on hidden monsters to reset a room with non-alert monsters to be a really interesting design path that I'll be elaborating on as I continue in the project. I've got distances set up with everything so that each monster/voodoo doll only takes 2HP of damage, which seems to be the absolute bare minimum that you can get it to. It's also not really possible to go full Doom 64 with map transformations, the ceiling specials just aren't flexible enough. But there's still some cool shit you can get away with. (Oh the mouse lag, unbearable, had to god mode to get that footage in Doom II Classic Unity. I can beat it in one on Choco. And ZDoom, well, Mikoportals don't work so I use a Boom friction special on the hidden sectors to achieve the same frictionless effect that Mikoportals give you so this works flawlessly there too - just never set foot in those sectors in vanilla or you'll crash out. Hence why I've named the map "idspispopd" because you'll break it if you noclip.)
  8. Tangentially related. Finland in lockdown is getting to me. I wrote a .NET Remote Binary Format reader so I could work out what their metadata structures are. Then I wrote a metadata writer that will deploy WADs to your local install. Experimented a bit, worked out what one or two of the fields actually mean rather than just blindly copying them from examples (there's a field called "type" whose valid values are either "iwad" or the target game). I'll release it when it can read and parse a standard wad zip file and extract info from the text document. There's also a JSON format I'm creating that will let you define extended details. Also not sure how it will handle getting updated WADs from the server - but since their naming scheme is exclusively numbers and I'm recycling the actual WAD filename, I think we'll be fine here. Example is just Plutonia with added Chapelle Show JPEGs and references.
  9. GooberMan

    Is Hexen (1995) a so complicated game?

    The really annoying thing about Hexen's switch hunts is that they already had an in-game solution to make the results much clearer. Items. But instead they went for the more technically challenging (at the time) deferred script execution method and figured showing text rather than providing clear design was good enough. If someone were to make a map patch WAD that changes the switches to be items/puzzle pieces/etc it'll do a lot to clear up some of the game's more annoying design habits. Some people might even say "Metroidvania" over and over in the release thread too.
  10. Besides. It's clear that it will work in Eternity. But I'm definitely aiming for the simpler goal first.
  11. Sweet. Although, to be honest, I'm not sure if that will make supporting Eternity easier or harder. I'll have a think on it.
  12. Does that affect collision as well, or is it just a visual effect?
  13. My preference certainly goes in the opposite direction of the community then. I had to turn bounce lighting off for those most recent screenshots to illustrate the request. The scene looks entirely different with bouncing on. And then there's those massive blocks when you do get a hard edge. I'd rather have higher fidelity light maps - but the maps I want to make also make no attempt to preserve a Quake-, or even a Doom- aesthetic.
  14. The developers have gone on record multiple times saying the SDK will support Quake maps. If you have a link confirming their internal process is different, I'd like to read it.