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Ripping Music

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What's the best way to rip MUSs and MIDIs from wads so you can play them in a media player (Windows Media Player, for example)?

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When I click Sava As..., the dialogue box pops up and gives me the option to save it as an LMP (obviously not what I want), and All Files. I select All Files, add the .mid extention onto the filename and attempt to play it in WMP, but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

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It doesn't matter what you save it as, as long as the file extension is ".mid" when you play it in your media player and the lump inside the wad is indeed a midi or mus. I'm pretty sure XWE converts .mus to .mid automatically (as I can extract music from the Doom iwads and them still be valid midis), so I'm pretty sure that is not your problem.

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