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  1. Edit: Okay, I was close. I think Maes explains it quite elegantly here: Keep in mind this is a renderer limit, so there are multiple situations where a MAXOPENINGS overflow can occur. It doesn't necessarily have to do with level geometry. I do believe that complex/alternating transparent patterns in textures can contribute to the openings limit, which explains why simplifying transparent regions of a texture can make the error go away. Edit: Okay, I'm done editing now. :P
  2. Can you tell us about the type of mapping you'll be doing? Like what is your intended source port? None of those should be required for standard vanilla map editing. You can take a look at all the command line switches here if you want to know what they are for:
  3. Very well done. I completely forgot that Transfer_Heights could be used to make invisible sectors. In the past when I did transparent-texture doors (both vanilla style and with boom scrollers) I would have to muck around with broken sectors, which is a pain when you actually wanted to find any real broken sectors. Oh god, I can't believe I even had to worry about broken sectors at all...
  4. I drove around for 12 hours.
  5. Just opened my $10 pint of Ozeki's Yamadanishiki sake. Been in the cupboard for a long time now, but I decided it was time to try it (mostly since my friend reminded me that it was my birthday a couple days ago). It's surprisingly smooth, slightly fruity, like wine. The taste reminds me of something particular, yet I can't quite remember what exactly. I haven't really tried much sake, but I'm sure it's one of those things that you have to experiment with. So far, I think I've chosen well, given that I haven't a clue about what to buy.

  6. Today I just realized that I'm actually using Doombuilder to purposeful effect, after having used Deepsea for over 15 years. I thought I would never make the transition out of stubbornness. I did it out of necessity, however, but I never imagined getting comfortable with it in the same way I did with Deepsea. Hallelujah, I'm a born-again mapper!

    1. bzzrak


      You used DeepSea for a decade and a half?

      Are you all right? Do you want me to call a doctor? :]

    2. Doomkid


      Jesus, that's a much bigger leap than the one I did from DB1 to GZDB about a week ago. I remember stubbornly refusing to leave WadAuthor in the mid 2000s.. Now that I'm starting to feel comfortable with GZDB, I don't regret updating one bit - it really does make life easier!

    3. Ichor


      Replace Deepsea with DCK and go back about 5 years, and that describes me. The necessity was upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows XP, and DCK doesn't like Windows at all. At least Windows 95 had a dos mode to use it in, but XP? Nope. And by dos mode in this case, I mean being able to restart your computer in purely dos mode.

  7. What's this thing do?

    1. EarthQuake

      I think I'm going to keep my new avatar.

  8. Well this was an interesting turn of events, although I don't think it really means much of anything. Take a look at Boom and it's feature set that we still use today. It was superceded by PrBoom, and now GZDoom will functionally replace ZDoom. Also, as long as ZDoom remains open source, can it really actually "die"?
  9. I have 33 finished Doom projects and 33 unfinished ones.
  10. I see what you did thar. :D
  11. Last set for a bit...
  12. And some more:
  13. Here's the next round:
  14. Been wanting to post to this thread for some time. I have tons of textures laying around, a portion of which may be based on others' textures. Some of these have likely already been done by someone else. I probably have Photoshop source files for some of these, if anyone is particularly interested. Will post more textures in a bit.
  15. Well, I've been playing since this morning, and I just finished it. Hooray for robot gore! I'm mixed about the horror elements. I think it was satisfyingly terrifying, but the execution of the story was simply amazing... definitely the selling point here. Some of the environments were so thick with atmosphere, I thought I would drown (heheh) from all the saliva filling my mouth. I had a few "oh shit, oh fuck" moments, but nothing quite like what I had with Amnesia. I hate to hold Amnesia as the standard here, but Frictional really outdid themselves with it, and I doubt too many games will hold up to that, SOMA included. There were a lot of ethical choices and I hated making every single one of them. Some very cringe-worthy moments. I don't know if any of them actually had an impact on the game itself, but bravo for evoking the mixed emotions. If anyone is on the fence about SOMA, it's definitely worth trying. It's a very beautiful game.