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Warp // Lift, can it be done?

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Hello there, Its me again, back with another question.
The best way to start is with an example right?
all right, here is my example wad :: http://macro111.googlepages.com/TestConveyr1.wad

To illustrate what I am trying to accomplish in the wad with words will be hard for me, But I will try. Basically what I am doing here, is trying to make a lift(tag2) that goes down, teleports the Mancubus, raises back up empty. Then have lift (tag4) lower, teleport Mancubus on there, and then come back up.

It should work as intended. But as it stands now, the Mancubus are warping up on thin air. Is there no way to warp a monster on to a lift that is all ready lowered? I can understand if This were a limitation of doom, but that sucks :(.

I am really hoping I am wrong about this, and I hope I have been clear enough for every one to understand what it is I am trying to do. Thanks all :)!

P.S. Thanks to those who did; for Answering my last question about the tall double sided middle texture tiling! :D

Sorry, I guess I posted too soon. It seems that the lift was too fast and the run of the platform was too short, resulting in not enough time for the monster to fall.

But I also realise that this is a timing problem now more than anything.

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