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Playing Custom Music For Wads?

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I've searched for this, so sorry if I missed the answer.

I have Doom 95, Skulltag (and ZDoom). Just downloaded a few custom megawads. One of which is Requiem. I noticed it came with REQMUS.wad, a custom music file. But when I load REQUIEM.WAD with my front end programs, they make me select Doom2.wad as the IWAD. Therefore Requiem loads up (complete with custom status bar and title screen), but it plays the Doom2 music. Is there anyway to get the custom music to play with the custom levels? When I load REQMUS.WAD and load the Doom2 IWAD, it's the Doom 2 levels but the Requiem Music. What am I doing wrong?



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The answer is simple really. Hold ctrl (Controll) and single click the 2 wads. then drag them over on top of the source port you're useing.

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