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entering own zandronum server

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i have never successfully hosted a server on zandronum, due to not understanding the forwarding of my router's ports; recently i figured that out, and today i hosted a server for the first time, with a password.

now, others are given a dialog box to enter the password, but, despite being the creator of the server (password in question is a connect password,) join game opens zandronum merely to say i don't have the password right

tl;dr: i'm unable to join my own server, which has a connect password set

is the proper way to enter it something entirely different?

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I don't use Zandronum, so this may be way off the mark.
What IP address are you using to join the server? If the external address as viewed by somebody outside of your LAN doesn't work, try using one of the following:

  • which is the universal loopback address referring to your own machine
  • "localhost" as a hostname, which should just resolve to
  • Whatever IP address has been assigned to your machine by your router. You can view this in Windows by opening up a command prompt (Press Windows Key+R, type in cmd, press enter) and entering ipconfig. If you use Linux, type ifconfig at a shell prompt. If you have a wireless connection, then you need to use iwconfig in Linux (I think, it's been a long time since I've used it).
The reason this might be a problem is that your router won't allow you to connect using the external IP address for whatever reason.

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it had been my fault; it all feels very anticlimatic somehow, but the problem was that i had been using doomseeker's buggy join game button

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