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  1. Linguica

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    Because it looked cool? I was surprised it even "worked" at all, despite the visual errors. No one is expecting a v1.0.0 to support every extreme test case you can throw at it.
  2. Linguica

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    Would it be feasible to patch the Cardboard renderer wholesale into this?
  3. Linguica

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    I compiled a Mac executable for the chosen few who might find that useful. After a minute of testing, for some reason this feels more responsive than Eternity, which still has weird mouse lag for me for some reason. Plus it's not the mess that prboom-plus is. I think this may have instantly shot to the top of my Boom-compatible ports list. woof.mac.zip
  4. Linguica

    Do you wish modern megawads were shorter?

    I would like to see more "episodes" of 5-10 maps that integrate new textures / monsters / mechanics. It's all well and good to grind out a 32 level magnum opus but a big part of why Doom editing is still around is how easy / quick it can be. I would rather see an author make three 10-level WADs exploring various concepts rather than one 32-level megawad beating a single concept to death. And yes I know that plenty of megawads effectively implement "episodes" which goes to show how strong the megawad bias is that people feel forced to stick to it even when what they actually want to do is clear by their actions. On a personal level, the first project I ever got involved with was Army of Darkness Doom, which was a 9-level Doom 1 WAD. This was in 1995 before the idea of the "megawad" had even been invented. I can say with certainty that if it was meant to be a 32 level megawad it would have never been finished. Instead it actually was completed and released, which gave me the confidence boost of a completed project under my belt to seek out a second project to join called ID4Doom, which *was* intended to be a Doom 2 megawad. Unsurprisingly, it failed utterly, although the website for it eventually became Doomworld, so it wasn't a total loss.
  5. Linguica

    IGN First Look stuff

    Upper limit is now 1000 FPS, god damn. Apparently they have pushed 400 FPS internally. Casual mention of possible "global illumination" down the line and coy references to next-gen console features makes me confident that raytracing is coming to idtech 7 sooner or later.
  6. Linguica

    Weapon Carousel in Re-Releases?

    It's a little sluggish because it has to remain compatible with the original Doom, where once you start switching to another weapon there is no way to stop it. By waiting a split second it can assume you have settled on the weapon you want, instead of instantly starting to switch to an intermediate weapon while you are scrolling through the list.
  7. @Not Jabba pointed out that 10 Sectors turned out to be the first "modern" community project, in the sense that it solicited wide-open contributions from an online community. Previously @kmxexii has mentioned that Exquisite Corpse could be considered the first 1024 project. So in general I am still not convinced I am not a brain in a jar and all of you aren't my imaginary friends.
  8. Don't forget 20th anniversaries! The Darkening E2 (5 August 2000) 10 Sectors (26 November 2000) literally any WAD released in 2000 I guess
  9. Linguica

    What upgrade system is this?

    At 3:10, Hugo is talking about weapon masteries, and the reporter asks if you have to complete a challenge to unlock it, and Hugo says yes... AS HE IS PURCHASING THE WEAPON MASTERY with some sort of currency that he has 7 of. Has this icon / system been explained anywhere? Because I am having trouble figuring out what it is.
  10. Linguica

    What upgrade system is this?

    My guess is that invasion players play as marauders (which in the Lore appear to be an army of mooks tasked with killing the Doom Slayer) and the E3 presentation where players spawn in as demons was an intentional head-fake to hide the existence of multiple marauders / player controlled marauders. It never made much sense for invasion players to spawn in as, like, a revenant who can get killed in a couple seconds - especially when we also know of the existence of "empowered demons" which function like what you would expect a player-controlled demon to be (more health etc).
  11. Linguica

    What upgrade system is this?

    Nah. A cheat code doesn't give you precisely 7 of something, and it doesn't have a dedicated icon on the UI. It's some sort of point system that I can't find any explanation for. The icon is crossed axes so maybe it's for beating marauders, or you get points for surviving player invasions, like humanity in Souls games? If that's the case it would explain why they are avoiding talking about it since invasion mode has been postponed.
  12. Linguica

    There shouldn't be an objective marker

    i too hate choices
  13. Linguica

    Doom Eternal TV Spot Trailer

    By definition, the audience for this commercial are people who weren't already on board for Doom Eternal, so whatever.
  14. I would like to find easter eggs that operate at something deeper than surface level when it comes to Doom history / trivia. It's fun that there are 12 different "rip and tear" puns on one shelf of a bookshelf but one is enough to get the point. A hidden Daisy on every map is fine but we know who Daisy is already, they even put the fanart painting of Doomslayer + Daisy in the game itself. For instance in Doom 2016 there was an arena on one hell map that was pretty clearly inspired by the architecture of Dead Simple. That's the sort of easter egg I can appreciate - you won't even notice it unless you have the knowledge and context for it. Doom Eternal putting a zillion surface-level references in feels more like pandering.
  15. Linguica

    New Picard trailer just dropped

    This is a godawful show.
  16. Season 8 for sure. It was the last season to have good show runners. Season 9 is when we got Armin Tanzarian, Manjula, and other assorted nonsense.
  17. Just saw it and good lord it was terrible. It might actually be the worst out of all of them. Just a complete fiasco.
  18. Linguica

    The common DOOM misconception

    I think one reason Dark Souls ended up being the biggest critical darling of the 2010s is because it took the 2000s trend towards greater systematic complexity (e.g. 2008's Far Cry 2, which set a high water mark in that series for its world-sim aspects) and married it with excellent and memorable level design which had become an underappreciated part of game design by then (post Modern Warfare, games started leaning into greater bombast and hand-holding, when they weren't open world sandboxes). The game further strengthens this by making much of the game's lore very cryptic, which dovetails perfectly with the world of Lordran itself, which is all about exploring new areas and discovering connections between them. Heck the lore behind Sen's Fortress is basically that Anor Londo decided to make Doom 2 MAP08 IRL:
  19. Linguica

    The common DOOM misconception

    One of the reasons Doom mapping has stuck around so long is that the game places the burden of fun squarely on the level designer. In lots of sandbox games, "looter shooters" etc, the world is mostly meant to provide the setting and to gate the player in a video gamey way, but the actual level design is generally a lot more utilitarian and the majority of the creative effort is on the interlocking systems of enemies and guns and NPCs and skill trees and whatever. In Doom however you have a basic stripped down "minimum viable FPS" with a bestiary and weapons / items that provide for a solid, well designed foundation, but the creative effort is in crafting the level and the encounters. Doom can support wow.wad and it can support Lost Civilization, and the only real difference is the skill and dedication of the mapper.
  20. Linguica

    Do boomers hate minimum wage workers?

    lol. I was offered several full rides to colleges so this is hardly sour grapes, but this statement would have been absurd in 2000 much less 2020.
  21. Linguica

    God damn i hate playing this game with a controller

    I dumbly bought Doom 2016 for PS4 a while back and I couldn't even make it through the first level, it was so appalling. FPS with a controller is like kb/m with boxing gloves on. Give me fine motion control at least!
  22. Linguica

    Do boomers hate minimum wage workers?

    Yes. Boomers above all else are some of the most self-absorbed people ever to live and are basically unwilling and unable to understand the perspectives of people who are not them. Add onto that the realization that they are starting to get old and decrepit and are realizing they too will die, something many boomers spent decades never thinking about. Finally, boomers have ruined the planet, and feel a deep shame about this that is almost but not quite internally drowned out by their self absorption. The result of all of this is that boomers are completely unequipped to deal with the modern world but also have hoarded all the money, which is the only thing they ever cared about, and will continue to act in increasingly belligerent, illogical, and reactionary ways.
  23. Linguica


  24. Linguica


    Deleted the images as Doomworld can't be hosting copyrighted stuff like that directly. You can talk about them or link elsewhere but I don't want Bethesda lawyers bugging me about images hosted on the DW servers.