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  1. Linguica

    How about a Doomworld interview?

    It was Marty, which is why the Doom 2016 forum is now Marty approved.
  2. https://www.gamereactor.eu/grtv/393393/Doom+Eternal+Hugo+Martin+Marty+Stratton+Interview/ at around 9:00 in that interview, the interviewer asks why it's not "Doom 2" and Hugo Martin looks mildly exasperated as he explains that people ended up calling the reboot "Doom 2016" which apparently people at id Software didn't expect / intend, and so if they called the new game "Doom 2" people would just call it "Doom 2 2019" which is weird and awful. As someone who did my part to call it Doom 2016, including on this website, I just want to say to all Doom fans out there: thanks for ensuring that id knows they can't just trample over the names of the original games! To id Software: you're welcome!
  3. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    I couldn't think of a good reason why those pages shouldn't work, so I reenabled them.
  4. I haven't seen a great deal of discussion about the 4 bits of detailed concept art they showed off, so here's a thread for it. What's up with the demon hologram? What are those big chained demon skeletons in Hell? Why do the dudes in the chairs seem to have splayed ribcages like the captive Wraiths in the Well? Why do those wall sconce things in, uh, "heaven" look sort of like they have Samuel Hayden's head?
  5. Linguica

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    From the official Doom strategy guide, 1994
  6. Doom tries to calculate the distance between the player and the monster and then uses that to determine if a monster should go into a ranged attack or not. But it also messes with this "distance" in various ways: dist = P_AproxDistance ( actor->x-actor->target->x, actor->y-actor->target->y) - 64*FRACUNIT; if (!actor->info->meleestate) dist -= 128*FRACUNIT; // no melee attack, so fire more First the distance between the monster and player is estimated, and this distance is reduced by 64. Your monster did not have a melee attack, so the "distance" between the player and the monster was reduced by a further 128 units. Then came: if (actor->type == MT_UNDEAD) { if (dist < 196) return false; // close for fist attack dist >>= 1; } At this point, it goes through special code for the Revenant. Adding back the 128+64 units removed before, we see that the monster has to be more than *388* units away from the player, or else it will not attempt to do a ranged attack at all. This "dist" value is then halved, meaning it's at least 194. But then we have: if (dist > 200) dist = 200; [...] if (P_Random () < dist) return false; So the minimum "dist" will be is 194, and it will go up to a maximum of 200. So what you end up with once all is said and done, the monster would have to be a minimum of 388 units away or else it will never attack, and it would have a 75% to 80% chance of choosing not to attack any time the game actually does go through the ranged attack code.
  7. Linguica

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    In one of the interviews, one of Marty or Hugo made it sound like basically everything in the game has been tweaked or redesigned in some fashion. My guess is that the Hell Razer is gone and now it will be the guy on the left of the image here.
  8. The closest thing would be Doom Builder X, which is forked from Doom Builder 2 and includes scripting:
  9. Linguica

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I sort of wonder if the Revenant is going to appear as a regular enemy in Doom Eternal, since in Doom 2016 the lore was that they were specifically created by the scientists in the Lazarus Labs, and thus wouldn't be on Earth.
  10. Linguica

    The tone of DOOM [BEWARE: walls of text]

    I always took the backstory of Doom as implying that the teleporter technology they developed basically relied on passing through Hell as a sort of conduit or something, and the "volunteers" were either abducted or possessed by demons in the process. Somewhat similar to the plot of Half-Life where the teleporters the scientists develop actually opens a portal to Xen, the interdimensional borderworld, which is now invading us. Edit: It also just occurred to me that the effect in Doom 3 when you step into a teleporter is you flying down a pulsating meat sphincter tube while horrible screams echo in your head: So in that game at least it's pretty explicit that even teleporting next door makes you pass through Satan's intestines.
  11. Linguica

    New locations - concept art discussion

    Whether or not that particular concept art is from Hell, it's clear there is another civilization / faction in the game that we haven't really been properly introduced to yet.
  12. Linguica

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Are you suggesting that Brutal Doom "invented" the modern characterization of the Doomguy? If so you will need to present evidence that people weren't doing it before that, or that Brutal Doom directly influenced the evolution of how people conceive of the Doomguy.
  13. Linguica

    The BFG

    My initial guess is that the BFG 10K is how they deliver argent energy to Earth, in a slight retcon to Doom 2016 (where flavor text vaguely mentions that the Argent Tower sends the energy to Earth somehow). I'm guessing that they are re-aiming the BFG10K to not shoot at the argent energy collector pad or whatever, but instead to just annihilate bits of Earth's surface as part of the invasion or whatever. (I should mention that my guess is Phobos is the first level.)
  14. Linguica

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I remember wondering about this back in 2015/16: the idea that the character attributes of the Doomslayer were probably derived from the internet's interpretation of Doomguy as an insane demon slaying machine, which was never really present in the original games. Heck in Doom 3, the Doomguy was just a normal marine, and at the end Doomguy is literally rescued by a rescue party. But at some point between 2004 and 2014 the meta-discussion surrounding the Doomguy rebranded him as an instrument of endless slaughter, and I have to believe that was brought about by the Doom community, the wider internet gaming community, and the power of memes and branding. I wish someone had gathered Doomguy memes and so forth that were created before Doom 2016 was announced, to more easily back up this argument, but oh well. Also the characterization of the Doomslayer obviously takes a lot from the Doom comic, which was the first piece of media to depict Doomguy as a demon slaughtering maniac, and I think the Doom comic's interpretation of the character probably fueled a lot of the memeing directly or indirectly.
  15. Linguica

    Story hints

    Well, we know that the UAC is at least partially under the control of a demonic death cult, and as mentioned in the OP it seems like we're going to see secret UAC facilities with demon worshiping and so forth, so it would at least make sense for "corporate" to be telling these UAC mooks to just give up and let the invasion happen.
  16. Linguica

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    One thing that's a little odd is that Doom Eternal is the first Doom game since Doom 3 with normal living "civilians" that you come in contact with, and the first one since game characters have been able to look very realistic. Doom 2016 had Olivia Pierce, who was the only other living breathing "human" around, but she was always kind of unusual with her cyborg bodysuit or whatever. Olivia looked more or less like an attempt at a "real person" though, but some of the mooks in the Phobos demo look very stylized. The guy with the red keycard, for instance, looks like he was pulled from Dishonored or Prey - clearly the game is not going for "realistic" humans. I don't know how to feel about that since Doom games have never really had a style about the way that human beings look except "like a person" - the Doom 3 humans were clearly meant to look realistic, to the extent that was possible in 2004.
  17. Linguica

    Story hints

    My initial impression is that you start the game back on Mars, or more likely, on Phobos. My guess based on first impressions is that Phobos (and perhaps Deimos?) make up the first level of the game (this is corroborated by the one special teleporter in the gameplay demo, which might be a long-distance one to send you to the Deimos facility, who knows), with the Doom Slayer picking up where he left off not long after Doom 2016 ends. I think the walking through the scared employees is a cutscene at the very beginning of the game, with the rest of the first level being a bombastic romp through the Phobos station and it ending with you defeating whatever threat is there and ending up being teleported back to Earth, which is where the game starts for real.
  18. Linguica

    Story hints

    Sounds like "Corporate says..." Sounds like "Warning, Slayer threat level at maximum."
  19. The thing is that since Doom has always had built-in demo recording, and these demos are in a very bespoke format, the tools for adding anything new to demo recording functionality have always been sparse at best or nonexistent at... normal. Save / load are not demo safe and should never be counted on to be demo safe. If you want demo-safe rewinds, you need to save the *entire* game state, which is a subtly different set of data from the game state as stored by the savegame routines. This is at least theoretically not SO hard to do - the Doom engine stores (almost) all game state in a list of "thinkers" which includes the current state of all things in the map, all changing / flickering lights, all doors and other moving sectors, etc. If you store this for every frame (or, more likely, for every 4th frame, let's say), the size of that gamestate at any moment will be large enough to matter, but not terribly large - basically the size of a savegame file, which is usually in the tens of kilobytes. With modern computers it shouldn't be that taxing to just hold them all in memory as you play, and at worst you might have to design a sort of I-frame and B-frame system to compress the data across tics. XDRE clearly has figured out how to fully serialize game state, but it's obviously not real time. At least one person has tried putting demo rewind into a source port before, but it's never been done in a complete and useful way to the best of my knowledge - again, because Doom already has demo recording and rewinding is a feature that is not trivial to add and is of unknown benefit to Doomers.
  20. I removed "registered just to make one post" and also removed "Forum Newbie" since that sort of early-internet hazing environment is long, long out of date. Now you're just a New Member.
  21. Linguica

    Doom as operating system on a floppy disk

    Surely someone, somewhere, has attempted to create a bootable PC-compatible floppy to play Doom on? This seems like the sort of thing that actually might have been potentially useful to someone in, say, 1994?
  22. You know, this has happened several times over the years where new users have taken the default title for a user with 1 post, i.e. "registered just to make one post", personally, thinking that it was done on purpose against them. I'm going to change it now while I am thinking about it anew.
  23. Linguica

    Anyone on the fence about the reveal?

    It seems a little... overdesigned... to me, but time will tell. Also I really wish they wouldn't throw in tired gags like "Saying 'demon' is offensive, call them 'mortality-challenged'!" because now I get to deal with "see, Doom is anti-SJW!!" posts forever.
  24. Linguica

    Wads that feature time travel?

  25. Linguica

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    Also many people do not have internet access that is fast enough to do video streaming or be uploading big videos all the time.