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  1. For comparison, Bethesda sells a (bafflingly faded) similar shirt for $7.00 although it appears they only have XXL left
  2. I don't think so? It looks like the bullet hits the ground and then insta-zips along the path of travel until it gets to a linedef. It might be some weird artifact of the interpolation code? edit: I'm not even sure if "the bullet hits the ground" is a thing that Doom even knows how to comprehend (as far as I know the intercepts routine only check linedefs and things), so I dunno.
  3. Kind of an ironic thing to say, since your brain, which decides if something is trustworthy, is a neural network.
  4. If it's doesn't stop anyone from doing what they want, why are people freaking out about it?
  6. A community project that is based around the idea of recreating a fictional "lost" Doom TC from 1997, based on some media IP that existed at the time and could possibly have inspired a Doom TC (note by "TC" I really mean partial conversion, and it would only be like 8 or 9 levels or so.)
  7. While messing with Crispy I also noticed this little visual bug which has been present in other ports like PRB+ forever I am pretty sure.
  8. Frankly the fact that Google Images has managed to remain more or less unchanged for over 15 years has been a pretty unlikely event. Google Images' entire reason for existing was to allow people to easily browse and download catalogues of artwork created and copyrighted by people who didn't ever consent to allowing Google to reproduce their images. You can say "oh well they're just hotlinking images that are already publicly accessible on some other webpage" but trusting in judges to find in your favor in a copyright fair use defense is pretty shaky ground to base your entire business model on. Somewhat ironically, there is also a legal challenge going on *right now* regarding hotlinking / embedding of someone else's copyrighted image, which has the potential to flip the table on everything we've taken for granted since the early days of the world wide web:
  9. What the hell is going on here?
  10. Hey, that’d be great, if you could just get me a coffee?

    1. Soundblock


      I'm reporting you.

  11. The Doomworld policy on Doom piracy is "polite obliviousness." We're not stupid and we know that it is practically trivial, at least for the classic games. But the deal is that we pretend it isn't and we harshly punish anyone breaking the masquerade.
  12. There is a high priced proprietary compiler made by Intel that is optimized to a degree that usual compilers don't match. Official PrB+ executables were compiled with this fancy pants compiler and were thus SIGNIFICANTLY (like 20%?) faster than if they had been compiled with GCC or MSVC or whatever.
  14. Finally listened to the interview, excellent as usual.
  15. Wow I really read this the wrong way at first
  16. If any company ever decides to fight against piracy of an old game then by definition it was never permanently abandoned. In other words, a game is only "abandonware" until it isn't.
  17. @Looper didn't you only recently try playing an actual source port instead of using doom2.exe in DOSBox and realize that you suddenly had much better mouse movement and Doom wasn't nearly as difficult to control as you had always thought?
  18. Oh my god shut up
  19. If Crispy Doom uses Chocolate Doom's key command code, it doesn't look like it's possible to define those keypad keys currently: #define KEYP_ENTER KEY_ENTER #define KEYP_0 KEY_INS #define KEYP_PERIOD 0
  20. I suppose you could write a script that would programmatically go through everything in the level and turn it into a WadC script to regenerate the same level (similar to, but what purpose would that serve exactly?
  21. evolved out of a project to make maps that took as long to beat as the default part times. Also, this is very tiresome. Over the years you have made literally hundreds and hundreds of threads of simple or otherwise not terribly discussion worthy questions. Please throttle back.
  22. I have a question, what makes you think it's normal to just write "Guru Larry" in the subject of your thread with no explanation as to who that is? I am genuinely curious at how and why young people consider certain obscure people "famous" and that everyone ought to just know who they are.
  23. The post editor is kinda janky but it's the freeware version of a big popular commercial javascript "app" for WYSIWYG text boxes. There is almost no way I could ever hope to find and correct subtle problems with it.
  24. Googling "nikita sadkov" hamster brings up plenty of shit suggesting it's true, or at least that you've spent a lot of time making people think it's true. I never thought I would have to say this but unrepentant animal torturers are not welcome on this site.
  25. Excuse me?