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  1. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    An elastic search is what I am about to do to you [latex glove snaps on]
  2. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    I hacked in a thing to have elasticsearch only update records less than a week old every time there is a new post, which should hopefully avoid timeouts while making the unread content stream stop having duplicates (unless you go back further than a week I suppose, can't wait for someone to complain about that...)
  3. Linguica

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Sounds like you managed to accidentally trigger a v- ah hell Grazza just replied, I am going to submit this without looking because I bet he is saying the same thing.
  4. Linguica


    I have always thought it would be neat if a WAD was balanced for casual play and if you wanted slaughter you would have to play on solo-net for all the extra monsters to spawn in as multiplayer-only.
  5. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Yes, content streams are currently showing every new post in a thread, and it's a direct result of the line I commented out to stop Elasticsearch from going crazy. I will have to figure out a solution because updating every post in a thread every time someone posts in the thread is ludicrous (or, at the very least, would put a stop to any long-lasting threads we have around here). I am hoping that maybe I can figure out how to turn it into a background task that updates all the posts at a reasonable rate every 5 minutes or whatever.
  6. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    No, it's not intentional, and it doesn't appear to happen on the official IPS forum, so I will look into it. As for wildcards, the new search engine seems to still be going through growing pains so I am going to wait a while to see if Invision makes it more robust in an upcoming version.
  7. Too bad this hack isn't really supported or else you could replace the pistol with a camera.
  8. Linguica

    Commissioning mods?

    Please never call Doom a "fandom" 😤
  9. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    For context, here are the two bugs I have personally discovered so far on the new software version: IPS counts page views by adding a row to a special table that just stores the ID of the item just viewed, then every 5 minutes a background task counts up how many records there are for every item ID and updates their counters in their main database entry. However, the task has a problem with its logic where if elasticsearch is not reachable, it will update the view count for the first item ID it sees, then attempt to update something in elasticsearch and throw an exception without even removing those records from the database. The result is that view counts were not being updated, except for one item ID (which happened to be pictures thread) where every 5 minutes it would re-add the count in the temp table, so the pictures thread ended up having "millions" of views because every 5 minutes it would increase more and more. Elasticsearch stores a record for every content item, including every thread and every post in every thread, and in that record it stores various information, including reply count, which users are part of that thread, etc. When someone makes / edits / deletes a post, it sends a query to elasticsearch to update all those records with the new reply count etc. The problem is that it tells elasticsearch to update the counters for the thread, and also update the counters that are stored IN EVERY SINGLE POST FOR SOME REASON. That means for a long-ass thread, like the pictures thread, the query would time out. I do not even know if there is some point to having all this duplicate information, or if the counters stored in the post records are ever used for anything.
  10. Linguica

    Commissioning mods?

    It's too bad @mouldy doesn't frequent these forums anymore because he makes his living through commissioned artwork (or at least a sizable portion of it) and I would love to get a quote on how much money it would take for him to make another megawad.
  11. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    We updated the forum software a few days ago and it includes a new feature (elasticsearch integration) that does not seem bulletproof yet.
  12. Linguica

    Bgap666 Is Masturb18

    That was a Doomnation headline, I feel all dirty now. To celebrate his 18th birthday, Bgap666 has released some old levels of his which he made oh so many years ago. If you'd like a reason to laugh at Bgap666, these levels might give you a damned good reason, if they suck as much as he intimates they do.
  13. We don't need two active threads to complain about video game developers at once.
  14. Linguica

    Commissioning mods?

    I'm sorry you consider your time and energy to be almost worthless, but that doesn't mean everyone must.
  15. Linguica

    Commissioning mods?

    No one should be mapping out 32 levels for $100. 1 level? Maybe, if it was fairly simple.
  16. Linguica

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Dredged up my thoughts upon replaying Rage a few years ago:
  17. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Because IPS changed the library it uses to make sounds. If you do not like sounds then turn them off https://www.doomworld.com/notifications/options/
  18. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    What do you mean "there are emojis now"
  19. Here is a thread for posting all the references to older Doom games (or other id games, or whatever else) that you come across while playing.
  20. Linguica

    Commissioning mods?

    Yes, people have paid money for Doom mod related stuff before. I paid an artist to make a graphic for my Selfie Doom mod way back when.
  21. I agree with basically everything @Big Ol Billy said. In the 90s, the act of playing a custom map for a FPS was novel enough that the "quality" of the gameplay and monster encounters was something no one really cared about that much. Nowadays players are FAR more sophisticated and demand what is effectively a professional level of polish and gameplay tuning in anything they play, and if it's crudely done, they'll check out almost instantly. It ties into something I mentioned in my talk with @ella guro on her podcast but couldn't express very clearly: that Doom's sheer age and timelessness as a moddable game makes it noteworthy and interesting in a way that most games can never be. We have vanilla Doom maps from 1994, and we have vanilla Doom maps from 201x, and the only "real" difference is the sophistication of the authors and of the audience. Looking at Doom maps over the years and decades can tell you a lot about the sort of people that made / played them and what they found important, since the base game hasn't changed. This is one reason I am so big on vanilla-compatible maps and mods, because it's continuing a tradition that's almost 25 years old, and you can actually directly compare things across that timespan because Doom as a "vanilla" experience has been preserved so well. Compare that to, say, GZDoom mods, which can be interesting in their own right of course, but they are wildly divorced from the "classic" Doom experience and historical context.
  22. I was about to say "90s WADs weren't really sophisticated enough to have tightly scripted encounters" then I remembered my AOD-DOOM map from 1996 had a section where you are in an arena with a lowering floor and enemies are revealed from the sides of the arena as you descend, plus timed teleports of monsters into the arena itself, so I guess it was possible even then.
  23. Linguica

    The tone of DOOM [BEWARE: walls of text]

    Since no one seems to remember what the *actual* backstory of Doom was, according to the manual text, here's a snippet: For the last four years the military, UAC's biggest supplier, has used the remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, including research on inter-dimensional space travel. So far they have been able to open gateways between Phobos and Deimos, throwing a few gadgets into one and watching them come out the other. Recently however, the Gateways have grown dangerously unstable. Military "volunteers" entering them have either disappeared or been stricken with a strange form of insanity--babbling vulgarities, bludgeoning anything that breathes, and finally suffering an untimely death of full-body explosion. Matching heads with torsos to send home to the folks became a full-time job. Latest military reports state that the research is suffering a small set-back, but everything is under control. According to the original story, it was the *military* who was using UAC technology for their own teleport experiments, with a seeming disregard for the lives of the "volunteers".
  24. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    THank's for these
  25. Linguica

    Can demo-recording be used for "rewind" in game?

    Someone once tried something like this: But because it was based on the existing savegame code, it had some serious problems with desyncing. There is no technical reason why someone couldn't implement a "proper" rewind feature, but no one has ever gone to the trouble to make it work properly.