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  1. Just to give an example, here's a recent trademark court case that shows what I mean. "We're Doomed" was (is?) a social card game in development.
  2. Cacoworld / cacowards.com is likely the most reasonable choice, at least for this round of thinking about it. THE BAN ON POSTING IS LIFTED, SHITPOSTING MAY RECOMMENCETH. ACTUALLY SHITPOSTING IS STILL NOT REALLY TREATED KINDLY AROUND HERE ANYWAY SO PLEASE DO NOT
  3. I bought cacoworld.com and cacowards.com because those are reasonable suggestions at least. I would not be thrilled with renaming the site "shitworld" but...
  4. Here is how you avoid "draconian" punishment: do not post in this thread. If you want to ensure that nothing happens to you for posting in this thread, then do not post in this thread. It is literally the easiest thing you can do.
  5. So you read what I just wrote and then decided to test me by posting this. Well, that's one poster down. Because this is still in effect, The next person to post a domain name with "Doom" in it or one they have not bothered to check if it is already taken will be banned.
  6. The next person to post a domain name with "Doom" in it or one they have not bothered to check if it is already taken will be banned. The next person to post a domain name with "Doom" in it or one they have not bothered to check if it is already taken will be banned. The next person to post a domain name with "Doom" in it or one they have not bothered to check if it is already taken will be banned.
  7. Not the worst idea, but John Romero owns that... which... is... maybe... not... insurmountable....
  8. More thoughts: As I have stated in the past many times before, I do not own doomworld.com. It is "owned" by Fakename McFakerson as it has been for many years in the control of telefragged.com, our long time web host. My repeated attempts to contact the 2 people most likely to have the LEGAL POWER to transfer the domain name have been unsuccessful. The current state of affairs is that the domain registrar who administers doomworld.com is perfectly happy to continue taking my money to renew the domain in perpetuity, but they can not and will not allow me to own it or change it in any way, which means Doomworld is currently not capable of switching web hosts, or implementing Cloudflare or a similar content caching system. If something happens to Linode, Doomworld dies, end of story. "Doom" is a registered trademark of Bethesda etc etc. This will NEVER go away and NEVER change and the potential sword of Damocles of a trademark claim will always be there. This was somewhat less onerous when id Software was an independent game studio with an incredibly strong history of empowering its fans, and not owned by a notoriously cold and uncompromising corporation. It also means: I cannot sell merchandise or do anything of the sort to help fund this site or its potential development in any way that monetizes the NAME of the WEBSITE that I FOUNDED IN 1998. Marvel Studios has recently purchased the movie rights to a wide variety of Marvel properties they could not previously exploit, including the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Dr. Doom. After 2019, when the Infinity War sequel is released, the first "cycle" of Marvel movies will be finished and a second one will begin, which is widely speculated to integrate the new intellectual properties that they now have access to. A recent story arc in the Marvel comics universe involved Dr. Doom stealing the vibranium supplies of Wakanda from Black Panther in pursuit of his perfect new world order officially called Doomworld. If this were ever to become important to Marvel Studios, I would instantly be turned into ash and die. The CW television show "Legends of Tomorrow," which is based off the DC Comics universe, had an episode last year called "Doomworld" based on the setting of the episode with the same name. If the CW or DC Comics decided that this was important to them, I would instantly be turned into ash and die. In short, Doomworld is not fully in control of its own destiny. As I have apparently decided to continue running this website for the rest of my life, this means that I would have to spend (an aspect of) my life not in control of my own destiny. Is that fair to me? Because I do not fully own doomworld.com that means I do not feel the full ownership interest, for good and for ill. That means I do not feel maximally motivated to fix lingering bugs or implement new features, because everything is on a website living a tenuous half-life. Is that fair to you?
  9. A few thoughts: It's not much use if your suggestion of xyz.com is already taken, and basically any other top level domain is off the table unless there's a very good reason to use it. By all means continue with your very clever jokes but do keep in mind that it's most helpful if it's also a legit suggestion. wadworld.com is the obvious one but it's already registered http://waddicted.com is lol but also maybe too cutesy / derivative of Quaddicted I also already own http://idtech.one from a prior instance of thinking about this
  10. Linguica

    MSI RTX Armor Logo reminds me DOOM logo

    Yeah, that's pretty blatant.
  11. Linguica

    Linetype 19 quirk?

    If you have a line type that is "lower to next" or "raise to next" and the game cannot find an adjacent lower or higher sector, respectively, it will instead jump instantly to the next-lowest or highest floor. This can be exploited in many interesting ways!
  12. Linguica

    Favorite Source Port?

    Choco Doom 3 actually has "better" sound quality. In earlier versions SDL would naively upsample sound effects to 44 khz which resulted in spurious "ringing" and high frequency artifacts. Choco Doom 3 used a new version of SDL that actually runs a low pass filter on the upscaled sound so those high frequencies don't appear. When you do an A/B test it makes the newer version sound "muddy" but it is purely a resampling artifact, just like how a port could show the raw 320x200 image or it could show a bilinear-upsampled image. They both technically represent the same information, but one is "harsher" and one is "smoother" and it's ultimately a judgment call as to which you prefer.
  13. OBLIGE is literally the one programming thing that has been honored on Doomworld already.
  14. I vaguely considered trying to research a list of "retroactive Codeawards" but that sounds like a lot of work. So I will just do this off the top of my head: 1994 - Raphaƫl Quinet for DEU 1995 - Greg Lewis for DeHackEd 1996 - Bob Huntley and Kee Kimbrell for DWANGO 1997 - Chi Hoang for DOSDoom 1998 - TeamTNT for Boom 1999 - Lee Killough for MBF 2000 - Sergey Makovkin for csDoom 2001 - randi for ZDoom 1.23 2002 - Florian Proff for PrBoom 2003 - Pascal vd Heiden for Doom Builder 2004 - tk 2005 - Christoph Oelckers for GZDoom 2006 - Simon Judd for SLADE 2007 - tk 2008 - tk 2009 - Pascal vd Heiden for Doom Builder 2 2010 - tk 2011 - tk 2012 - tk 2013 - tk 2014 - tk 2015 - tk 2016 - tk
  15. Linguica

    Hall Of Mirrors going ape in Chocolate DooM

    Is it only when you stand in certain spots and look certain directions? If so it could be a drawsegs overflow - in vanilla Doom the engine will only render 256 wall segments at any time and will just give up after that. The other likely culprit is just that the nodes aren't built properly, but since GZDoom will rebuild nodes internally it ends up looking fine in that.
  16. Oh, then you want https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/utils/misc/novert
  17. You could use an old DOS port like Doom Legacy, but no, there is no freelook in standard Doom.
  18. Linguica

    doxygen'd Doom source code

    A few weeks ago I decided that I was sick and tired of my usual "Google -> 'doom github' -> Github -> search term -> click individual results to see if they are relevant" workflow when I wanted to quickly check something in the Doom source so I ran it through Doxygen so I can search it faster: https://www.doomworld.com/linguica/doomsource/ This is hardly a feat worthy of pride but I figured it might save someone else a little time down the road.
  19. Linguica

    Console Doom ITT

    This Thread, as well as this Forum, is to Console Doom. Do not Post unless you are Here to Console Doom. "Doom, I am so sorry that John Carmack didn't let your Saturn port use the hardware processing, even if it introduces some minor visual distortion. It was a bad call and it shouldn't have happened."
  20. Here is a thread for posting all the references to older Doom games (or other id games, or whatever else) that you come across while playing.
  21. Linguica


    Why, it is a person who likes death.