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  1. LOL no. If I tried to trademark "Doomworld" I bet Zenimax would not be happy. In fact I have spent some time figuring out what I would do if they decided to come after DW on a trademark claim anyway.
  2. There are at least 4 mischaracterizations in this description which is impressive since it only has 4 things in it. It's not the biggest Doom group on Facebook. Doomworld is not "the website" for that group. is not the "official" Doom wiki. The only "official" Doom wiki I am aware of is for Snapmap. The /idgames Database literally says in the description that it "IS NOT AN OFFICIAL /IDGAMES MIRROR!"
  3. If I had any control over that Facebook group I would delete it.
  4. Of course they still exist, it would have literally been more work to NOT convert them.
  5. Paging @ZeroMaster010 to this thread
  6. Somewhere you can't see it, which is the point
  7. Having a bunch of crushers like that is a) inelegant and b) almost surely not enough. To get from a googol to a googolplex would mean I would need, uh, slightly under one googol googol-year crusher setups. My thought is the best bet would be some combination of moving-floor specials to approximate a very very long tower of Hanoi type thing but I have no idea of the feasibility.
  8. Uh, both. People will be able to upload files and *optionally* push them to idgames. The idea is that doing so lets you reclaim the space available to you.
  9. I've spent some time thinking about the NP-completeness of Doom. It would actually be relatively trivial to show using a standard 3-SAT proof that has been used for various other kinds of video games, e.g., I wanted to generate a giant Doom level implementing the gadgets for 3-SAT and challenge someone to beat it, but I realized modern techniques for solving massive 3-SAT problems are such that any decent programmer could find a solution in a pretty short time. A while back I made a level that would take a googol years to beat, and I have wondered if I could make a level that would take a googolplex years, but so far no bright ideas have come to me.
  10. Just paste the URL
  12. It won't work by crossreferencing email addresses. As it is now you don't need a public email address to upload a file, and for old files, there is no guarantee that the email address in the text file is still valid. The process for claiming an existing file is going to have to be manual and for new files the preferred method will be to upload it *through* Doomworld.
  13. Lol that was fun, remind me to not try and rename a directory again

    1. Jayextee


      I was all "did Ling accidentally delete Doomworld?" and was going to complain on Doomworld about it but yeah...

    2. Linguica


      I wanted to change the root web dir from /var/www/ to /var/www/ but something didn't like it and it got into a state where it refused to work even after I renamed everything back to normal. Luckily I have backups enabled and the MySQL server is entirely separate so I just restored the web server from a 12 hour old backup. Probably lost a handful of attachments but that's small potatoes in comparison to everything being broken.

    3. Ichor


      Oh by the way, you should probably not try to rename a directory again.

    4. Linguica


      Nah I might try again this weekend

    5. Ichor


      Right around April 1. Should be a fun joke to see a big 404 page and under it your avatar and the message, "Oops, I just accidentally the whole forum."


      Then restore it about an hour later.

    6. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Hi Ling, I figured I'd say "Hi", and thank you so much for all the effort you put into this. <3

      One thing, though: It might be a good idea not to simply rename a directory just like that. ;-)

      Oh, one thing for real: Is there any way it would be possible to implement a function that allows for editing status updates?

    7. Linguica