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  1. Linguica

    Iwads no longer found on new PC

    This might sound stupid, but did you actually download the games on Steam?
  2. Linguica

    [v 0 .9] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    Looking at it side by side like this, it really is outrageous how much detail the algorithm "recovers" seemingly out of thin air. Like, the neural upscaling *looks* like the same archvile model captured at higher resolution, as if it had somehow pulled it out of a parallel universe where id had done that originally.
  3. Linguica

    [v 0 .9] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    Yeah, Doom has a certain "lo-fi" aesthetic from the relatively crude ways they got their artwork. Many of the sprites and some of the textures have apparent digital noise from their original source as a scan or video camera screencap, and almost every upscale method discards this ineffable feeling that it imbues the artwork with. Through the mystery of neural networks plus a good aesthetic sensibility it's possible to retain that lo-fi mood while still greatly increasing the visual fidelity, which is exciting.
  4. Linguica

    [v 0 .9] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    I am a little surprised at how well this technique seems to be working. I think we can pretty safely say that using existing neural net technology, plus touch up work by a good pixel artist, an "id-quality" 2X sprite set is now achievable. (I think 2X is about the limit of useful detail anyway, since it's still a retro sprite based game.)
  5. Linguica

    What Do You Think Of The Doom Slayer?

    Cut it out.
  6. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Before someone suggests Cloudflare, let me remind you: I do not have access to the DNS servers of doomworld.com and I am unable to use Cloudflare at all, which is one reason I would like to switch to cacoworld.com or what have you, since I do not seem able to procure this domain name.
  7. Linguica

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    This might sound quaint, but sometimes the site is falling victim to spambots. I don't have a particularly good defense system in place to deflect automated attacks, which are unfortunately a reality for anyone running a web site in 2018. Just now I looked into your complaint and found a spambot that had been pegging the site's CPU at 100% for the last day or so.
  8. I am a lawyer and here is my legal advice: America has something called freedom of speech and wearing a nazi outfit falls under freedom of speech. America also has something called "getting your ass beat" which serves as a social check on people going around wearing nazi outfits.
  9. Linguica

    420 blaze it [weed][marihuana][thc][legalized it]

    OK, so does Doomworld have a weed thread now? I guess since it's legal there's no reason not to have one? Ok, sure.
  10. For the record, this was discovered by community member @Mikolah who has naming rights as per convention.
  11. So I am confused, are there any original WADs on these? Are those WADs known from elsewhere or are any previously unknown?
  12. Linguica

    Regrettable things you did in your own older projects

    Once I made a WAD where you shot yourself. It's somewhat embarrassing to think about now but that's life I guess.
  13. Linguica

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    It's past midnight UTC, so @Looper is the winner with a time of 37 seconds! Congratulations! I will never do this again!