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  1. A year ago I played around with Emscripten and managed to compile a Doom port for it, but I had to go back to the super old original SDL Doom port since it was the only one I could find that used (more or less) a simple Makefile.
  2. Try going into Options > General and on the third page changing "Use extended format".
  3. This is a known issue with the Doom engine. Normally when playing, mouse movement is registered using a 16-bit value, so the minimum turning angle is like 0.005 degrees. But when recording a demo, turns are only recorded using an 8-bit value, so the minimum turning angle is like 1.4 degrees. The solution is to add -longtics to the command line, which will force PrBoom to record demos with 16-bit turning values.
  4. As much as I want to keep fixing and adding stuff, I'm sort of waiting for Xaser's theme update so I don't have to redo everything later, so bother him about it!!
  5. Could someone please make a graphic showing, like, a chart of complevels and what they mean so we can all save it and not constantly have to look up what they are?
  6. My original plans were a lot more, uh, involved, so maybe someday I'll have to make a sequel.
  7. The first level that comes to mind in this mold is Grove:
  8. Why do I even let these threads continue when they all degenerate into the same exact shit?
  9. Nice idea for a thread. In the past I've thought about writing something about the hidden "vocabulary" that Doom levels teach the player, but I don't really have the knowledge or, uh, vocabulary to do it justice. Things like the PLAT1 texture like you mention, and also stuff like: DOORTRAK on the inside of door frames - obviously it was designed for that purpose, but nothing about the Doom engine *requires* it - it's just something everyone has basically agreed to abide by. Teleporters are almost always 64x64 squares with the appropriate flat - again, nothing about the game requires this, but we've all learned that that's what a teleporter looks like. Secret doors - in general it's considered bad form to make a secret door be totally indistinguishable from the stuff around it (as opposed to, say, Wolf3D) and they usually have a variant of the surrounding texture, or a slight misalignment, or a single candle placed in front of them, or what have you. Traps - if you see a powerful item sitting conspicuously in the middle of an otherwise empty room, you can feel pretty confident that something bad is likely to happen when you grab it.
  10. You sure? Seems to load fine for me. e: oh https blah. Ugh. Do I really have to secure a static webpage from 1998?
  11. I hope not since he's working on theme modifications to make Doomworld look slightly less offensive.
  12. Geez, that's like a novella. Also oh hey there's my interview too!! And yeah this was the "Antrywey" savegame thing.
  13. Yes, every single browser should have a "no forever" option.
  14. You've seen his PCDoom port, right? If anyone is interested in weird DOS engine minutiae it would be him.
  15. IIRC, QZDoom was / is experimenting with multi-core rendering by splitting the viewport into multiple sections and rendering each on a separate thread or what have you.