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  1. Bought Dark Souls 3 and Brigador.
  2. Here's something relevant: a post from a week ago about why this guy thinks hitscan enemies in Doom are good
  3. Hmm, Barons O' Fun and ImpMan11203 have the exact same IP address. What are the odds, huh?
  4. I'm with you, I always found it ugly and clunky.
  5. Theoretically you could hex edit the save file to change your velocity...
  6. *motions to website on which this is posted*
  7. I don't know how much into the weeds you want to get, but I should also link you to "Calico," which is @Quasar's backport of Jaguar Doom to Windows: One thing seeing it on PC really drives home (besides the horrendous 15fps framerate) is how the renderer was rewritten to use the Jaguar's special "CRY" color mode, which meant all the graphics had to fit within a particular limited palette but you got graduated lighting and color tinting effects basically for free.
  8. One thing I would find interesting would be some mention of the 32X prototypes, as detailed at and . Also, I would like to see a mention of the iOS port, which is unusual in that it's an "official" port that is actually based on a post-source-code-release community source port using a completely different hardware-accelerated renderer.
  9. That's really interesting, paging @Quasar to this thread.
  10. The PLAYPAL is just a list of colors. It's questionable if such a thing is even copyrightable.
  11. suggests zennode -b- -n- file.wad
  12. All I can suggest is that you go register on and see if you can post, because it's their software and the chances of me personally being able to debug some problem in the code itself is basically nil.
  13. My nitpick / "how does everyone else not know what I know" list: They aren't sure what year Ultimate Doom came out and they're not sure if the levels in Episode 4 were newly made or if they had just been lying around They aren't sure if players being able to make PWADs were intentional "Does Doom 2 use a different engine?" "It runs a higher resolution I think" Wolf3D had a text scroll at the beginning with the plot backstory, I guess? One guy didn't realize you could save your game and thought you had to beat a whole Doom episode in one sitting Re: Nightmare: "I didn't notice respawning, but I did notice new monsters teleporting in" "I never knew that Doom had a multiplayer function" Chocolate Doom shoutout! They didn't notice the frag counter on the status bar in multiplayer
  14. So @dosnostalgic on Twitter tweeted about a recently started monthly DOS games podcast, where the first episode is something people here might find relevant: The episode is at I haven't listened to it yet so I will probably reply to this thread with all my nitpicks about it.
  15. I am used to you hating everything for baffling, pointless reasons but this one is especially baffling and pointless.