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  1. Well I did it online, so no one cared. For what it's worth I am at a motel over 300 miles from the path of totality tonight, and it is still completely sold out from eclipsegoers.
  2. I'm driving from southern California to Oregon to see it. I made motel reservations as close as I could get to the path of totality literally a year beforehand. I'm not sure you really understand how a solar eclipse works???
  3. So is anyone gonna see the eclipse?
  4. I would argue that comparing different programs playing the exact same level in the exact same game on the exact same machine is just about the most apples to apples comparison you could possibly have?
  5. A guy is selling what he claims are 5.25" "master disks" for Doom v1.1. Nothing about the auction seems especially fishy, but given that it's a pretty bold claim, I've asked Romero on Twitter if he can shed any light on the veracity of the claims and contacted the guy to ask for better pictures / more information. I also notice the auction mentions Romero's auction of some Doom 2 disks a few months back, and refers to them as "the original Doom 2 masters," which is blatantly untrue and makes me a little suspicious if this guy is trying to cash in.
  6. I just ran nuts.wad with a DSDA timedemo on my base level 2015 Macbook Pro and got 58 FPS. So I'd say we're well past the point of being able to runs Nuts smoothly.
  7. I swear I remember seeing something about how our brain is so attuned to human language that you can listen to a weird MIDI-ized version of dialogue, hear absolutely nothing intelligible, then hear the original sound file of the dialogue, and then when you listen to the MIDI-ized version again you can't NOT hear and understand what it is saying.
  8. Don't bring me into this, I didn't make that rule.
  9. I have a minor suggestion for the western puzzle:
  10. Why do you think it's called the Medusa effect?
  11. FDAs of my first four, uh, attempts (prb+, no special complevel). On the third one I got to the end in the Totally Intended Manner and then sorta gave up. Fourth one I went back and re-"solved" one and figured out two more. That's 5 of 6, the south one still stumps me.
  12. "Zero Press" is an option because the trick was discovered by Zero Master, you ingrates.
  13. Imagine IRC, but run by a private company, on a totally closed protocol, and heavily marketed to Gamers. Sounds like a dream right?
  14. For the Map17 trick at least, the issue appears to arise out of P_InterceptVector. When the player presses "use", the function correctly detects the solid wall intersecting the "use" trace at 16.04 units from their center (since the player has a radius of 16 units, right in front of their face, in other words). The switch line is detected as being crossed at... 10.2 units, or inside the player, in other words. The reason *why* this happens is pretty confusing and obscure, because the algorithm to detect the line intersection is sort of black magic, and it further messes things up by bitshifting parts of the values to be smaller.