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  1. Oh hey another texture thread
  2. What's up with all the beards I've been growing this out for the past month and a half and people seem to like it for some reason. I hate having facial hair.
  3. I nominate A Boy and His Barrel.
  4. The Doom Bible is a huge curse among the modding community. People try to recreate Tom's vision despite it being about as clear as a cup of coffee that's been sitting out for a couple weeks. The DB has ideas, and that's all it's good for. It also was highly unfavored by id for a reason.
  5. I've been ripping Doom 3's weaponry (as showcased in a tutorial I created on the ZDoom Forums) but there's one very irritating problem: the normal maps generated for them seem to only be fit for the idtech4 renderer. A good example is the chaingun... ...which has a normal map that warps the shading of the cylinders. Not to mention the normals for the symmetrical portions of models like the shotgun which have a very visible seam to them when used outside of Doom 3: Anyone with a clue behind the workings of rendering in Doom 3 have an idea what differences there are between that and later, almost universal, ways of normal mapping?
  6. I did this a while back and posted it in the ZDoom Forums, but I should post it here too: It's edited from a photograph of Salt Lake City's overlooking mountains (as seen from the nearby city of Ogden) that an online friend took.
  7. I'm doing labor work for a contractor up in Yosemite. Not much, but it's something.
  8. I have a feeling that Zenimax just didn't invest as much into DOOM as they did their other big names; it's likely they could only settle with the bare minimum and if it sold, Zenimax would support the game more by funding DLC development and what-not. Long story short, I'm not really surprised if the core DOOM game is limited due to budget and the DLC brings it up to a more finished product. As for SnapMap, I'd like to see something like an .obj model import for prefabs (which are then set up in the program).
  9. I'm glad that the pich randomization was bugged out. The hard-coded range was far too high.
  10. embuzai embriexa gendemeruj
  11. Three things: 1) There is a site where you can upload models for preview (and download if you choose) purposes. It's a lot better than posting a couple screenshots IMO. 2) In Blender, there's an Edge Split modifier in the object's Modifier tab that can give that model sharp edges whilst keeping curved surfaces curved. The default "smooth" look bothers me. 3) MODELDEF exists for defining models to use in GZDoom.
  12. Seeing as the SJW definition of "rape" has been broadened to basically mean any slightly unwanted interaction with a girl, even simple eye contact, I'm not surprised.
  13. Not that it matters, because both parties are essentially the same when it comes to stuff like pandering to corporations and the upper class, which accounts for a majority of their decision-making.
  14. Is there an explanation for this? The BFG has gotten smaller every few releases or so.