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  1. Angelloproduct

    Game that everyone hates but you like?

    Red faction 2. People discredit the game for the lore and that it isn't a sequel. The game has different engaging sections like the gunship sequence, mechs and environment. Despite its age the game had really iconic moments for me at least from the several playthroughs and multiplayer sessions I would have with friends and family. Red faction 2 was the sole reason I owned my first console.
  2. Angelloproduct

    Action Doom: Rampage Edition

    pretty late to this but if there's issues with the Hud, have you considered using SBARINFO since the source port has a scaling option in the Hud options
  3. Angelloproduct

    Share Your Sprites!

    got one with some smoother animation?
  4. Angelloproduct

    Share Your Sprites!

    if you happened to have a full sprite let me know. would be nice if it had a weapon.
  5. Angelloproduct


    I grew up with windows XP on my father's computer. All I did was play, freeware games, limited time / demo retailed games, Zdeamons, browsers games, and YouTube. After my mom and I moved to live in with my grandma I got to use my aunt's PC which had windows 7 at the time. I did like the polished UI and the support of 32 to 64 bit applications. Then Windows 8 when I got my first laptop around 2015. I did like the task bar for windows 8 because it matches the color of the desktop background. Would love to stick to 7 but for the sake of security reasons and stable OS windows 10 will be my go-to maybe until windows 11 is stable, or when windows 10 stops being supported. Any ways 7 for the Windows!
  6. Doom Track pack was design around JP LeBreton's Wad Smoosh; compiles all the official doom Iwads into one hub for you to access them all as episodes using the gzdoom source port. The tracks replace 2 expansions and an additional episode for doom2, No Rest for The Living, The Plutonia the Experiment, and Master Levels. I used these 3 midi packs in particular to reduce the repetitiveness of tracks to give the maps that spice of enjoyment, either if it's for the first time or when replaying it. It's not that much in contribution but I ordered them to Wadsmoosh's level order for those who want to play on the fly without changing the wad files every time you're done playing an episode. If you want a definitive doom experience, then this is the mod for you. ==================== IMPORTANT ==================== In order to play the tracks properly you must ensure that you have the following required files and application - Doom Wad Smoosh - Doom Iwads (*Doom2.wad*, Nerve.wad, Plutonia.wad, and the individual maps for the Master Levels) *Optional but not required (Doom.wad, Sigil.wad, Tnt.wad) - GZDOOM *Note* Once DoomWadSmooh Merges all the iwads, the file will be turned into a pk3 file. You're require to have doom2 as your main iwad to run the pk3 file. Master levels are not PSN ordered, mainly based off of WadSmoosh's order. Download: Doom WadSmoosh Track Replacer.zip Credits are on the README.txt file Any feedback, suggestions, or help would be appreciated. Enjoy! Where to get the doom Iwads: -----GOG----- DOOM II + Final DOOM Doom 3: BFG Edition (Nerve.wad) -----Steam----- Doom Classic Complete Doom 3: BFG Edition (Nerve.wad)
  7. Angelloproduct

    Zach Siegel midi pack (not my midis i just want to share them)

    yea not sure how active Zach is but seems to deliver banger tracks aside Jimmys. Gladly I was introduced to SF2012's map 25 track. Sunset midi is my favorite, but I like them all.
  8. Angelloproduct

    dashiefrickindraws and wants to share it

    Really love the doom aesthetic. a combination of 1993 with quake 3 doom design. Really nice to see
  9. you're one of the devs that worked on hacx 2.0? Will it be next as your dedicated project after supplice?

  10. Angelloproduct

    VZDoom: The Dream Source Port (rambling)

    possibly a setting feature or an excluded feature, the demo playback would be nice for gzdoom.
  11. Angelloproduct

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    I used to hate it but after the memes and lore pretty much embraced it
  12. Angelo! How is it going?? 

  13. Angelloproduct

    Is it lazy to use r667 SPRITES?

    it depends what kind of theme and direction your mod is going to be. I usually franken sprite since almost there's a bunch of sprite resources that you can use to articulate a figure or gesture as the reference
  14. can't wait what you guys have in store!