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  1. you're one of the devs that worked on hacx 2.0? Will it be next as your dedicated project after supplice?

  2. Angelloproduct

    VZDoom: The Dream Source Port (rambling)

    possibly a setting feature or an excluded feature, the demo playback would be nice for gzdoom.
  3. Angelloproduct

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    I used to hate it but after the memes and lore pretty much embraced it
  4. Angelo! How is it going?? 

  5. Angelloproduct

    Is it lazy to use r667 SPRITES?

    it depends what kind of theme and direction your mod is going to be. I usually franken sprite since almost there's a bunch of sprite resources that you can use to articulate a figure or gesture as the reference
  6. Angelloproduct

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    can't wait what you guys have in store!
  7. It would be nice for some online multiplayer. And also transfer custom doom wads from pc to any device with as card or usb as long as it’s vanilla compatible.
  8. I was wondering if you we’re also adding the lost levels since they included it on the rerelease version along side with death match maps since it was midways intended version of the game
  9. Just wondering did killough worked or set contribution on assessing ID on doom's code? I found a .txt file that included his name
  10. Yea sorry if I didn’t note my lack of reverse engineering skills though I’m taking coding classes for it. The reason why I’m wanted to look at it’s code mainly for a research paper I’m doing.
  11. Which one do you recommend that I can at least view the alpha’s dmx code the most?
  12. Do you know what specific application Carmack used to make the uncompleted builds?
  13. Was the 1997 source code for the retail version ACS?
  14. Wow will this be the new gzdoom and eduke combined ports rather than their standalone?