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  1. wow cool to see concepts and scrapped content coming back into the realm of doom64! I wanted to implement similar features on my unnamed project. Keep up the good work!
  2. *note this is for my research project about ID Software and Doom* Any pointers or thoughts about Doom's ground breaking success would be gladly accepted. I know when playing doom I got curios and with that curiosity came doom mods. It made me question so much about the wonderous world known as the doom community as to why they chose to continue to contribute a 26 year old game. Hopefully this would get me some answers to my question.
  3. Angelloproduct

    Research project on ID Software (help)

    So the reason why I made this thread is because I was assigned to do a research paper based on my interest and chose the history of ID Software. So my question is this, is there any member from ID Software or an expertise that knows the company that's within or outside the doomworlds forums that I can reach out to; who's willing to have the time answer my questions? FYI: I try to communicate with Romero he said he was occupied, Tom Hall was occupied so I appreciated your time and day for suggestions.
  4. Angelloproduct

    Choose your DOOM.

  5. this is my first time on doom world forums


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    2. MrGlide


      Genuine question, what was it that made you post your first post on the status bar? I kinda see this as a trend with new people that pop up, and was wondering why that is, That is if you don't mind sharing.

    3. Tango


      do you have a youtube channel with a bunch of doom music? name + avatar looks familiar

    4. Angelloproduct


      sorry if I've came into a late reply 4 years later XD but yea I thought I'd gave my status but now I'm back because I have to do a research project on ID Software. I have a you tube channel with a doom music playlist with a familiar profile if that answered the question. I've lurked into doomworld forums before creating this account not only for my research but a future mod I'd like to announce later once I get a better performance desktop pc.