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  1. Integrated? Nah I have the card listed above, R9 290 4GB, ect. You think somehow the game won't use hardware rendering for some reason? I somewhat doubt this because the framerates are stable despite the glaring effects issues, if it was using software graphics it would definitely be noticeable FPS wise. Also I tried making a logfile but when I checked it the log was empty. Everything seems to work fine except those light and grass textures as far as I can tell.
  2. I can confirm the drivers are up to date, there was even an optional update but it didn't change anything. Does it matter what GPU is being used? I'm running it on an AMD R9 290 and this is the only DOOM based mod I haven't been able to get working.
  3. Still need some tech support on this one, I've been messing with this because I REALLY want to play it but I am at a loss as to what the cause of these GFX problems are. I've seen problems like this before playing other megawads and it was always a wrong sourceport version but that simply isn't the case this time... I've tried all the recent GZDoom releases and the result is always the same as shown above...
  4. I tried running it with a few different versions but the only one that ran was the one packaged in the standalone pack.
  5. I've been looking forward to this for quite some time but not surprisingly I'm having trouble getting the mod to work properly, especially in the graphics department. It seems to run well for the most part but I can't get most of the new GFX to work. I'd be very grateful for some advice, not sure what I need to change to get it looking right, not playable like this. Will this only work on 32 bit systems or something? Other things don't display right like the title screen. I messed with all of the in-game graphics settings but nothing changed.
  6. xmblolpp

    Serpent: Resurrection released

    There's no music on the main menu, start the game to hear the sound.
  7. xmblolpp

    Serpent: Resurrection released

    It seemed to help when I first loaded the game but as soon as I entered the first room the FPS dropped back down to a certain point and stayed there (3-8 FPS). I don't know if there is some sort of scripting error but I think the exploding lava balls that come out of every patch of lava is overdoing it as well.
  8. xmblolpp

    Serpent: Resurrection released

    Yea I managed to get through the first hub since you didn't have to be in the crossroads area much but I just got to the Volcano area after the marshes and I'm getting 2 FPS rofl. I turned off all the lighting options after entering the volcano area thinking the crazy lighting was the problem but it wasn't, it must be a giant area. I can't even see any huge area I have no idea why the volcano is so much worse, guess I'm done thanks anyway. I still got like 8-18 FPS in the island hub area but in the volcano it's absolutely unplayable 1-5 FPS tops. Excellent work though, maybe I'll pick it up again when I buy a better computer.
  9. xmblolpp

    Serpent: Resurrection released

    Geforce 7600 GS VGA 512MB, I figured it was the processor, but I did some testing turning off all the background programs and lowering the resolution and it didn't make a difference.
  10. xmblolpp

    Serpent: Resurrection released

    I got a crappy system (512MB VGA card, 2.4GHz CPU, 2GB RAM), but when I first entered the main island of Caldera it wasn't that bad, but when I started finding keys and I entered a small forest area to find the first weapon the lag was unbearable after that. I think some script is running that should have terminated but keeps running again every time I reenter the main island area. Are there any GZDoom options I can tweak to get a better framerate?
  11. xmblolpp

    Serpent: Resurrection released

    Is there any good way to get my framerate up a bit in those super huge super detailed outside areas?
  12. xmblolpp

    Serpent: Resurrection released

    Very cool wad, only problem is the main island area is far too big and causes giant lag. I started as the mage but I can't seem to get around anywhere with just a staff to wack stuff with, where are the damn weapons?
  13. xmblolpp

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    I hope they do something different this time around, IMO ID knows doom best, but who knows what could happen?