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    stupidest isn't a word.

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  1. Alientank

    Doom Hunt

    I'm here for the gangbang.
  2. Alientank

    Doom is harder than your math homework

    Shit blows my mind. Wish I was that smart.
  3. Which Doom monster did they look like do you think?
  4. Alientank

    Can I get a custom doomworld avatar?

    No, just there's a forum member there called greyghost.
  5. Alientank


    Until I'm no longer faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous.
  6. Alientank

    Can I get a custom doomworld avatar?

    You post at rage3d at all?
  7. Alientank

    The 2012 avatar FISHOCALYPSE.

    Mine was made a loooooooong time ago.
  8. Alientank

    Doom 4 should have...

  9. Alientank

    What was your game of 2011?

    Battlefield 3 was nice but Deus Ex FTW.
  10. Alientank

    what the stupidest thing you did in doom?

    The stupidest thing I ever did was saying stupidest isn't a word.
  11. Alientank

    Doom 4?

    They better change a lot if they plan to release another doom.
  12. Alientank


    Quoted for truth You guys all praise him, all he did was talk about fucking ho's, and going on how it's a good living for blacks to sell drugs etc. Good fucking riddance to someone who did nothing for the world.
  13. Alientank

    How beefy is this? [Half-Life 2]

    Sierra isn't the publisher of HL2, they only did HL1.