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  1. Try: DOOM 2: EVOLVED 3 levels remake (project stopped unfortunately) but worth checking out. Used with 3d lights & scripts.
  2. I played once a good wad called "The History of Fruit" it's a replacement of the first ep of heretic, pretty good layout and fun gameplay. available on idgames.
  3. Skulltag's Bossbattles wad "The museum music".
  4. Ok, I got the general idea, but how do I create that pointlight? How do I determine the color, sorry for this totally noob lol, I need a template if you don't mind :)
  5. Hello I came across several wads that has this awesome feature(?) but I don't know how it's done. A wall texture that emits light, not a reflection of a lamp or a projectile shot. I wonder how it's done, if it's though decoration, I'd appreciate a tut how it's done. thank you.
  6. Excellent job. Nice music and good level design.
  7. Try to open the map with doombuilder, and look for it. All maps have sector effect "9" which is identified as "secret".
  8. Iron Maiden new album "The Book of Souls" is out, check it out now.
  9. It takes "4 shots" of BFG to kill a cyberdemon at close range, but takes only "2 shots" to kill him at point blank range. Likewise, It takes "2 shots" of BFG to kill a mastermind at close range, but takes only "1 shot" to kill him at point blank range.
  10. Thank you scifista42 :) I Hope it works, seems a little bit complicated.
  11. If you have a room with 4 switches and a door, and you want to click them in the right order to open the door, what is the correct script for that? say the layout looks something like this: ----Sw3----Sw4----Dr----Sw1----Sw2---- You start with Sw1,Sw2,Sw3,Sw4. And if the player clicks wrongly a monster appears in "spot5" Thanks.
  12. Morbid Angel's a+b-sides album "Juvenilia" is out, check it out.
  13. Apocalyptica's new album "Shadowmaker" is out.
  14. So I got mine from steam from pc, including DLC; so did anyone of you get it? What do you think of it?
  15. Three Days Grace – "Human" New album has leaked, check it out now.