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  1. You did it mate! I had to change a function with some values but you hit the jackpot! very well done indeed. Thanks for your time and support. This issue is now fixed 👍
  2. Not sure what went wrong mate, perhaps done something from my side, can you please look into it, this is in its very early work: (GZDoom port-doom in hexen format) you can use IDCLIP code to go up and down between the two switches and test, much appreciated btw.
  3. Hello; I created an elevator that is lowered by default, the idea is that you need to activate a switch so that the floor of the elevator raises to a certain level, here is the script for the 1st switch: ------------------------------------------------------------------- #include "zcommon.acs" int lift1; script 1 (void) { if (gametype()==GAME_NET_DEATHMATCH){ terminate; } lift1 = 1 ; changecamera(1,1,0); delay(16); Floor_MoveToValue(2,12,232); print(s:"The lift is now functional"); delay(160); changecamera(0,0,0); } -------------------------------------------------------------------- And there is another switch when you press (when the lift is not activated) nothing happens, but shows a message that says: "the lift is not working" but when you activate it you become able to use the 2nd switch to raise and lower the lift without the message appearing. My question is: how to insert a script for the 2nd switch when the lift is not activated with a message, and when it is activated but without message?
  4. Genki

    Can someone recommend good WADs to me?

    1- Whispers of Satan 2- 1 Monster 3- Beyond Reality 4- Lunar Catastrophe Enjoy.
  5. Genki

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Greetings; I'm searching for wads that I lost recently due to hard drive failure, I had them archived kind of a collection actually, last time I played them was like a year ago. - it was in a hexen format, it has pickups, great visuals, an arena (perhaps?) where you fight a horde of monsters, there was a developpement thread about it here and in zdoom, a youtube video was made for gameplay. - Last one, hard to remember as details are vague -if it can't be helped, it's ok- you start in a station, space maybe, you can jump and crawl into vent tunnels, it had a secret teleporter which leads you to a hellish area which you see a light entity and bloody textures fill the whole area. Big thanks in advance for trying or making an effort to help, stay safe.
  6. Genki

    Mutabor [on /idgames]

    Looks good, might try it later ^_^
  7. Try: DOOM 2: EVOLVED 3 levels remake (project stopped unfortunately) but worth checking out. Used with 3d lights & scripts. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/d2evolvd
  8. Genki

    Good Heretic Wads

    I played once a good wad called "The History of Fruit" it's a replacement of the first ep of heretic, pretty good layout and fun gameplay. available on idgames.
  9. Skulltag's Bossbattles wad "The museum music".
  10. Genki

    Textures with lights, How??

    Ok, I got the general idea, but how do I create that pointlight? How do I determine the color, sorry for this totally noob lol, I need a template if you don't mind :)
  11. Hello I came across several wads that has this awesome feature(?) but I don't know how it's done. https://www.flickr.com/photos/kaede_saifi/24167523564/in/dateposted-public/ A wall texture that emits light, not a reflection of a lamp or a projectile shot. I wonder how it's done, if it's though decoration, I'd appreciate a tut how it's done. thank you.
  12. Genki


    Excellent job. Nice music and good level design.
  13. Genki

    Hellbound secrets pls?

    Try to open the map with doombuilder, and look for it. All maps have sector effect "9" which is identified as "secret".
  14. Genki

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Iron Maiden new album "The Book of Souls" is out, check it out now.
  15. Genki

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It takes "4 shots" of BFG to kill a cyberdemon at close range, but takes only "2 shots" to kill him at point blank range. Likewise, It takes "2 shots" of BFG to kill a mastermind at close range, but takes only "1 shot" to kill him at point blank range.