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  1. David_Dweedle

    You're DOOMED!!!

    I never even bothored downloading it.. topic creator bashes Hell Revealed.. anything he likes must be trash lol.
  2. David_Dweedle

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

    Profesional game devs do it all the time.
  3. David_Dweedle

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

    Im not that easily baited. Try harder.
  4. David_Dweedle

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

    No. Release it now then release a patch a month later to fix all the glareing probs
  5. David_Dweedle

    You're DOOMED!!!

    if thats Easy to you then why do you suck at Hell Revealed?
  6. David_Dweedle

    The lost level's of DOOM

    that PSX conversion is damn awesome. I was gonna post it but ragnor got here first.. so heres my Half assed praise.
  7. David_Dweedle

    Question about twitter

    heh seems Myspace,facebook or LJ is what im looking for.. for my freind of course.. lol I think I picked the wrong site
  8. David_Dweedle

    Question about twitter

    Sweet.. now my " Freind " can post his Fake extreme Right Wing republican opinions to see what reactions he gets.. heh.. Nah JK.. :P my freind just wanted to make one to see what was so good about it.
  9. David_Dweedle

    Question about twitter

    so it would be safe for just Random venting.. discussing stuff of interest and things? Theres no way I'd get a virus accidently or anything?
  10. David_Dweedle

    Question about twitter

    Im uh asking if its safe on behalf of a freind.. my freind wants to start twittering but he is unsure what is really is.. he has heard you can get virus's and that a bunch of weirdos follow you around and things.. he wants to know if its worth signing up for for ranting about things that dont belong on message boards he uses.. Is it safe for him to use?
  11. David_Dweedle

    Chocolate Doom

    Risen3D is the closest thing to Vanilla Doom. Or just run Doom.exe in Dosbox
  12. I took a Screenshot of what happened when I tried to load it with Risen3D. give me 5 mins and i'll show it to you just uploading it now Ugh.. too small hang on. there we go. lol didn't reliase my browser would appear to rofl..
  13. David_Dweedle


    Alright!!! Young People 1! Old Farts 0! Now we need to get " Sup , Lol , Leet and Zomg " in the Dictionary.. gonna sign up for one of those free Online pettition sites now.. Democracy will prevail!!
  14. is the Demo Source Port Specific? wouldn't open in Risen3D.. gonna try Zdoom.. EDIT: wouldn't open in Zdoom either.. any tricks to get it to load?
  15. David_Dweedle

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

    ugh.. was hopeing to see a " Download Whispers of Satan Here " Link...