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  1. Zilken989

    Doom 95, Anyone?

    lol... no worries, I'm a newcommer too man
  2. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    Hmm... I've never heard of, or even had that issue... that's shitty
  3. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    I'm quite sure that's exactly how it works, man... That's what makes the most sense, and I've had that happen in previous expierences :P :S
  4. Listen, for those who read, and disliked my 'The Best of the Best' thread, I'm apologizing for over doing it... I'm just a newbie and I didn't mean to be so over the top, know what I mean? :S :P... I'm sorry, fellow gamers

    I'll try to be more open, next time :)

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      I apologize for reading this thread.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Zilken989 said:

      What do you guys think of the 'Classic Doom 3' mod... and sonic-clans music he made? I think it's great

      The mod itself is pretty good, it looks great and I'd rather play it than play Doom 3. Just a pity the actual Doom 3 engine sucks so bad. The shotgun is weak as fuck and the enemies are totally unbalanced. The ending to Classic Doom 3 was a bit of a letdown.

      The Sonic Clang remix is definitely one of the better ones. Maybe second only to Dimaension X's "The Doom 2 Variations", which I think is the best rendition of Doom music out there.

      Sonic Clang did doom.wad, Dimaension X did doom2.wad, good balance :)

    4. Zilken989


      I'll have to check em' out... cool

  5. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    Lol, no I don't think so, man... I'd have no idea how to make a Source Port for the life of me, lol :P
  6. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    ouch... really I know nothing of that... crappy... I'd talk to fraggle, as I know nothing on the subject, just the game
  7. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    Besides, I play ZDaemon everyday online, with all the crazy-cool 'mods' and such... and they're a blast!... This was just for the original feel and gameplay that came in the box and on the floppy back in the early 90's :P
  8. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    Listen... It's a forum... people write what they want, when they want and yes, peoples opinions, including my own, are just that... opinions! That's why we have threads and that's why people talk to eachother here, man... So please don't be so harsh... Thank you
  9. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    Yeah, I hear yah'... I test things out from time to time, and it works well
  10. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    Does' it ever! Man, I just beat episodes 1-3 with just the 'happy ammo' cheat, on Ultra-Violence and it felt so right and perfect with Chocolate Doom... I can't believe how original it feels, like I said before... it's the closest thing to Doom we can get without actually owning a DOS operating system :P
  11. So what's the deal... are any new Source Ports on the rise? lol, I'm always eager to hear the news, guys

    1. GreyGhost


      Keep half an eye on ReMooD, DelphiDoom and Doom Legacy 2 - if you can find it's hiding place.

    2. Zilken989


      Thank you... I'll check em' out

  12. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    Great to hear... I knew people were still loyal to the classics! :P
  13. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    Yes, and I appreciate your understandings on my opinions as well, as they are just opinions. Everything counts, too! :)
  14. Zilken989

    The best of the best...

    I too played Doom on several different ports, such as JDoom and ZDaemon for years... but I still LOVE the classic look, no matter what the resolution spits out, so to speak... but I'll never be sick of the original look of it all... lol know what I mean, fraggle? :P :D
  15. Zilken989

    Chocolate Doom

    Fraggle... I think this is the best Source Port, that stays so true to Doom... that has ever been made. That's for the people who want the 'real' vanilla Doom in their hands, all of the time. Fine work, indeed, mate!