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  1. sometimes I do for the chunky retro effect but then I can't see shit in the distance so I switch it back to hi-res again software 4 life though, fuqq texture filtering
  2. I downloaded this a while back but just beat it the other day, and all I can say is... wow! An absolutely awesome episode wad, it's not often that one of this length keeps my attention for all the way from the beginning to the end, but this one absolutely did! It took me a while to beat due to the length of the levels and the difficulty (alright, in reality I just suck balls at the game... I played on Hurt Me Plenty but I was quicksaving and quickloading enough times to embarrass myself in front of my more pr0 friends... but fuqq it savescumming is less skrubby than using god mode!) but in this case, the longer the experience was, the better! I didn't want it to end! The absolutely awesome level design; the relentless contrast between light and dark; the gloomy, moody atmosphere (and oh boy is there T0NS of atmosphere); the incredible angles, use of heights, ceilings; the absolutely awesome DeHackEd work -- how could I have neglected to mention until now? I totally have a thing for DeHacked/BEX-based partial and total conversions, things that modify the gameplay or turn Doom into a totally new game but remain within the vanilla/limit removing/Boom/MBF constraints rather than encroaching upon ZDoom/DECORATE territory like a lot do. I've been proper enjoying Struggle, Dimension of the Boomed, Rowdy Rudy and of course this very WAD and would welcome any suggestions to play if anyone knows any similar .DEH/.BEX-compatible modaroonies! -- which encompasses the Alpha (aw yea! ALPHA THEME!!!) weapon replacements, chilling stimulating AmBiEnT sound effects (yep, dis ain't ZDOOM! it's vanilla) which really add to the atmosphere, and CUSTOM MONSTERS; the stunning, superb alpha texturing (I absolutely adore the Alpha themes! I really, really enjoyed @nicolas monti's Favillesco Alpha series (plus Reticula & witness of time, might I add) - yo dude, what's your next project in progress? I'm well pumped to play the next set of levels you put out, I've been absolutely loving your output so far bro! Is it gonna be another next level alpha ting because you me both, LOVE those alpha texturez!) but found the lighting to be rather too bright and neutral all round, see next point) combined with the Demios theme; the seriously striking lighting throughout the levelset - the bordering on stripey sometimes light, dark, light, dark lighting contrast! Crazy beams of light here and there, shadows all about, a moody dark sky, a darker take on the E2 sky, meaning that even outside it's dark and gloomy. Incredibly atmospheric high-contrast lighting that makes for intense, spooky and real atmpospheric gameplay. Love it. - plus the superb use of ambient sound effects by the DeHackEd mentioned above: all factors combined to create a truly mind-blowing experience. As I said earlier, I LOVE the alpha textures and resources, and this one absolutely knocks it out of the park!!! @years, Thank you! I absolutely commend this performance, and I'm really looking forward to the next episode... this one was DANK!
  3. No one's mentioned his semi-British accent yet? As soon as he opened his mouth I knew he was gonna be the Bad Guy, and the glass eye just clinched it. If there's someone with an english accent in an american production, they're nearly always the villain. I don't know what it is about our voices that make americans think we're so evil.
  4. NoWits


    Nice bait title, lol. Screenshots look very pretty, I'm giving this a go. edit: holy balls this is HARD
  5. NoWits

    What makes the good levels good and the bad levels bad?

    I'd like to know this too. I hear it used everywhere; to me it seems like one of those buzzwords like "balanced" that everybody uses all the time but nobody really knows what it means. I think I kinda sorta get what people mean by it - something about how quickly or slowly the difficulty ramps up or the progression through the map or something like that... actually, I haven't a clue. Can someone give us a definitive definition of this vague, empty term? That's a fantastic idea! I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with decent layouts for maps, so I'm definitely gonna give this a go!
  6. NoWits

    looking for some mods and maps to play

    I've been playing my way through Struggle: Antaresian Legacy recently. Absolutely quality wad, both a mapset and a gameplay mod, huge epic levels (and I'm not usually a fan of the giant open levels but these really are something else!), all-new weapons and monsters, plus it's limit-removing compatible! I highly recommend you check it out.
  7. NoWits

    Enjoyable Pistol

    Top lulz. I certainly enjoyed myself. From what I can tell after playing, the pistol shoots BFG balls which explode immediately, causing the BFG tracer ray spread to shoot out almost instantly after firing. Not only that, but the zaps of energy caused by the tracer rays now explode, dealing massive splash damage on every target. Made me laugh, but not really suitable for the entry weapon, although it'd be a rather interesting take on an alternate BFG -- coincidentally enough, ever since I found some BFG mod years ago that shoots out the tracer rays at the same time as the plasmaball rather than when the plasmaball explodes, I've had the idea of an alternate BFG which shoots out solely the tracer rays and no fireball. Your implementation where the tracer rays also deal splash damage on impact is almost exactly the same as the one I have in a total-conversion-type-thing I've been tinkering with!
  8. Just beat this the other day, banging wad you've made here! I greatly enjoyed the tweaks to doom's gameplay, all the new enemies spiced things up and the rifle felt properly powerful unlike the pistol. I always enjoy mapsets that make weapon 2 into an actually useful thing and give it some more airtime. You've done a grand job at capturing the feel of a standard not-quite-Doom 90s shooter as well, especially with the music used. While I found it a mixed bag in terms of personal taste - the theme of map01 was awesome and set the tone superbly but some of the later tunes annoyed me a bit after a while - you definitely nailed the sound of those 90s FPSes. Very cool, original take on the final boss as well, a great way to round off an overall greatly enjoyable map set with a strong sense of progression. Superb! PS. Just one thing, there's a place you can get permanently stuck on the final level. Other than that I couldn't find any bugs :)
  9. NoWits

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I figured it out! The bootstrap script has Windows line endings (CR LF), and bash was choking on them when I tried to run the script. I was getting the error: /bin/sh: 0: Illegal option - Opening it in a text editor and converting it to Unix line endings fixed it, and I'm now able to compile.
  10. NoWits

    The Becoming

    Awesome E2 replacement. Very atmospheric, great use of stock textures, especially in the transition to the hell theme. Had some unique moments, like the path leading up to the exit "teleporter" on M4 or the whole of M3, which was a very cool concept. Cool music too.
  11. NoWits

    Independent WADS

    The term you're looking for is "total conversion", things that turn Doom into something else entirely. A megawad is simply a wad that replaces all (or lots of) levels of Doom without necessarily providing any gameplay modifications. Here are a couple that change literally everything, turning Doom into almost a completely new game: HacX (one of my favourites!) Batman Doom Action Doom 1 and 2 (requires Zdoom) Some more that overhaul a good amount of content (also called "partial conversions"): Aliens TC (the OG total conversion, based on the movie) STRAIN Struggle Rowdy Rudy There's also the total conversions page on Doom Wad Station, though the quality of the TCs hosted is... variable, to say the least. Hope that's enough to keep you busy for a while. I'd actually been thinking of starting a thread to list all of these myself!
  12. NoWits

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    How do you compile PrBoom+ from source on Linux (or change the sound buffer length without having to do so)? I want to re-compile because for some PrBoom+ has the sound buffer latency set to something absurdly huge (2048?!?), making the chaingun sound terrible and causing there to be an audible delay between something happening and the sound being played. Not only that, but this value is hardcoded into the source, making it impossible to adjust the sound buffer latency without recompiling. The instructions that come with the source download (prboom-plus- on sourceforge state: Simple enough, with just one problem... there is no such file included! Following the SVN instructions and trying to run the ./bootstrap script causes a whole host of errors of its own as well, none of which are mentioned in any accompanying text file.
  13. NoWits

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    check out my sick new doom mod, it's vanilla compatible and everything
  14. Been playing through this mapset this morning on UV, pretty fun so far. It's sorta like a remix of the original Doom 2 levels, which is very cool. Ammo's a bit tight in some places, and there's one bit in level 4 where you drop down via a lift into a room with a revenant right in front of you, with absolutely no way to back out or escape apart from to wait for the lift to go back up. If the player doesn't have any chaingun ammo left then they're totally fucked, using the shotgun or SSG is just gonna get you punched to death. Also, I discovered a bug on map07: the rear wall of the starting room is set to Impassable, which means you can't go through the corresponding opening during the arachatron battle. I got stuck and died here because of this invisible wall. Finally I want to echo people above me's concerns that making maps (or really any stuff in general) because you want them to be popular isn't the best way to go about things. In my experience at least, it leaves you too dependent on other people's approval, and you might find yourself feeling the need to cater to current trends, or what you think people would find cool, rather than what you really want to make or what you think is cool. Map for yourself first and foremost, if people like it then consider that an added bonus, and if people don't like it then they'll (hopefully) offer criticism that'll help you make the best versions of the maps you really want to make. Edit: Also, I take it these maps were designed for continuous play. I just began map08 on a pistol start and the sudden cacodemon onslaught combined with narrow passageways makes it practically impossible, essentially a roll of the dice whether you'll escape or not.
  15. NoWits

    My love for Doom has been rekindled.

    On a slightly off-topic note, I do admire your replacement avatar. Looks wealthy to me, perhaps even a million dollars... or maybe that's a bit extreme.