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  1. NoWits

    Are you having sleep paralysis?

    Oh, God... It's happening again...
  2. Fancy that! I'm pretty sure the first time I saw the Ouch face as a wee lad, it was on screen for a good second or so. Definitely enough time for me to register this most unusual expression. I just figured the Doom guy was surprised that he picked up a health pack at such low health.
  3. check the doom alphas Probably a bit like that.
  4. NoWits

    is using crates a cardinal sin

    I disagree with this statement. There is nothing random about hating on burning barrels. In fact, it's one of the most logical things in Doom to hate on. All it does is sit there, its static, non-interactive ass almost gloating about just how much jack shit it does when shot. Hey, check it out guys! New for Doom 2, it's like the explosive barrels we all know and love, except it's ON FIRE! I can't want to see what kind of chaos I can cause by pumping some lead into one of these bad boys! Imagine my sheer disappointment (and, I'm sure, the collective disappointment of Doomers around the world) when we found out that the answer to that question is: sweet F.A. They just sit there as if your buckshot was play-doh! You can't even knock them over; they don't even hurt you when you get close (you know, like a fire would); their sole purpose for existence is to get in your way. It's like if they introduced the Super Shotgun in Doom 2, only for you to find out that it's a non-functioning antique replica that you can only look at and admire before switching to another weapon. How much of a letdown would that have been? And yet the burning barrel somehow manages to escape the same perfectly justified criticism as something which logic and intuition dictate is very obviously a more powerful upgrade of an existing game object, but in practice contributes nothing beyond being yet another rehash of one of the most uninteresting objects in the game: a static obstacle. I'll say it once more for those in the back: Fuck Burning Barrels.
  5. NoWits

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I'm curious, how were custom monsters etc. added in ZDoom before DECORATE came about? Was it just through use of DEHACKED like other source ports or was there something ZDoom-specific that was 'in between' the levels of DEHACKED and DECORATE in terms of advanced-ness?
  6. This is my favourite hypothesis. And from how frequently this topic is brought up and discussed, I'd say it worked!
  7. NoWits

    Batman Doom; What can be improved?

    I dunno, man, I'd say Batman Doom is pretty much perfect in every aspect. In fact, the one complaint I have about the majority of pwads out there is that they're not enough like Batman Doom.
  8. NoWits

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Ooh, that reminds me of another fun fact: In Doom v0.99 at least, it's 'you need a red keycard to open this door'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UBFrbBnU1
  9. NoWits

    rats learning how to play doom

    That animal is probably thinking "What the fuck is going on? Is this food?"
  10. NoWits

    Things about Doom you just found out

    OK, this is something I've known about Doom for a while now, but it's something YOU just found out: The 4th demo of Ultimate Doom, DEMO4, isn't preceded by a credits roll or any other sort of intermission text. It just goes straight from DEMO3 to DEMO4. In previous versions of Doom, after the final demo (DEMO3), it would go straight back to the title screen before cycling the demo sequence again. They didn't bother to add in an extra credits screen after DEMO3. - In other words: Title screen DEMO1 (e1m5) Credits screen DEMO2 (e2m2) Credits screen DEMO3 (e3m5) DEMO4 (e4m2) Title screen This just adds to the whole feeling that Episode 4 was a hastily tacked-on afterthought.
  11. If DEHEXTRA includes and supports MBF thing flags (which it does), then those source ports that claim to be DEHEXTRA-compatible should implement those thing flags.
  12. No, it does not, and neither does Doom Retro. I made a video to demonstrate: Example .BEX file attached, plus in the video description. Not sure if there are plans to implement these or fix for MBF compatibility, but it means if you want to use these features then the only popular source port your WAD will work on is PrBoom+, which kinda defeats the purpose of using DeHackEd/BEX over something port-specific like DECORATE or EDF. (On a side note, the Mushroom codepointer only works properly in PrBoom+ with -complevel 11. On default settings the speed and angle parameters are ignored, so the mushroom fireballs always shoot straight up.) BouncyNotWork.bex.zip
  13. Ah yes, classic realm667... doh! Probably where I downloaded all the other custom weapons I have kicking around too... Nice one, massive thanks!
  14. I want to use it in a project but can't for the life of me remember where I got it from. It was YEARS ago I downloaded it (or whatever wad it came with). Anyone perchance know where it's from and whether it's free to use (and who to give credit to if so)?
  15. sometimes I do for the chunky retro effect but then I can't see shit in the distance so I switch it back to hi-res again software 4 life though, fuqq texture filtering