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  1. NoWits

    The texture pack for BIGDOOR lovers :)

  2. Yep, yer zip file's bust: (that second dialog is from SLADE, source ports I tested just crash when trying to load the WAD)
  3. NoWits

    let the whoring begin!

  4. NoWits

    Cursed Doom Images

    I don't see it... lots of cyberdemons in the background? Something up with the fist sprite? Cool handle btw. Jeyaaa.
  5. NoWits

    What is unfun in 2023, but will be fun in the future?

    Arguing over saveless demo runs was not fun in 2023, but appreciating a thread derailing itself before even the first reply sure is fun in 2024.
  6. NoWits

    What do you think of this VST plugin

    I prefer the Casio VL-1 myself
  7. NoWits

    <G> - what does it mean?

    <G> or <g> seems prevalent in 90s internet slang. From the context of its usage, it looks like the equivalent of where people would use 'lol' today (or some kinda laughing emoji etc), but I'd be interested to learn more about its history and meaning (such as what the 'G' stands for). A Google search for "<G>" is predictably useless. Plenty of examples in Maximum Doom readmes... DOOM1/1_ON_1.TXT: > * Where to get this WAD * Duh, looks like you already have it. <g> DOOM1/DMPITS.TXT: > ONCE YOU DISCOVER THE METHOD TO MY MADNESS YOU'LL ONLY HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE RANDOM VARIABLES AND LOSING YOUR GRIP ON THE MOUSE OR JOYSTICK <G>. DOOM1/MANIAC.TXT: > Single Player: Yes, but you can't get out, so it's kinda pointless.<G> > Known Bugs: Some misc texture mis-alignments(Stemming from EXTREME laziness.<G>) > You may do whatever you want with this file. Although if you're planning on modifying it, it would be nice if you gave proper credit. (I'll be VERY pissed off if I find otherwise.<G>) DOOM1/RALPHNEW.TXT: > Additional Credits: ... Terry C. Ramey and Sebastian Kirke for BETA critiques and other witty and useful suggestions (I didn't use any of 'em <g>) DOOM1/RECANT11.TXT: > Additional Credits: ... Shawn Green for kind words<g> > ... the tower in the lava pit gave me nightmares with the texture alignment (all done manually, folks<g>). DOOM2/2DIE.TXT: > Arachnotron ... (goes with new music <g>) DOOM2/ACHERON2.TXT (and DOOM1/RALPHNEW.TXT, incidentally): > Known Bugs: Rush Limbaugh <g> (none that I know of) DOOM2/DETHGO32.TXT: > This file provided by Dr Sleep, who is not affiliated with the author of DETH 2.3, but did beta test the thing, so I think I know what I'm talking about<g>. DOOM2/FULOLED.TXT: > P.S. I would absolutely love to see a *.lmp of a game played on this level, especially if it is a 3 or 4 player game! Please! Please! <g> DOOM2/MKFRGTME.TXT (interestingly one of the few (if not only) WAD(s) in Maximum DOOM that has a custom palette): > New Graphics: Yes (A few wall textures. A cool new status bar, and a shameless plug <g>) DOOM2/REDDOG2.TXT: > Misc. Author Info: avid doomer....spends WAY too much time deathmatching <g> DOOM2/VORTPAK.TXT: > Additional Credits to: Matt Lea for helping design map04 over the phone while waiting to play it. <g> DOOM2/WHATSNEW.TXT: > Mancubus now fires chicken's inside of those flame balls or whatever you want to call them <g> It works very good actually, and is fun to watch :-) > I think you'll especially love the Cyberdemon graphics <g> I'd hate to run into this dude playing DOOM deathmatch at 3 in the morning <g>
  8. Comfy Doom deserves a mention.
  9. NoWits

    Is this real?

    I tried this easter egg at my cousins house once and the game kept crashing and every time we had to unplug it from the wall and we found out that before the start room u have to turn counterclockwise in 3 times (i cant tell u where in the level else ill get banned foreverially) then i went to press the generator switch and my cousin was hiding behind me and we were so scared then this ultra realistic dead freddy fazbear appeared on the screen with the loudest scream i ever heard and said "nothin personnel kid..." in the evil jon romero voice and then a skeleton popped out of the monitor and all the power went out in the house and my aunt and uncle ran into the room and said what the hell is going on in here? then they saw the skeleton and literally died of shock but when they got better we were grounded for like 6 years they were so mad
  10. NoWits

    Rocchetta Plin Plin SoundFont V 2.03

    1.3 gigabytes? This better be worth it... See you tomorrow morning...
  11. NoWits

    rate my custom title

    ten out of title
  12. TL;DR - My favourite is IDBEST.wad (see below for a pic of the map). What's yours from somewhere other than Plutonia or Maximum Doom? I've always been a fan of WADs with modified versions of the maps from the original IWADs. Especially those that add extra bits that connect different parts of the map together. I used to (and still do) have recurring dreams of finding extra rooms or hidden passageways in places I know in real life. Maybe that ties into it on a subconscious level or some bollocks like that. Anyhoo, I know this is somewhat of a taboo subject on the old Doomworld because of the IWADs being copyrighted content or whatever. I know at least that modded IWAD maps are purged from idgames, so can be less than easy to find. For this reason, most of the ones I know of are from Maximum Doom (which isn't too difficult to find an archive of online buy an authentic CD copy of, if you're so inclined). It seems most of them are based on E1M1 or MAP01, usually for deathmatch purposes (they're the first map that most people see, and are fun and tight DM levels after all). It's cool running through the old familiar levels you know inside and out and coming across new passageways or unfamiliar twists and takes. Some are, of course, better executed than others. One that immediately springs to mind is SUPER1.wad, better known as the first map of DWANGO1.wad: There are plenty of others in the same vein - LEV01EXT.wad ("Level 01, The extended version"), the rather crude BILL.wad (MAP01 of DWANGO2), HELLYEAH.wad, FIGHT.wad, MEGA!.wad (MAP07 of DWANGO4), and last but not least MAP01 of #1DWANGO.wad. This last one in particular felt notably cosy to me somehow, not only connecting the two courtyards of MAP01 with an additional room, but its reskin of MAP01 from green 'n' brown American-McGee-base to Episode-1-COMPbase and cuddly major-chord-laden rendition of Head Like A Hole. Anyway... there's also that clinically insane rendition of map01 from gothic99 (which is more a whole new level that just happens to retain a similar shape to map01), plus GO2IT from Plutonia and that one from dwango5 that everyone knows about. It's interesting to see each author's take on the extra bits to be added to the humble MAP01. Some of them differ extravagantly, while some of them are remarkably similar - in particular, several of them feature an extra copy of the 'health bonus room' branching off left from the hallway after the initial triangular stairway ('fun' fact, I played so many of these MAP01 mods back in the day that I forgot the original actual real MAP01 didn't even have that branch in the hallway. Doi!). On the E1M1 side... we of course have the old classic E3M9: Warrens. The id guys already knew of the excitement and wonder that comes from extra bits being revealed in areas where you thought you'd already seen it all. Apart from that, the only examples I know are, once again, from Maximum Doom. There are plenty of e1m1 'remixes' not worth mentioning, where they just change the textures and things (possibly before node editors were invented) - apart from one, E1M1OSKU.wad, where you start from the exit and have to make your way to the entrance. Wacky! Out of the proper Doom 1 remixes, there are at least a couple that are actually for Doom 2 - MAP05 from #1DWANGO, with a few extra rooms and passageways here and there, and the imaginatively named E1M1.wad, with quite the same. Oh yeah, this one doesn't really count but I thought I'd include it for '''''completeness''''' - MAP32 of Doom 2 X-TREME, a conglomerate of all the final levels from Doom 1. A boss battle clipshow, if you will. I'll get these ones out of the way, as they were a curiosity for single-digit-age Nowits but really no more than that... RIP4 and RIP6, which feature Two Clones of E1M1 and E3M1 respectively, again with a hidden passageway connecting the two (the readme indicates these are an anti-screenpeeking measure, as when you're playing deathmatch against your 'buddy' sitting next to you, if either of you glances at the other's screen to see where he is, you won't know which copy of the map they're on! Oh, the thrills that ensue! I suppose people were more easily amused in 1994, but really we shouldn't tease - it must've been jolly good fun at the time). Then there's the more imaginative - the slightly extended E2M9 from GGDEATH!.wad, the very curious MOO.wad and the cyberdemon-laden RALPHII.wad (MAP03 from DWANGO2). I've saved the best for last... as a modified IWAD map lover, when I came across this on the old Maximum Doom CD I thought I'd hit the jackpot. IDBEST.wad, an ingenious conglomeration of E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4 and E1M5! That's right: Now, with all the nostrilgic ranting out of the way, let's look towards the future (and by future, I mean the past beyond 1995). Anyone have any more modern examples of modified or extended versions of levels from the original DOOM? Perhaps you know of or have made an unholy mergation of all or some of the maps from Episode(s) 2 and/or 3? Maybe you've come across a level in Maximum Doom that's even crazier than the ones I've mentioned above, or some WAD on the internet that extends the infamous Tricks and Traps from the ordinary octagon to a devilish dodeachedron? Whatever your favourite takes are on the IWAD classics, post 'em here!
  13. Do them in this order: map32 map08 map13 map28 map30 map17 map21 map11 map24 map12 map16 map02 map10 map19 map15 map18 map26 map27 map01 map25 map04 map31 map14 map20 map22 map06 map05 map07 map03 map29 map09 map23
  14. NoWits

    Enemy theme songs

    Revenant: obviously Between Levels (D_BETWEE / MAP04 / The Focus). It's almost as jaunty and funky as the Revenant itself!