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  1. mammajamma

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A gameplay mod themed around pro wrestling. Weapon replacements would involve guns/explosives named after wrestling moves. (Powerbomb grenades, Tombstone shotgun, Sharpshooter rifle, etc.) Multiple melee weapons that are ones commonly used in wrestling matches (steel chair, barbed wire baseball bat, single use flourescent light tubes, kendo stick, etc.) You could take partial inspiration from La Tailor Girl and replace the powerups with gameplay changes based on a particular wrestler. (e.g. a Hulk Hogan/John Cena powerup would have you deal more damage the lower your health is to simulate a babyface comeback, a hardcore (like New Jack or Mick Foley) powerup that functions as a berserk/tome of power hybrid that boosts melee weapon damage and gives them more unique attack animations with enhanced blood effects, or a luchador (think El Santo or Rey Mysterio) powerup that gives you a speed boost/more aerial maneuverabilty) For an added bonus, have a music pack filled with wrestler entrance themes.
  2. mammajamma

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    There are Chromebooks nowadays that are able to run Android apps, so that could probably be a solution for testing mouse/keyboard.
  3. mammajamma

    Looking for the author of a .gif

    If I could wager a guess, the Doom threads on 4chan's /vr/ board. A lot of the Doom meme images/gifs tend to come from there.
  4. mammajamma

    id Software's Co-Developers on Potential for Doom Sequel!!!

    The whole idea of the "Citizen Kane of video games" is there would be a game that would finally bring video games into a respected art form (and also to prove I totally didn't waste my time playing that crap, Mom!) while completely missing the point as to why Citizen Kane is so important to filmmaking. Really, due to the ever-changing evolution of game mechanics you could point to several games in the FPS genre alone that could be considered something like that. Wolf3D, Doom, Quake, Half-Life, Halo, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare could each have a legitimate case as to things they brought to the table whether it was new ways of story-telling in the game, improvements in graphical technology the games brought, or just simply making controls on certain platforms not suck.
  5. mammajamma

    Terrible puns/jokes

    This thread sort of reminds me of the time my high school held a pun contest where the prize was $100 so i sent in about ten of them hoping one of them would be good enough to win. Unforunately, no pun in ten did.
  6. I know you said you tested it with a few mice but are all of them made by Logitech by any chance? A few mice put out by them over a certain period a few years back had a problem where the left click gets stuck on occasion. My G500 has that exact problem.
  7. mammajamma


    I'm a Colts fan and Deflategate was a bunch of bullshit that was first propagated by a shitty local columnist that everyone here had already hated because he was buttmad that we got BTFO by the Pats yet again. Most smart fans here put more blame on Grigson (who is finally gone thank God) drafting like shit and Pagano not putting any effort in the first half because he knows that second half comeback victories get all sorts of shitty hot take columnists to go on about how Luck has CLUTCH and GRIT and all sorts of bullshit like that. As for the Super Bowl, I'm going with the Pats by two touchdowns.
  8. Didn't the IDL mapsets have pop song instrumentals for the background music?
  9. mammajamma

    malwarebytes safety?

    If you have 8.1 or 10 as your OS, Windows Defender does a good enough job as long as you have both common sense as well as ad/script blockers installed on your browser. But it doesn't catch everything, so you want to back it up with Malwarebytes by running it once a month (if you have the free version).
  10. mammajamma

    The Wrestling Thread

    NJPW has taken more of an effort to attract Anglosphere (US/UK/CAN/AUS) viewers including having English commentary for their major shows and just very recently adding full English support for their website as well as their streaming service, NJPW World. There's also a TV show if you're American and have AXStv where they show high profile matches from the last couple years or so. As far as storylines go, there's not really much that gets lost in translation, like 99% of New Japan storylines are some variation on "You're pretty good but I think I'm better than you, let's wrestle." Supposedly the guy who runs NJPW wants to eventually have a full fledged war with WWE (which I honestly don't think they'll win, but God bless them for trying).
  11. mammajamma

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    One could easily make a comparison to Mortal Kombat 9 with this. -A remake/reboot of the first three games loaded with nostalgia-laden fanservice with MK, a reboot mostly styled after the mechanics of the first two games with Doom -A brotastic marketing campaign (MK is pretty much regarded as the "dudebro" fighter and people forget that a lot of older PC gamers (especially adventure gamers from the early 90s) despised Doom for introducing a shitload of people to PC games and developers abandoning adventure games for more action-oriented games to appeal to the new demographic) -Both developers had a string of mediocre games beforehand and there was concern that it wouldn't live up to the hype. -A huge emphasis on gore (MK and Doom were the poster children of the "evils" of video game violence in the 90s, plus the MK game before 9 was rated T so this was their first game in the 360/PS3 era where they could really go all out. -Both ended up being one of the best games of their particular genre to come out that year. (MK9 was the first MK to get major play at fighting game tournaments and Doom 2016 is pretty widely regarded as the best FPS of the year.) Nostalgia fueled games aren't necessarily bad, you know.
  12. mammajamma

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Given what albums Romero gave Prince to make the original Doom soundtrack with, Doom was probably meant to evoke a thrash metal mentality the whole time (e.g. Metallica, Slayer, S.O.D.) with some groove (Pantera) and grunge (Alice In Chains) thrown in, which was most likely in tune with the tastes of the average American metalhead in the early 90's.
  13. mammajamma

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    If you want to blame anybody for D44M's general tone, blame the Doom community itself. Most people in it have interpreted Doomguy as a total badass demonslayer that gives no fucks about anything else, not to mention that gameplay-wise I can think of way more wads that are about pure action than there are wads that try to evoke a spooky atmosphere. I'd agree with you about a potential sequel should be a hybrid of action/atmosphere though.
  14. mammajamma

    Update 5 details .

    A few other games have done that in later updates as well. I guess the logic is that Denuvo is the most effective DRM we have at the moment, and since the vast majority of sales (and piracy) of most games happen within the first few months of release, once the time period has passed there's not much use for it after then.
  15. mammajamma

    What are some Good FPS games not on Steam?

    Not technically Blizzard but Activision in general. Xatrix, the devs of Redneck Rampage, after a rename to Grey Matter Interactive and then a merger are now Treyarch, who you may know from the Black Ops subseries of Call of Duty.