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  1. It would fit in with the Tyrant basically being the classic Cyberdemon. I bet a good chunk of the new demons in the game are actually straight up the classic monster designs but as veteran-esque variants of their current namesake.
  2. mammajamma

    Titanic Doom (Official Update Thread)

    What about seperating the exterior and each of the decks via line portals? It would probably be better performance wise than stacking a shitload of 3D floors on top of each other. Looks fucking amazing. Keep it up!
  3. mammajamma

    Playtester for Doom Eternal leaks

    OK, I'm convinced. Here's a brief summary of what the guy's leaking: The Doom Slayer and Doomguy are the same person. The ending references the end of Doom 2, and an after credits scene has him traveling across space and time similar in concept to Link's "Hero of Time" gimmick in Zelda 18 levels plus the main hub map. The levels have various themes (Mars, Earth, Hell, Heaven, Sentinel Prime, Those DLC maps last game with the fancy architecture) The earth levels seem to be a straight reference to Doom 2 to the point that the maps outright share the same names as their Doom 2 equivalents. The hub map is basically a "run around and do target practice" thing. Enormous and full of references to older id games and pop culture. Level design has far less "arena combat" scenarios than 2016, focused more on refining the exploration aspects. The Khan Makyr is the final boss but has 3 seperate forms during combat. The Story DLC are seperate shorter campaigns, one featuring Phobos from Quake 3, the other with Crash. They both take place during an invasion. They'll have much more of a narrative focus than the campaign, supposedly because id wanted to use the main campaign to refine the general mechanics. Hugo Martin apparently lurks virtually every Doom community, as well as 4chan, since there's always been a strong Doom presence on /v/ and /vr/. The Chaingunner is back (with pictures of his head and his weapon included); the Archvile is now a baron-tier enemy that temporary buffs the health of the enemies around it as long as it's around. It's meant to be a workaround for not having the ability to resurrect corpses. You will be able to use player skins in campaign, skins range from simple palette swaps, to more "out there" designs, with classic skins as well (mentioned are classic Doomguy, Doom 3, Quake 3, the comic, and the way he looks on Doom 2's cover art) Doomguy will not be in Smash. A GTX 1660 or 1070 will run it at 1440p and 60fps with all but a few settings maxed out.
  4. mammajamma

    You should DIE if you fall off the world.

    I bet you someone at id played Strange Aeons. One of the best parts of that TC, in my opinion, was that in the early levels where there is an endless void, if you fuck up the platforming you don't actually die but get teleported to the part where you start the platforming sections.
  5. To be honest, the bright glaring HUD is probably the tradeoff of doing a Day 1 Switch version instead of porting it a year and a half after the fact. You need to have all of the HUD elements and shit readable and accessible during gameplay on a 6.2" Switch screen, and the usual circumstances involving AAA game development means that it needs to be easily read by your average player on first glance. A HUD scaling option for the PS4/XB/PC versions wouldn't be a bad idea though.
  6. mammajamma

    Zenimax shilling Doom Eternal in other companies' games?

    That's the thing. Doomguy (or the Doom Marine) would be great for Smash, there'd be a heavy emphasis on Doom's fast run-and-gun gameplay and ideally you'd use guns as a zoning tool and then use rushdown melee to eliminate other fighters. As a bonus, controlling Doomguy in Smash may sort of feel like if Quake 3 utilized 2d platforming. The Doom Slayer in MK11 on the other hand, would represent the rip and tear ultraviolence that defines Doom, with fatalities, brutalities, and fatal blows being a combination of glory kills and creative weapon usage. Doom is known for two things, its gameplay, and its violence. Doomguy in Smash represents the gameplay, Doom Slayer in MK represents the violence.
  7. We're in the midst of Doom's 25th anniversary and Doom Eternal is coming up in late November, hence Zenimax/Bethesda is dubbing 2019 the year of Doom. At the same time, a lot of Doom fans (not really much here, but on other places like 4chan, reddit, or Something Awful) are speculating that Doomguy's going to be a guest character in two games; Super Smash Bros: Ultimate and Mortal Kombat 11. On the one hand, it kinda makes sense from a meta-historical stantpoint; Ultimate is being kinda marketed as an all-star line up of video games, and Doom is right up there with Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Street Fighter II(Ryu/Ken), Final Fantasy 7(Cloud), and Dragon Quest(The Hero, announced earlier today) as among the greatest games ever made. On top of that, Doom and Mortal Kombat were the poster children of the video game violence debate of the 90s-early 2000s, and the main reason along with Night Trap that ratings systems like the ESRB, PEGI, and the old RSAC were established. On the other hand, Doom's practically associated with blood and guts and guns, and a lot of people would be baffled by him being in either. Quite a few people think you couldn't fit Doom's intense gun-based gameplay in an E10+ rated game like Smash, and I'm not sure how you can implement a gun heavy fighter in MK11 without him turning into an OP zoner like Deadshot in Injustice 2. Do you think Bethesda would actually do it? Doomguy has a small history as a guest character, after all, being in the PC port of Tony Hawk 3.
  8. mammajamma

    Retro FPS - What would you want in it

    I think there'd be a decent market for a retro-styled FPS with a modern warfare theme, ala Soldier Of Fortune. I'd figure you'd take some basic Call of Duty-like mechanics like sprinting and ADS, and combine it with a projectile system similar to ww-nazis (or maybe a system where you shoot hitscan but the enemies shoot projectiles), with enemy variety inspired by Metal Slug.
  9. mammajamma

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    Now all we need is an update on Mordeth.
  10. Dusk doesn't use Quake BSPs at all. The Unity engine contains a utility known as "ProBuilder" whose stated purpose is to make quick prototypes for levels, but is deep enough that you can easily use it to make a map that wouldn't look out of place in vanilla Quake, and with enough time could look like something out of Arcane Dimensions.
  11. Ran through a few maps in episode 2 of Deathless with it, the color patch, and Random Deaths and Decoration 1.6. The only problem I had with it was when I first started playing, whenever i shot an enemy the blood sprays came off as a tad too slow. The feeling goes away quickly once you get into the rhythm of gameplay, but do you have plans to add more options for adjusting that sort of thing, if it is even possible at all? Apart from that, this mod is fucking great and it's going into my GZDoom autoload ASAP.
  12. mammajamma

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    Honestly I would be perfectly fine if he just took some cues from his work on Killer Instinct. Some of the tracks there would have felt right in place in your average Doom mod. (at 1:02 you might notice a familiar riff here)
  13. mammajamma

    Doomslayer looks like the Predator?

    A shitload of Doom's original aesthetic was influenced by Aliens in the first place. About time they integrated something from the other half of AVP.
  14. mammajamma

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    And both id and Mark probably took it from the fact that takedown executions were a trend in the game industry last gen.
  15. mammajamma

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Well if you want to get to the meat of it, the actual point of the character is that Doomguy is YOU. Romero meant him to be a "blank slate" character that players imprint themselves into, and current Doom seems to enforce that through some of the story bits about how Doomslayer is guided by angels in his crusade against the demons. The angels in this context probably represents you, the player, and what we would see as someone being really good at Doom would seen to the demons as Doomslayer having to have someone divine behind him as mortal human struggle greatly against even one demon, let alone dozens, let alone thousands.