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  1. mammajamma

    How tall is doomguy?

    I mentioned 6'3" because MachineGames modeled BJ Blazkowicz in nuWolf partially after Brock Lesnar (same height). Assuming Doomguy is a canon descendant of BJ, I figure it's the same.
  2. mammajamma

    How tall is doomguy?

    About 6'3", 6'8" is when he's wearing the suit (accounting for helmet padding and the jump jet boots under his feet)
  3. mammajamma

    What sort of wads would you like to see?

    More wads that are balanced for keyboard/gamepad play, particularly in the vein of the classic 90's megawads and NRTFL.
  4. Have you ever played Resident Evil 4? The reason the sprites are the way they are is because it gives the illusion that it's third-person.
  5. Do you have plans for the Doom 2 cover art and Doom 64 skins?
  6. mammajamma

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    There's a very simple way to keep the Slayer arc going while still addressing the criticisms of modern Doomguy being too OP: You know how he went back into the Divinity Machine at the end of TAG2? Just make up some shit about how he intentionally debuffed himself because he's sick of being treated as a god.
  7. mammajamma

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Frankly, before id does anything, Microsoft should get them away from the Zenimax corporate structure as soon as humanly possible. id Software as a developer is on the same level of prestige, influence, and consistent critical/commercial success as Nintendo EAD and Rockstar North, and they don't deserve to be a subsidiary of a subsidiary. Shit, Zenimax as a corporation only survived past 2017 based solely on id properties/engines and Doom hype.
  8. Have you considered adding Doom Retro's random pitch system where each thing/monster has their own seperate pitch instead of just having it happen with every sound effect?
  9. I'd also like to know the current actor limits too, last I checked it was around 100.
  10. mammajamma

    Family picture?

    Not necessarily a joke, just insult to injury. He was out stationed somewhere, and after the events of Doom 1, the demons invaded earth from his own hometown, killed his family, and stuck the family pet's head on a spike outside city limits to taunt him.
  11. mammajamma

    He's baaaack

    I mean, it's only one of the greatest games of all time. I'd expect nothing less.
  12. Davoth is basically "not-Satan" and Satan is known traditionally as the "Prince of Lies". The fact that the Slayer killed Davoth yet didn't die proved that he was full of shit. This shit is confusing because id had to contractually rush out a full season pass while the entire world was fucked by a pandemic at the same time. Honestly I'd rather let Microsoft have id take their time and release some later "Ancient Gods: Directors Cut" that touches up some of the art and expands on the story.
  13. mammajamma

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    It's probably whatever the fuck Doomguy's probably dreaming up while in stasis in the Divinity Machine until he gets out the next Doom game (or guest appearance, a "Hey, I feel like competing in a Tekashi's Challenge show with a bunch of blobs, probably go beat the shit out of Sephiroth too but I'm not sure yet" kind of thing) You don't kill thousands of monsters without it burning into your psyche in some fashion.
  14. mammajamma

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    Samur was the "Wretch" Seraphim mentioned in Doom 4's codex that gave Doomguy his Slayer powers through a chunk of Davoth's soul. Samur later manifested himself in 2016's universe by possessing Samuel Hayden's body through rapid terminal malignant cancer. That's also how Hayden was able to recover Doomguy from that deep tomb at the beginning of 4. It would explain the time skip/plothole between Doom 4's ending and Eternal's opening as well. Hayden was never going to kill him or fuck him over when he was the one who gave Doomguy his buff in the first place; he already knows he's fucked so everything he does is to ensure that Doomguy kills him last. The Divinity Machine is supposed to be a callback to Doom 4's beginning where he wakes up in the sarcophagus. At any point Doomguy was extremely fucking strong in the first place before Doom 4. Someone who dies then fights his way out of hell, fights his way once more into hell while saving the earth, and then decides to stay there after doing it again, is going to be overpowered by any measure, especially when the game's enemy roster by its very nature and backstory can overwhelm humanity through a mix of viciousness and sheer numbers. Davoth taking the form of Doomguy is, I assume, a metaphor on the idea of Doomguy being a stand-in/blank slate for the player as well as on how many Doom players have tried their hand at making a map over the past 25 years, mixed in with the old trope of selling your soul to the devil for power. The Makyr themselves are more like Ancient Aliens that happen to look like deities. (That skin pack that's a total reference to the WAD isn't a coincidence.) Davoth is one of the Ancient Gods. Any future Doom game, WAD, mod, or guest appearance can be rationalized as random shit Doomguy got up to sometime in-between Doom 64 and Eternal, or him waking up from the Divinity Machine presumably after id's next game or two, aka nuQuake.
  15. mammajamma

    old games modded still better

    I mean to be fair the sheer amount of mods for classic Doom are part of the reason people are fine with Eternal not having modding tools (at least at the moment). And id's damn well aware of it too, considering how Unity Doom includes modern vanilla megawads like BTSX and limit-removing episodes like Double Impact and Sigil, or how Eternal's most recent demon skin pack references Ancient Aliens, or how the purple goo in certain Eternal levels pretty much function the same way as Boom's mud sector effect.