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  1. mammajamma

    Criticism and what I would improve about Doom Eternal

    All you'd have to do is double the max ammo and the problems with the game go away. I understand that id/Hugo wanted to put an emphasis on making your shots count, and I'm sure they didn't intend for Rich get Richer and certain weapon upgrades to completely bust Doom 4, but you don't have to fucking make the ammo count half of what you got in the IWADs without the backpack. I'm pretty sure a lot of that is due to using high capacity magazines as a reference for the max ammo. For example: -The shotgun ammo maxes out at 24 because Eternal's shotgun has some distinct visual similarities to the Kel-Tec KSG-25, which can carry 25 shells. -The heavy cannon maxes out at 100 because drum magazines for M-16/AR platforms are in that range. -The plasma rifle maxes out at 150 because that's a standard box magazine size for light machine guns. The ammo limit especially bites you in the ass early in the game since in theory when you pick the first weapon mod for the shotgun, both should be equally effective, but in practice you're all but forced to pick the sticky grenade because you don't have enough ammo to make the full auto mod viable until late game. "But then you wouldn't use the chainsaw", you'd say, but simply doubling the ammo would encourage the player to use it even more. I'd also add an alt-fire to the chainsaw where you use it like in classic Doom, so there's a viable method of attacking when you're out of ammo and waiting for the cooldown to end instead of having to endlessly wander around the map waiting for a Possessed to spawn.
  2. mammajamma

    List of Doom WAD Fan Remakes

    32in24 8 is a DM mapset built on top of various Doom 1 and 2 maps.
  3. mammajamma

    I'm worried about the future of Doom.

    The way I see it, I just don't feel that mod tools are that important nowadays for a game like Doom Eternal since anybody who'd want to put in the effort to make a full hypothetical TC can easily just make money off a full commercial game in Unity (Dusk/Prodeus), Unreal Engine (Amid Evil/Hellbound), or even just popular source ports in general (Hedon on GZDoom/Ion Fury on EDuke32/Wrath on Darkplaces). The fact that Minecraft, Among Us, and Fortnite are among the most popular games in the world is proof enough that people care more about gameplay than photorealistic graphics.
  4. mammajamma

    Doom and the Golden Age of FPS

    If Alf actually knew a damn thing about video games, he'd be shitting all over Goldeneye instead. It directly inspired Half-Life's narrative structure, it has a realistic setting, realistic weapons with reloading, and was THE console multiplayer FPS before Halo 1 came out. This isn't the only game he does this with on 4chan by the way. He does the same exact shit with Resident Evil 4 because it was a better horror shooter than Doom 3 was. Actually I bet that's the real fucking reason he shits on both games. Everything good about Doom 3 was BTFO a year later by HL2 (graphics and environment interaction) and RE4 (horror). There are similar threads someone else (or maybe him) does this exact same bullshit but praises Doom 3 to high heavens because it was "Doom the way it was meant to be played". (BTW he's currently calling Mark a tranny because even Mark thinks Alf is full of shit).
  5. You might want to just draw a mockup and post a thread on ZDoom's resource request subforum. It's fucking Lost Civilization 2, people will jump up to make a custom HUD in a heartbeat.
  6. It's big enough for four players. A bit cramped, but it could give an Anarchy Reigns sort of vibe, which can fit with nuDoom's blend of classic Doom and stylish action.
  7. mammajamma

    DEHEXTRA discussion (split from Pr+ UMAPINFO thread)

    I see. I hope in the future there's a planned workaround for that, because a hard cap of nine weapons might be limited in the long run when many modern gameplay mods/TCs have at least ten.
  8. mammajamma

    DEHEXTRA discussion (split from Pr+ UMAPINFO thread)

    If not entirely new slots, what about simply cloning them (ie, another shotgun, another plasma rifle, etc.)? Or would that present the same issues?
  9. Sometimes jokes have a bit of truth to them. Romero was directly involved in the production of Heretic and Hexen 1, and RoTT started development as a Wolf3D sequel.
  10. I mean the plot of Quake 3 (which I believe was the id game that was 100% Carmack creatively) involves people from various universes thrown together to fight to the death, which includes Doomguy, Ranger, Bitterman, and Sarge (implied to be an older BJ Blazckowicz iirc). Civvie's newest video about Heretic also mentioned John Romero implying an extended universe that also featured Heretic, Hexen, and ROTT. We don't have to get into nuDoom's multiverse. If the creative minds behind Doom as a franchise as whole don't mind an "id multiverse" I don't see why we should ignore their input on it, except for Tim Willits. Fuck Tim Willits.
  11. mammajamma

    DEHEXTRA discussion (split from Pr+ UMAPINFO thread)

    What about adding an extra slot to weapons 2 and 4-7 to make it an even 14? That would help something like D4V so you could have a version where you can have every weapon in the mod at once without having to swap out .deh files.
  12. mammajamma


    I meant id re-licensing the already open-sourced 90s engines (Doom and Quake 1-3) from GPL to MIT. The versions of the source Carmack released were based on the Linux versions, weren't they?
  13. mammajamma


    Now that id's under Microsoft, would it finally be possible to re-license the classic idTech engines under something like MIT? Even ten years ago this would be even more of a pipe dream, but a key part of Satya Nadella's tenure as Microsoft CEO has been open sourcing various bits and bobs of code/Windows tech under MIT, as a means of adding greater Unix compatibility to draw customers away from Apple. Carmack seems to want to come back, so I don't see why not.
  14. They're using the IWAD that came with the Bethesda port instead of the regular IWAD. No WolfSS = constant crashing for wads that require them.