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  1. Coolster

    Bass Midi System Synth

    Well tried just that and sadly it didn't do a thing, still the same issue. I will try some older versions of Eternity and see if that's the new versions of Bass Midi System Synth are causing the problems. Edit: Okay i tried every version from 3.40 up to the current one and to 3.40.20 they didn't had any sound problems, 3.40.25 for some reason always crashes on me and 3.40.30 is the one where the sound problems actually started for me.
  2. Coolster

    Bass Midi System Synth

    Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate SP1, Eternity 3.40.37, older versions didn't seem to had that problem, when i switched to Microsofts default synth it didn't had any problems playing sound. Edit: I updated the BassMidi System Synth and while midi has no problems playing right now, sounds on the other hand play for a while and then stop, it's pretty random if you ask me.
  3. Coolster

    Bass Midi System Synth

    I used eternity with it for quite some time but recent releases have sound problems with using it, any ideas why that happens?
  4. Coolster

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    or Fog Based (that's what im using and it looks great)
  5. Coolster

    Doom Expanded Final [RELEASE]

    The thing is though, if he wants to play a game enhancing mod, why bother with compatibility anyway? And if he really did wanted a pure vanilla experience, there is Choco, Prboom+ or Dos.exes for this ;p
  6. Coolster

    Doom Expanded Final [RELEASE]

    I personally never found those death sounds to actually sound like he is dying, it literally sounds more like some demon grunting.
  7. Coolster

    Doom Expanded Final [RELEASE]

    Maybe it's just me but flame on torches seems a little bit off, it seems to happen only when sprite clipping is set to always (the way i like to play) http://i50.tinypic.com/1gp5h.png other than that i enjoy this mod better than Beautiful Doom or Cosmetic Doom
  8. didn't know that (but then again Episode 4 was my least favorite) but then again map itself gets rather difficult if you try to sequence break so let it be :P
  9. Coolster

    Brutal HeXen - Beta 1 Released

    not to hate on Hexen, but Heretic would benefit from it even more, considering how gory standard deaths we're in that game (everything basically explodes)
  10. found a bug in Fear map, you can easily squeeze yourself between the bars going backwards :P was using the latest GZDoom SVN
  11. That grosse just blows my mind, i mean it was far more entertaining than the original and the atmosphere is top notch. I can't wait to see what other maps will look like, gonna check the bloodsea right now.
  12. I see no point in doing the Wolfenstein levels, never really liked them that much to be honest and SS Guards would require new sound effects, i still wonder what you guys will do with Arch-viles. In short Betray and Sewers PSX-fied are much better options (i would also like to see No Rest for the Living PSX Style, then again they're not lost levels).
  13. Dis really looks great and yeah i agree with baron, this should be an addon for the TC
  14. Coolster

    Why does no one use Odamex?

    http://odamex.net/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=134 It's an old report but the screens posted there show what happens, i tried most of the settings but no matter what kind of resolution i either get distortion on everything or just on some animated objects, it annoys me to the point i don't want to use the source port itself, the day it gets fixed, i will give it a chance.
  15. Coolster

    Why does no one use Odamex?

    Weird graphics scaling problems that are still not fixed and most of the servers are empty, that is all ;p