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  1. Kore

    Noob made an level for Doom

    Nice levels, considering they're your first. And I mean it. Wolfenstein maps get called good a bit too often. However, I can tell it's made by a beginner. The texturing needs some work. I can tell there was a lot of effort put into it. The second map is massive. The filesize is very bloated though. Did you add uncompressed wavs as music?
  2. Kore

    What's the hardest part of making a map for you?

    Having people play it
  3. Kore

    Tips on making wads.

    Map format in doombuilder, the very first option. If you want to use zdoom features pick udmf, otherwise doom format.
  4. I see. That's some obscure progression.
  5. I got stuck in the starting room. I could only action the shotgun lift. What are you supposed to do?
  6. Kore

    First doom map

    Not much to see. Kinda on the low side for first maps.
  7. Looking up and down allows you to hit some monsters that you wouldn't be able to otherwise. Particularly monsters far away, because autoaim stops working at certain range. There's also the issue with autoaim forcing you to hit the closest monster. You'll notice it when you try to hit a monster on a ledge but there's another monster below in front. Yeah, it's not that big of a deal like jumping is, but it's still an advantage, and it can trivialize some things.
  8. The view goes up and down a little when you shoot guns in doom64. Although you can't freelook because it breaks certain effects. I thought this thread was going to be about lack of autoaim/freelook being the same as allowing jump in doom maps.
  9. I noticed that a sector got untagged somehow. It's a bit harder to backtrack without it. Here's a fixed version rooms.zip
  10. I really hate when "details" get in the way of movement. Bumping into metal supports when fighting monsters in close quarters is maddening.
  11. Kore

    a few maps I made for fun

    The texturing is very chaotic and most areas tend to be cramped. There are some places where you forgot to add textures. In map02 you'll get soft locked if you fall off the lift near the end. Also, that button shouldn't be repeatable. I was surprised to see new monsters, but I don't know what they do since they died so quickly. Overall I rate it a 2/10, which is not the worst rating.
  12. Kore

    Second Map - In 2 Weeks

    Not your usual doom map. Took me about 12 minutes. Since the monster placement is so sparse, you can get away with killing very little monster. But it'd end up like a slaughterfest otherwise, I guess. The part with the imps at the end was great though.
  13. Kore

    UAC Earth Base 2: Wrong Teleporter

    MAP01 was quite short, or maybe there were a lot of optional areas that I skipped. The second map was way harder than the first. I died a couple of times because I didn't expect the difficulty spike. I don't know if I missed weapons but I had a shotgun and the pistol for almost the whole map. Had to pick up the chaingun from an enemy at the very end. MAP03 was just a surprise and I didn't try the secret level.
  14. Kore

    the doom community is not the same anymore.

    Yeah, I agree, but for a totally different reason, which I won't mention. People not caring about old stuff is the most normal thing. People would get tired of playing the same stuff over and over gain.