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  1. Kore

    LargE Single Map [BOOM compatible]

    Only pinkies are. I think it makes them more usable because they're a much higher priority target now.
  2. This is a somewhat large map. It takes around 30 minutes to complete. It's fairly non-linear, so you don't have to pick up all the keys. There are different skill levels but they mostly change the amount of ammo and health. The map uses custom transmaps and colormaps, so it's best played in a port that supports these, like eternity or prboom+, but it's not required. There are some slight dehacked edits, beware. The sky texture belongs to Fuzzball. Tested in prboom+, eternity and zdoom. rooms.zip
  3. Kore

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? When I'm in fullscreen with an 8-bit or opengl video mode the blues seem to lack quite a few shades. Changing the playpal doesn't do much. I can't take a screenshot of it for some reason but it looks a bit like this. I'm on
  4. Kore

    How you manage your wad collection

    No need for me to do that. I delete them after I'm done with them.
  5. Kore

    Simple Super Shotgun Sprite

    Pretty bad
  6. Well, it seems this was just going to rot in my hdd and I thought it'd be a shame to just delete it. You can do whatever you want with it, and you don't even need to give credit. All texture are original edits except for the sky which belongs to Fuzzball. It comes with a custom playpal and a bunch of compatible colormaps and tranmaps to play with. Don't ask for screentshots because I can't take them right now. I hope this will do. rooms.zip
  7. Kore

    Classic Doom addiction

    I still use doombuilder 1 hotkeys. I couldn't get used to gzdoom builder changing forcibly changing some of them.
  8. Kore

    Classic Doom addiction

    I can't relate, although I'd like to. I barely play this game since I burned out many years ago. And if I do it's just for personal projects. I haven't been keeping up with anything in the community so I'm pretty lost.
  9. Backtracking over unavoidable damaging sectors.
  10. When hardware accelerated, that is. I've been abusing some custom colormaps in my boom compatible map and it seems I only get a reddish tint in GZDoom in the areas they are used. It fits for one of them since it's a reddish fog but it doesn't look right for the rest. I was wondering if I could remedy this for better compatibility with this port.
  11. This guy is completely hilarious. Posting his specs should have been the first thing he did.
  12. Kore

    What DooM monster are you?

    commander keen
  13. That must have been it, because I remember you had to kill all of them first. Thanks.
  14. I remember someone posted an example of this some years. I think it involved killing hell knights to open a door, and I remember it was also boom compatible. So, is this possible or are my memories failing me?