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  1. Kore

    Doom Engine vs Build Engine (2018 edition)

    It's been a long time since I kept up with eduke32 but I never saw it as a port dedicated in implementing new features. I might be wrong but I think various features shown in this video are impossible to recreate in eduke32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3ejmj2KmW8
  2. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    It's not even just saving. Using the automap makes the room turn black. There's something strange here.
  3. Kore

    Regrettable things you did in your own older projects

    What I regret the most is that I didn't publish my shit and then lost it. So much wasted time.
  4. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    Are we still doing the halloween preview thing? If so I can put up some almost finished wip.
  5. Kore

    Fall of Society project for ZDOOM

    Looks like it was dead before coming out.
  6. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    Good thing we can rearrange the order of the maps according to difficulty. No need to adhere to the slot you have.
  7. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    So you were planning to add textures that looked out of place? Anyway, if you can make them work, nobody should care.
  8. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    That's why I added a gray liquid texture, so you could color it any way you wanted. Regarding adding new textures, what's the problem? Consistency is not really an argument. My maps use solely vanilla textures. Do you think other maps will clash with it for using new textures?
  9. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    Yeah, the map is pretty bad aesthetically, aside from that, there's not much to see. I'd recommend you to play some more of the original doom 64 to get a sense for it.
  10. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    Creating the illusion of different local colors is what's hard. I'd say it's not even worth it.
  11. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    The wiki is most probably wrong as the supplementary utils.txts suggests that one second is 30 tics. There are other few mistakes here and there so I suggest checking common.txt, the tech bible and this https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Macro
  12. Kore

    Graphically beautiful wads or eye candies

    Knee-Deep in ZDoom Too bad it doesn't play anywhere near as good as it looks like.
  13. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    As long as you don't have see two flats on top of each other at the same time, everything is possible.
  14. Kore

    Community Chest 64

    I don't know what you mean, but you use the no occlusion flag to make visible what the game tries to hide. For example, these little towers are in their own sector, separated from the map, and normally wouldn't be visible if I didn't make the walls on front non occluding.