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  1. geekmarine

    Ancient Gods 1: Nerfed?

    Okay, so I confess, I wasn't super excited about Ancient Gods 2. After all, to be completely honest, I got stuck in Ancient Gods 1 and just kinda gave up. You see, there's a Slayer Gate in the Holt that was proving to be impossibly difficult. THREE Archviles, Several Blood Maykrs, a couple of Doom Hunters, and finally, a friggin' possessed Marauder! Just utterly insane, and I didn't want to skip the Slayer Gate, so for months I would load it up, give it a few dozen tries, give up, and then go back to just not touching the game. Well today, I decided I'd fire up Doom Eternal and give it the old college try, in honor of Ancient Gods 2 coming out. What did I discover? Two Archviles instead of 3, only 2 Blood Maykrs, and the possessed Marauder? He gets dizzy now when you get a good hit on him! Like, literally, you see little cartoon stars over his head as he tries to regain his composure. It still took me a few tries, but for once, the Slayer Gate didn't feel over-the-top impossible. I had made it as far as the possessed Marauder before, but never had I reached him without feeling completely physically and emotionally drained... And combined with the cartoon dizziness, I actually defeated the bastard and completed the Slayer Gate. Still a long way away from actually beating Ancient Gods Part 1, but (a) I'm glad to be done with that impossible challenge, but (b) apparently the folks at Bethesda noticed how impossible the gate was, and deliberately nerfed the difficulty there. Wonder if they made changes anywhere else? EDIT: Should probably specify that I always play on Ultra-Violent, in case anyone was wondering, and no, I didn't change the difficulty settings.
  2. geekmarine

    Anyone else not like Final doom?

    Not too long ago, I made it a specific goal to sit down and play all the way through Final Doom. I really enjoyed TNT, and for once in my life, I actually really made an effort on Plutonia. I actually realized that with a little patience, I had the skill to slog through Plutonia. However, I confess I gave up on MAP30. It's just too friggin' nuts for me, to be honest.
  3. geekmarine

    Player Fault vs. Mapper Fault

    A few years ago, I released a map that was well-received overall, but everyone brought up that ammo is a bit stingy AND I had a demon swarm at one point. I really should've either included a melee powerup or been less stingy with ammo - so that was entirely on me not thinking about how "stingy ammo" and an attack that basically amounts to an ammo grind are not a good combination. I mean yeah, I could get through it while having enough ammo to survive the rest of the level, but I wasn't taking a player who didn't know the map inside and out into account. To this day, it's still my biggest mapmaking regret.
  4. geekmarine

    DOOM 3 VR - March 29th

    We really need an official Doom 3 VR mod for PC... I've tried the unofficial one, only problem is that enemies kept spawning before the hell breach in Mars City Underground and I couldn't figure out how to fix that. Just kinda ridiculous waiting for security to open the case for your pistol, and you've already got some zombie shooting you in the face. Bugs aside though, Doom 3 in VR is pretty sweet!
  5. geekmarine

    The thread that belongs to oblivion

    I've only made a couple of maps here and there, did a little very minor sprite work for Freedoom, but you know, the truth is, it doesn't matter if you don't make anything at all, because the important thing, I think, to creators is that there are people out there to enjoy their content. I mean, for what little I've done, I don't care whether the people who played my levels made levels of their own, it's enough to know that they played them and hopefully enjoyed the experience. So as long as you're still playing, you're still contributing in a sense, because you're giving other people the motivation to create new content. Nobody wants their masterpiece to just sit around on a server somewhere never getting downloaded, people create to have their work be experienced.
  6. geekmarine

    Why is the Zombieman's hair green?

    I always assumed it was like, either mold or from rolling around in the toxic slime that seems to be all over the friggin' place. And I mean heck, it was the 90s, green slime was in!
  7. geekmarine

    Sentinels and Humans

    I can't help but think of the references to other gods the Father has created. Perhaps the Wraiths were an experiment to see how well humans would do with more direct intervention. It would fit in with the narrative that the Father wanted to aid his creations, but, for instance, when he created the Dark One, his lust for power corrupted his whole domain. The Wraiths seemed to be a good compromise, giving the Sentinels the strength to be a mighty civilization, but not leading to corruption, until the Maykr stumbled upon them of course.
  8. geekmarine

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Okay, so I've been finally giving Plutonia a real shot. Before, I would've said Archviles. However, Plutonia has shown me the most insidious monster placement known to man - chaingunners on a ledge with hidden Archviles able to infinitely revive them. Jesus that was a nasty bit of work.
  9. geekmarine

    Favorite episode and difficulty

    I've been on a Doom kick, going through and playing them all straight through on UV. When I played Ultimate Doom, it was really the first time I actually made an effort to play E4 straight through, and I gotta say, I enjoyed most of it, but FUCK E4M1! I mean, there's nothing even really wrong with the map or the gameplay, except that it's a frickin' ammo desert. What the hell? I mean, at a certain point I just gave up even trying to 100% that level because there is no way in hell I'm gonna stand around punching Barons to death or whatever.
  10. I don't think either heaven or hell were meant to be literal in the Doom games, old or new. I think the new games simply clarify that, rather than rewriting the lore. We see no evidence of heaven or God until Doom Eternal, and then it becomes clear that the angels are simply a technologically advanced civilization, as stated before, so advanced that their technology looks like magic. Likewise, I never considered Hell to be literal either, because um, demons are corporeal and can be killed. And it's clearly a physical realm, that seems to have an internal working logic, indicating that they, too, operate under technology so advanced that it seems like magic. After all, it's not like bad souls go their when they die; rather, living beings are dragged off to Hell and tortured until their soul energy is able to be removed from their bodies - after which those bodies become possessed and mutated by demons for their own purposes. If it were the Christian hell, that wouldn't make sense, but it makes perfect sense as aliens that probably inspired myths about Biblical demons. And we know that both civilizations have interacted with Earth in the past - for instance, the cultist base in the arctic. I don't see any of this as contradicting the first games.
  11. geekmarine

    Were UAC cultists in the classic Doom story?

    Well to be fair, we are talking about two different alternate universes. The Doom Slayer of 2016 and Eternal is the same marine that fought through the original series, and the Earth of that reality is a different Earth from the original series. Basically, Phobos incident happens, Doom Slayer fights on Mars, then Hell, then Earth, then eventually back to Hell again, before running into the Sentinels and Maykr, then getting trapped in Hell, then being rescued by Dr. Haydn of an alternate reality Earth that hadn't been invaded yet. The humans of Doom 2016 already knew about Hell, the Demons, etc., probably precisely because of Dr. Samuel Haydn, and so a cult had a chance to develop before the initial Hell wave event of that universe. In the original, the UAC had no idea what they were messing with before shit went down. Of course, considering that test subjects turned into gibbering idiots, it's possible that some cult worship could've started to take hold, but not to the extent that it does in Doom 2016 wherein everyone at the UAC knew they were messing with Hell from the very beginning.
  12. geekmarine

    How much harder is doom eternal compared to doom 2016?

    Eh, there's definitely a much steeper learning curve. Getting the hang of constantly using your equipment while flailing about the arena like a deranged acrobat while trying to line up your shots at the same time is a lot to take in. Once you've played a while, though, it becomes second nature.
  13. geekmarine

    Do you think Doomguy eats the demons

    I mean, in Doom Eternal the Betrayer had a nice little Hell camp set up, complete with campfire, which I imagine he used to roast demon meat on. Honestly, the only question is whether or not Doomguy would even bother cooking his demon meat before eating it.
  14. geekmarine

    Doom Eternal End Credits

    You know, this is a super, super, SUPER minor thing, but I just finished Doom Eternal, and I have to say, I actually really enjoyed how the end credits had all sorts of pictures of the staff from the office. I dunno, I just think it's super neat for the people who worked on it to get recognized like that. Normally I don't even pay attention to end credits, but it was just so fun to see all those "behind the scenes" photos. Also really made me appreciate how much work went into it. I'd just never seen that before, and I really liked it.
  15. Exotic and in-joke/Easter egg secret levels are what I prefer. Either way, it makes it feel special, like a reward for finding the secret level. Doom II and Doom 2016 both made excellent use of the concept, in my opinion. Especially in Doom 2016, I'm not usually a completionist, but damn the secret levels were fun enough that it really encouraged me to go through and try to find them all.
  16. geekmarine

    How to practice for Battlemode?

    Personally, I just throw myself into trial by fire. Still get my ass kicked on a routine basis, but I'm getting the hang of it. Might seem obvious, but the most important things I've learned is to NEVER stay still, and never rely on one weapon. You gotta be hitting that boost button like you're trying to break it. You gotta jump constantly, and make constant use of jump pads and monkey bars. Also pick a player and stick on him like glue; yeah, it makes it more difficult to get that second kill if the other player isn't very damaged, but one kill is better than none, and often you can throw players off balance by suddenly hammering them with everything you've got. Disclaimer: I'm not very good at Battlemode myself, but I'm definitely walking away from more fights having done some real damage to the other team.
  17. geekmarine

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    Doom Eternal X-TREME - just a re-release of Doom Eternal, but with the levels replaced with about 5,000 hideous, unbalanced maps that all look like they were made in 1994.
  18. geekmarine

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    I was under the impression that the Argent D'Nur themselves had created a Hell portal, one that brought them to the outer plains of Hell. Doomguy just happened to be in the area and was the first one they encountered before actually coming across any demons. Maybe not, but that seems to be the most plausible explanation, to me anyway. They were fucking around with portal technology, he found them, and that would also contribute to his seeming insane ravings about the demons coming to kill them all - it wasn't just a vague, "They're out there and they'll come here," it was a, "You fuckers, you basically set out a welcome mat for them!" At the very least, the Maykr must've had teleporter technology to even reach Argent D'Nur, and that's really all you need.
  19. geekmarine

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    I guess with identity theft it's not really an issue, but I'm kind of interested in how the Seraphim managed to create an entire life for Dr. Samuel Haydn. I mean, I can assume he transferred his consciousness into a cybernetic body to both conceal his true identity (since people would freak the fuck out if they saw the Seraphim for what he truly was), and to purge himself of the corruption which has plagued his people. But playing Doom 2016 again, and going through the codex, it's clear that Dr. Samuel Haydn had a life of his own before the Seraphim showed up. I'm also curious as to why he stole the essence of the Father in the first place, given that it's the reason that the Maykr made a pact with Hell in the first place.
  20. Okay, so I am loving Doom Eternal, and as part of that, I'm really loving all the lore. However, I have to admit I am incredibly confused about the timeline here. So... First few Doom games happen, then Doom Slayer finds himself in Hell. Then he meets and joins the sentinels. And they fight demons, and meet the maykr, the maykr discover demon energy, and secretly send the sentinels to help conquer planets so that the souls of the dead can be harvested . I guess what confused me is that the Doom Slayer seems mortal but then it seems like her was predicted long ago
  21. geekmarine

    Can anyone explain the timeline here?

    Like here's a good example of something that seems to get kinda confused with the timeline. The arctic base was apparently built thousands (or was it millions) of years ago, seemingly powered by Maykr and Sentinel technology. However, the Maykr didn't know about the demons until the Slayer told them. I guess the base could have originally simply been built by the demons themselves, and only later conquered by the Maykr and the Sentinels, but yeah, there's the kind of stuff I get mixed up with.
  22. geekmarine

    Is anybody else seriously IN LOVE with Eternal?

    My God... It's been a while, but I have been summoned back here by some truly dark magic. I just... It is fucking Dooming perfection. It is brutally, relentlessly difficult, and it just demands so much of you, and my God you're juggling your weapons, abilities, everything just to fucking stay alive. It's... Almost like being exposed to Doom for the first time all over again, with just the challenge of this whole new way of playing combined with incredible satisfaction when you get it right. Also, so far I am absolutely loving the story, and how it actually does start to kinda tie everything together - and just wow, I know you might say it's too story heavy for a Doom game, but it's exactly the right kind of story for a Doom game, it's just so epic and over the top and I can't get over how it actually ties the previous games together. In keeping tradition with the older games, I also love how well it balances action with exploration. I actually enjoy having to solve some puzzle or have to do some crazy stunt to get to a secret area. Oh man, I just... Only downside right now, I'm stuck on the Gladiator fight, it is just impossible, and I refuse to che a t
  23. geekmarine

    DOOM Update 6.66 (Multiplayer Only)

    Dang, that's pretty sweet. I mean, I got nothing against Doom's multiplayer, but it's more of a fun add-on feature to a primarily single-player game. While it's a fun diversion, I just couldn't believe that they had the audacity to try to sell multiplayer-only DLC for a game whose focus isn't really multiplayer.
  24. geekmarine

    Are superhuman enemies in shooters fair?

    Personally, I have no problem with superhuman enemies in shooters, but only if it makes sense. Like, I don't have a problem fighting a giant armored mech that absorbs boatloads of damage, but it does feel cheap if you're just up against another human who suddenly, because he's a boss, can soak up bullets like a sponge even though he looks just like every other human you've slaughtered on the path to get to him. Wolfenstein: The New Order handled it perfectly, in my opinion. It was always clear WHY some enemies were harder to kill than others, and it was always clear what strategy you should use to take them down. That's always been one of my only gripes about the Bioshock series. I don't mind something like a Big Daddy kicking my ass, but I remember that fight with the doctor, and it was total bullshit because there really wasn't any indication that he'd be harder to kill than regular enemies, and it wasn't immediately clear how to defeat him. I mean yeah, I guess part of it is watching what he does, for instance, noting that he keeps using the medical station, but I just think that whole battle could've been better-designed so as to make it more clear you can't simply just gun him down. Again, going back to Wolfenstein: The New Order, the final boss was very well-designed, in my opinion. He telegraphed his weakness because every so often he'd stop to recharge with the lightning rods, so it became clear that you had to disable them. However, the barrage of lasers and such didn't make the task any easier, so it was still a satisfying fight, it was just a way to give the player a chance to figure out what to do. That's good game design, in my opinion - make a conflict challenging, while giving the player a chance to learn the rules of the conflict so they can figure out what to do. I guess some people might call that hand-holding, but it's different from, say, having a character just pop up and tell you what you need to do, you still have to figure it out on your own, but in a way, the game still teaches you.
  25. So I recently picked up Tomb Raider because, of course, Steam sale and all that jazz. Now, I've never been very interested in the series, but the reboot has been friggin' great so far. The story is solid, the gameplay is fun, combat is satisfying, and I love the puzzles. My problem is, I haven't been doing very much raiding of actual tombs. And it's not for lack of tombs to explore. There are all kinds of secret areas in the game with nice rewards for completing them. My problem is, I try to immerse myself in the story, and from that point of view, it's hard to justify to myself exploring some dank, dusty cave for treasure when, say, I'm supposed to be hurrying over to rescue someone before they're brutally murdered. Obviously the game takes this into account, and doesn't do anything like set hard time limits for completing objectives, so if I really wanted to, I could explore tombs to my heart's content and get all sorts of cool bonuses and upgrades. My problem is, it breaks the flow of the narrative if I decide to go looking for treasure and power-ups when people's lives are on the line. I dunno, it just seems like a difficult balancing act, and one that I don't really have an answer to - how do you tell a compelling story in a game while at the same time allowing players the freedom to explore the world you've created without feeling like they're breaking the flow of the story? I mean, the only two options I can see is either you force the player down a linear path without any choice but to follow the story, and then you might as well just be a movie, or you make the story so crappy that the player isn't invested, and so has no real incentive to complete it/