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  1. geekmarine

    Quake Remastered

    I will say this for Quake Remastered, for the time being anyway, it's been great playing vanilla deathmatch on decently populated servers. Really takes me back to high school when we'd have big shareware Quake matches on the school network. Really wish a feature like that had been included in the Doom Unity ports, to be quite honest, but yeah, holy crap I had forgotten how fun good ol' classic Quake deathmatch was.
  2. Okay, so this is probably the most pointless thing in the world to ask - but darn it, I unlocked classic Doom and Doom II in Doom Eternal, and I want to make use of that. Is there any way to enable autorun in the Doom Eternal versions, or am I just stuck holding down the shift key for all eternity? Yeah, I know I could literally play any source port on virtually any device I wanted, just wanted to check because I spent that time finding the floppy disks and whatnot.
  3. geekmarine


    Oh no, I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but I just discovered this Easter Egg while replaying Doom Eternal, and I am SHOCKED! Found this in Nekroval Part II, in case anyone was wondering. Tried to make sure this isn't a repost, so sorry if it's been mentioned before.
  4. geekmarine

    [Plot hole?] Did Earth get invaded twice...?

    Personally, I always imagined kind of a "spoked" multiverse, with Urdak and Hell acting as anchors. There's only one Urdak, one Hell, but they're both connected all of the parallel universes that make up the multiverse. The Doomslayer started out in "Earth 1," wound up in Hell, stumbled upon an exit that led to Sentinel Prime, which itself was in a universe that contained "Earth 2," which had not made contact with Hell until Samur's machinations with that universe's UAC.
  5. geekmarine

    ┬┐What are you breathing?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Chemtrails... Love me some government mind control vapors.
  6. geekmarine

    Ancient Gods 1: Nerfed?

    Okay, so I confess, I wasn't super excited about Ancient Gods 2. After all, to be completely honest, I got stuck in Ancient Gods 1 and just kinda gave up. You see, there's a Slayer Gate in the Holt that was proving to be impossibly difficult. THREE Archviles, Several Blood Maykrs, a couple of Doom Hunters, and finally, a friggin' possessed Marauder! Just utterly insane, and I didn't want to skip the Slayer Gate, so for months I would load it up, give it a few dozen tries, give up, and then go back to just not touching the game. Well today, I decided I'd fire up Doom Eternal and give it the old college try, in honor of Ancient Gods 2 coming out. What did I discover? Two Archviles instead of 3, only 2 Blood Maykrs, and the possessed Marauder? He gets dizzy now when you get a good hit on him! Like, literally, you see little cartoon stars over his head as he tries to regain his composure. It still took me a few tries, but for once, the Slayer Gate didn't feel over-the-top impossible. I had made it as far as the possessed Marauder before, but never had I reached him without feeling completely physically and emotionally drained... And combined with the cartoon dizziness, I actually defeated the bastard and completed the Slayer Gate. Still a long way away from actually beating Ancient Gods Part 1, but (a) I'm glad to be done with that impossible challenge, but (b) apparently the folks at Bethesda noticed how impossible the gate was, and deliberately nerfed the difficulty there. Wonder if they made changes anywhere else? EDIT: Should probably specify that I always play on Ultra-Violent, in case anyone was wondering, and no, I didn't change the difficulty settings.
  7. geekmarine

    Anyone else not like Final doom?

    Not too long ago, I made it a specific goal to sit down and play all the way through Final Doom. I really enjoyed TNT, and for once in my life, I actually really made an effort on Plutonia. I actually realized that with a little patience, I had the skill to slog through Plutonia. However, I confess I gave up on MAP30. It's just too friggin' nuts for me, to be honest.
  8. geekmarine

    Player Fault vs. Mapper Fault

    A few years ago, I released a map that was well-received overall, but everyone brought up that ammo is a bit stingy AND I had a demon swarm at one point. I really should've either included a melee powerup or been less stingy with ammo - so that was entirely on me not thinking about how "stingy ammo" and an attack that basically amounts to an ammo grind are not a good combination. I mean yeah, I could get through it while having enough ammo to survive the rest of the level, but I wasn't taking a player who didn't know the map inside and out into account. To this day, it's still my biggest mapmaking regret.
  9. geekmarine

    DOOM 3 VR - March 29th

    We really need an official Doom 3 VR mod for PC... I've tried the unofficial one, only problem is that enemies kept spawning before the hell breach in Mars City Underground and I couldn't figure out how to fix that. Just kinda ridiculous waiting for security to open the case for your pistol, and you've already got some zombie shooting you in the face. Bugs aside though, Doom 3 in VR is pretty sweet!
  10. geekmarine

    The thread that belongs to oblivion

    I've only made a couple of maps here and there, did a little very minor sprite work for Freedoom, but you know, the truth is, it doesn't matter if you don't make anything at all, because the important thing, I think, to creators is that there are people out there to enjoy their content. I mean, for what little I've done, I don't care whether the people who played my levels made levels of their own, it's enough to know that they played them and hopefully enjoyed the experience. So as long as you're still playing, you're still contributing in a sense, because you're giving other people the motivation to create new content. Nobody wants their masterpiece to just sit around on a server somewhere never getting downloaded, people create to have their work be experienced.
  11. geekmarine

    Why is the Zombieman's hair green?

    I always assumed it was like, either mold or from rolling around in the toxic slime that seems to be all over the friggin' place. And I mean heck, it was the 90s, green slime was in!
  12. geekmarine

    Sentinels and Humans

    I can't help but think of the references to other gods the Father has created. Perhaps the Wraiths were an experiment to see how well humans would do with more direct intervention. It would fit in with the narrative that the Father wanted to aid his creations, but, for instance, when he created the Dark One, his lust for power corrupted his whole domain. The Wraiths seemed to be a good compromise, giving the Sentinels the strength to be a mighty civilization, but not leading to corruption, until the Maykr stumbled upon them of course.
  13. geekmarine

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Okay, so I've been finally giving Plutonia a real shot. Before, I would've said Archviles. However, Plutonia has shown me the most insidious monster placement known to man - chaingunners on a ledge with hidden Archviles able to infinitely revive them. Jesus that was a nasty bit of work.
  14. geekmarine

    Favorite episode and difficulty

    I've been on a Doom kick, going through and playing them all straight through on UV. When I played Ultimate Doom, it was really the first time I actually made an effort to play E4 straight through, and I gotta say, I enjoyed most of it, but FUCK E4M1! I mean, there's nothing even really wrong with the map or the gameplay, except that it's a frickin' ammo desert. What the hell? I mean, at a certain point I just gave up even trying to 100% that level because there is no way in hell I'm gonna stand around punching Barons to death or whatever.
  15. I don't think either heaven or hell were meant to be literal in the Doom games, old or new. I think the new games simply clarify that, rather than rewriting the lore. We see no evidence of heaven or God until Doom Eternal, and then it becomes clear that the angels are simply a technologically advanced civilization, as stated before, so advanced that their technology looks like magic. Likewise, I never considered Hell to be literal either, because um, demons are corporeal and can be killed. And it's clearly a physical realm, that seems to have an internal working logic, indicating that they, too, operate under technology so advanced that it seems like magic. After all, it's not like bad souls go their when they die; rather, living beings are dragged off to Hell and tortured until their soul energy is able to be removed from their bodies - after which those bodies become possessed and mutated by demons for their own purposes. If it were the Christian hell, that wouldn't make sense, but it makes perfect sense as aliens that probably inspired myths about Biblical demons. And we know that both civilizations have interacted with Earth in the past - for instance, the cultist base in the arctic. I don't see any of this as contradicting the first games.