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  1. djnr

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    They have, actually! Fairly recently (4 years ago still counts as recently, right?) Discussion thread here (not sure if there were other further discussions): https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/117014-pacifist-ruleset-reform-debate-2020/ With the updated rule and examples on this page: https://www.dsdarchive.com/intro I don't think anyone cares to record demos for the old pacifist ruleset, at least not that I have seen, so everything that is labeled "pacifist" can safely be assumed to be following the new ruleset.
  2. djnr

    Sepia Demos [-complevel 21]

    MAP13 UV-Speed/Pacifist/Reality in 26.28 sepia13p26.zip https://youtu.be/VbrYQTB7sBk
  3. djnr

    Grindfest demos [-complevel 21]

    Now THIS is a good map. Grindfest MAP24 UV-Speed in 3:56 gf24-356.zip https://youtu.be/rvcnQPYVwSI NoMo 100S in 8:51 gf24os851.zip https://youtu.be/wgh_h6XmwU4 edit: LOL just noticed that I forgot to turn the music back on for the viddumps. Oh well too late now
  4. Map 03 UV-Max in 20:10 Also does the super secret dis03m2010.zip https://youtu.be/oGLjcsUlZ9k
  5. Spiderdemon doesn't need to be "fixed", because it can already be used in interesting (if limited) ways. However, I saw this topic, came up with a couple ideas, and threw together a proof-of-concept dehacked. Warning, it cannibalizes zombieman and imp states, so make sure to avoid maps with those enemies. spidertest.zip Load it up in Doom 1 and go to E3M8. Pop an IDFA and test out various weapons, cover, etc against her! (BFG is still about the same though unfortunately, but maybe that's OK -- compare with BFGing a cyberdemon) What it does: - Change her attack pattern to a 20 round burst over ~2 seconds. First shot has a long delay before the other 19, to give you time to get out of the way. Besides that, the fire rate starts fast and slows down a bit towards the end - After the 20 round burst, shoots out a floating mine (imp fireball) that explodes after ~2 seconds - Also shoots out the same explosive mine whenever her pain state is triggered Obviously needs tweaking before it's ready for an actual project, but it's just a POC and I'm happy I was able to hack it together as I envisioned it. Feel free to steal, modify, and/or use as inspiration. (because I probably won't do anything with it)
  6. @El Inferno You've convinced me, max is off the table XD TBH platforming shouldn't have gone that badly but I was nervous. After I embarrassed myself on the first run that got there, I had spent a little bit of time coming up with setups for all the jumps except the "run in a curve across the shelves" (2nd to last). I guess it turns out that some of the setups weren't all that good and/or I was screwing them up, doh. (Also was my first time getting to the platforming that session, and first session running this in a week or two... I got excuses for days!) Yeah, I should also have mentioned the zoo displays in the finale, that should probably be a third thing. I haven't spent too much time looking into UV max in earnest so there's potentially other stuff I'm missing. I guess no real point in keeping it to myself -- if you wanted to know what my second thing was:
  7. @El Inferno Oh nice, I knew about the linedef skip but didn't bother looking into it since I didn't think I could consistently do it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that anything is or isn't intended in one of your maps :) @Kinetic I have no plans on doing UV-max at this point :) Actually on that subject, I wanted to mention but forgot to: there are two obstacles stopping me from doing a UV-max. (Besides the obvious time/motivation) One is obvious if you watched the ITYTD, I need to actually come up with a strat for the secret fight, haha. And/or whatever skill goes into actually playing that fight. The other.... will remain secret for now. (Well I dunno, you can probably guess this one too) However one thing I had thought would be a huge problem, was the crusher fight. But I tried it out one time while prepping for this run, and got it blind first try no saves or anything. (Technically not blind but like, hadn't seen it since the initial UV playthrough) Obviously in a full run it'll be harder if the medikits are drained from the secret fight (I had just gone there during my practice saves, which skipped the secret fight)... but I'm not scared anymore. That being said... someone else feel free to run or TAS a UV-Max please? Pretty please?
  8. djnr

    Winter/Xmas Demos Month II

    Posted in the dedicated topic but apparently it counts here as well. (I was grinding it anyway, so that's just a happy coincidence) Poogers MAP15s UV-Speed https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2748399
  9. It's over. We're back. MAP15s UV-Speed in 78:36 https://youtu.be/ckVCt8gYQy8 (whole video for DSDA) https://youtu.be/RwfIx72CuZc (edited out failed platforming) poogers15s-7836.zip
  10. Look mom, I beat an El Inferno map! MAP15 ITYTD-MAX in 37:59 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41PuCLpKONQ poogers15-itytd-max-3759.zip
  11. I'm only seeing this now, but it's like a week later, so maybe you've already solved it. Posting anyway, since it might still be helpful to someone out there. The tl;dr is that powershell is passing three parameters: $wad_args, $map_args, and $demo_args. But what dsda-doom actually wants to receive is 15 parameters: one being "-iwad", then "D:\path\to\iwad.wad", and "-file", then "D:\path\to\pwad.wad", and so on. (I guess this is the standard way to send/receive parameters? I didn't know until now) Quick solution: use Invoke-Expression instead of &. Invoke-Expression "D:\Path\to\dsda-doom.exe $wad_args $map_args $demo_args" Basically what it does is treat the whole string as if you typed it on the command line, which means it automatically knows to break up the parameters. (As opposed to & which calls the exe and passes it parameters through the system API or whatever, so you have to be careful what you pass in and how) (If you don't like Invoke-Expression -- fair enough -- you could of course break everything down into the 15 strings and pass them with &. I figure though, for a doom script, that seems like too much hassle) PS 1: I had some copy/paste issues with the code from your post, there are invisible characters for some reason, which will screw up the script if you leave them around. You probably have it fine in your actual saved script, but just be warned if you copy/paste from here. PS 2: If you want to tinker around with powershell, you should download echoargs. Put it wherever and then use that path as your exe (i.e. instead of dsda-doom, in this example), it's very handy for testing/troubleshooting. I got my copy from https://ss64.com/ps/call.html
  12. djnr

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    It's relatively the same as prBoom: In Options > Setup > Key Bindings, there is a Demo section. The option is called "Camera Mode". Pressing it during gameplay has no effect. Pressing it during demo playback toggles between - 1) normal - 2) player location, but free angle - 3) free location and angle
  13. Imp in a trashcan (seasons.wad) - he's cute
  14. No comment on anything specific, but I would like to mention that I hope anything deemed allowable gets incorporated into dsda-doom and toggleable from the menu. (Just like instant restart button, high res, high framerate, widescreen, advanced/extended HUD, etc.)
  15. djnr

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    ngmvmt2 Map01 Pacifist 19.97 (old: 20.93 also by me) :) ng201p019.zip