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  1. Can't speak for the other members, but I take no offense. Of course. It would have to.
  2. The KDiZD intermission map (download)

    The map; not the quoted post.
  3. The KDiZD intermission map (download)

    Personally, I take this as a compliment.
  4. The /newstuff Chronicles #307

    Let us know. We'll assume that it's out unless we hear otherwise from you. If you'd like it to stay in and you want your full name in the credits, please be sure to send that to me.
  5. The /newstuff Chronicles #307

    KDIZD isn't a remake, it's a reinterpretation. The difference is that a remake replicates the original, (sometimes with minor enhancements,) and a reinterpretation allows much more freedom in redeveloping the original resources and in adding to them. A remake would not have allowed so many new map areas, monsters, weapons, etc. KDIZD is quite obviously a reinterpretation and not a remake. fraggle is correct that the general level of skill present in players today is much greater than it was when Doom was released. One of our goals with KDIZD was to allow those players to enjoy something E1-like with enhanced difficulty to match. Yes, it is more difficult. It was completely intentional. In fact, it's written in the text file to make people aware. Difficulty settings have been implemented, but none go nearly as low as you'd find in the original E1. Deathz0r, it was an unfortunate oversight that the person who included your resource did not make appropriate arrangements with you. If you would still like it removed, we are planning a re-release and would be happy to accommodate you in that regard.
  6. Knee-Deep in ZDoom, Co-op Style

    Umm... relatively soon in KDIZD time... :)
  7. Knee-Deep in ZDoom, Co-op Style

    The project as a whole (M8 especially!) used to be a whole lot worse about cooperative compatibility after many authors had worked with it who did not think about cooperative play. We spent a fair amount of time getting lots of things straightened out, so I'm glad you were able to enjoy our efforts there. It's too bad that M8 wasn't far enough developed and couldn't get quite the same attention before release. At any rate, we'd love to fix up the bugs you found for a re-release. If you could put together a more comprehensive list of what you found, we can get each area fixed up. We'd like that as much as you would. Re M2 secret: Since it's placed exactly in a standard E1M2 secret area, we didn't feel it needed any further marking. It's supposed to be easy for anyone who knows E1 like the back of their hand. KDIZD is really built for people who have already played E1 after all, so it rewards those who know it well.
  8. Shores of ZDoom?

    I personally won't play any major role. KDIZD was fun, but I'd rather do more original work now instead of more reinterpretation. That said, I'll probably get sucked into doing another INTERMAP if the rest of the project does get off the ground.
  9. Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    I expect most of the flaming is a product of dislike for previous conduct on the part of some of the team members. It's fairly easy to pick out those who disliked it from those who were determined to find flaws and nothing more.
  10. Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    That's not unusual. It happens any time you have less than 100% health. I can think of three dark areas in M4, one is a hallway with light at the end, one has a remote switch that turns the lights on, and the third is legitimately dark. M7 is dark intentionally. It's mostly underground, and it's also very late in the episode. :)
  11. Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Actually, it's not necessary to visit M9 if you use the under par method. It IS necessary if you use the 90/90/90 method.
  12. Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Change your monitor settings. M7 and part of M8 should be dark, but most of the rest is fairly well lit. It keeps track of items the same way as Doom did... Stimpacks aren't part of the count. Neither is ammo.
  13. Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Umm... Satellites? I don't know, just go with it. :) The system was originally developed long before the features that made this possible were added. Jumping/crouching is allowed. We would have disabled it otherwise. I believe jumping is occasionally (but certainly not often) required.
  14. Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Really? It's hidden in a standard E1 secret.
  15. Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Precisely the reason we'll be ignoring you.