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Everything posted by Marcaek

  1. Marcaek

    Best/Worst maps in TNT

    i think most people here have played the iwad maps
  2. Marcaek

    Best/Worst maps in TNT

    Mount pain sucks because its fucking huge ass brown mazes and tunnels full of shooting stuff right in front of you and waiting for slow lifts. It has nothing to do with celebrities, lol
  3. Do you still have a link to Necromantic Thirst?

    1. Oxyde


      Hi Marcaek!

      No, I don't work on Necromantic Thirst anymore, FranckFRAG is the new main man on this. :)

    2. Memfis


      "The lost levels": http://doomedsda.us/wad2011.html

      Development forum: http://doomfrance.forumactif.com/f54-necromantic-thirst


      Or are you looking for something else?

  4. Marcaek

    Epic 2 [released]

    I'm sure it was intentional, despite being a shitty way to design a button. btw nice 7 year bump my dude
  5. Marcaek

    Happy birthday Fonze

  6. Marcaek


    Duke was a great game. If it weren't for an actually decent sequel in Doom 4 and the fact that Duke's editing support was ass for the longest time I'd be willing to bet there'd be less of a slant in favor of the former.
  7. Marcaek

    Stylish Banned? Now What?

  8. Marcaek

    What do you think about border sectors?

    I'd rather have a flat floor than a bumpy one most of the time. I'd like to see more people who do floor borders use height transfers to make them technically level with the surrounding floor so you dont jump up when you're at the edge of a room. Also, floor borders less than 8px tall are actually more disruptive because they grab a player moving over them in a weird way.
  9. here's what im gonna be putting in all my wads from now on marc_skills.zip Hopefully the message is clear.
  10. Marcaek

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Prob has something to do with the custom monsters in Valiant. I'm willing to bet there's a compatibility patch out there for this. unless clusterfuck is as much as a meme as its name implies
  11. Marcaek

    Doomguy VS Master Chief

    I'd be more interested in an all out war between the Covenant and the armies of hell to be honest. Interesting to see them fight some literal demons as opposed to metaphorical ones. doom eternal halo wars most ambitious crossover?
  12. Marcaek

    Doomguy VS Master Chief

    halo is stronger because he can regenerate his hp dont at me boomers
  13. Marcaek

    GLBoom+ colormap problem

    Fresh install of and no difference. The default boom colormaps included with BOOMEDIT work until a custom palette is loaded. I guess that narrows down the issue but I'm not happy about it :1
  14. Marcaek

    GLBoom+ colormap problem

    I have a custom colormap to go with a custom palette. It works fine in PRBoom+ but not GLBoom+, everything retains the same colors as they would without a colormap change. Oddly, it does work in GLBoom+ with stock doom but the colors are of course wrong. WAD is attached, intended to work with Mayhem 17 deepwatertest.zip
  15. Marcaek

    id Software Staff on Doomworld?

    John was actually present for discussion of one of the Doom the way iD did projects.
  16. Marcaek

    GLBoom+ colormap problem

    Something must be wrong with my GLBoom+ settings then, I'm gonna try a fresh install.
  17. Marcaek

    GLBoom+ colormap problem

    For an example, First two shots from BOOMEDIT in PRBoom+ and GLBoom+ respectively: My map in PRB+ and GLB+:
  18. Marcaek


    this looks amazing, love the spritework
  19. Marcaek

    Doom Community

    maybe we should have a sticky with links to vetted discord servers?
  20. Marcaek

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I still don't really know why i built that area
  21. Marcaek

    The logic of map flow

    map flow is important
  22. Marcaek

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    haha, yikes
  23. Marcaek

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    Does it qualify as a tradition yet?
  24. Marcaek

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    Objectively untrue because e3m7 contains a literal honest-to-god cereal box maze :P
  25. Marcaek

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    It's actually probably easier than something like map04. AFAIK the early game in doom 2 is the real hurdle for nightmare because of all the zombies. Later maps have more projectile monsters which you can at least have a chance to dodge...