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  1. TNT2 is a 32-map vanilla compatible sequel to Team TNT's Evilution. Originally started in 2009, the project underwent many troubles and revisions (and even a split into a separate megawad project) before finally reaching what we would consider a state worthy of show. Every map barring one is fully complete and we are now looking for feedback from outside the team to help push the project over the finish line. CURRENT release: Public Beta 2
  2. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    TNT2 has been updated to Beta 2. Feedback has been greatly appreciated so far and work continues on identifying and fixing issues.
  3. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    I think there's a miscommunication here. If you mean "last map" being Map30 yes it exists, but there is one map (Map26) in the main lineup missing. If you want a complete continuous experience you should hold out for the missing map.
  4. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    I believe someone else on the team is already working on the CWILVs, but the offer is appreciated.
  5. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    We still have the font but CWILVs are low on the priority list so we just haven't really gotten to recreating all of them yet.
  6. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    god dammit the update was last post on the previous page lmaooooooooooooooooo
  7. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    DOWNLOAD: Public Beta 1 At long last, the first public release of TNT2 is now here. Barring one map (which should be ready soon, a skip map is present at the moment) everything else is complete. We now seek external technical and gameplay feedback to ensure that everything works as intended. The OP will be updated to include a link to the most recent versions for download. Our team is excited to finally be able to finish this project and we hope you will enjoy testing and playing it!
  8. you know what would be real handy? if saving a map which is part of a set of maps in dbx into another wad also copied the map's needed assets along with it

    1. Marcaek


      this would still be handy

  9. Marcaek

    Doom 2 "in name only" - Russian variation

    This link no longer works, also wondering what became of this project? @BeeWen
  10. Marcaek

    Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka has passed away.

    SA merely gave what was already behind the computer screens a place to fester and grow
  11. Marcaek

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    If you're going to do a grab-bag\community scrapbook like pretty much every CChest has been, putting limitations on things like theme is counterproductive. Furthermore I agree with the above that a Community Chest not only should not regress backwards in terms of compatibility(EVERY cchest was boom at least) it is a missed opportunity (and kind of irresponsible as a manager) to not capture on the community zeitgeist (which currently is moving into MBF21 and UMAPINFO) I suggest putting some more thought into this, and of course not endeavoring to take on a project of this magnitude on your own (get some experienced people on board to assist with management, I am speaking from experience in saying you will regret not doing so). Flippantly diving into a follow-up to a treasured community institution without really considering what you're about to do and having little to no experience is going to ruffle feathers of people who have come to expect such a project to be handled with care. Also: Ditch any notion of a hard deadline and leave setting a goal once the project has already started and progressed naturally.
  12. Marcaek

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    On top of this being needlessly chilling in effect, I feel like a couple of people are speaking on his behalf here without actually knowing what he feels about this. Maybe TGH should be allowed to speak for himself?
  13. A while back I made a sunny day recolor of TNT's E3 sky which I think came out ok, here it is in case you'd like to replace the one you're using now.
  14. missed opportunity to call it "strudel chex" i wanna beat the cherry filling outta some boogers
  15. Marcaek

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    It's funny how this is such a minor thing, but TNTCOMP is borderline unusuable without it. I think it's a good idea
  16. Marcaek

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    lol @valkiriforce
  17. Marcaek

    Cant' find playable deathmatch-servers

    Multiplayer Doom Federation Get on Discord, hang with the MDF, and you can play with us or find links to other DM-oriented groups.
  18. Your link has expired here, make sure to set a permanent invite!
  19. Marcaek

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    ACE for Machaward ofc
  20. Marcaek

    Mayhem17: The Lost Levels

    Since the Lost Levels project is DOA, I decided to finalize and uploade the organized resource with the new assets to idgames. Included is the single finished map created by Forli, which serves as a nice demo of some of the new assets and is generally just a rad level. There's a good chance I'll use this stuff for a mapset of my own, but in the meantime feel free to use it for your own maps. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/combos/m17tll_res
  21. Marcaek

    Mayhem17: The Lost Levels

    When the original Mayhem17 was in development, I was already planning an eventual addon pack to gather up all the loose maps which didn't quite get finished in time. Eventually I decided to do a little more with the idea, and realized a tribute to Super Mario Bros. infamous sequel was a perfect fit. Welcome to The Lost Levels. Participation is a little different as instead of an open community project this will be invite-only. If you wish to join up you'll have to ask here and be accepted. There are no mapping restrictions this time: only that these maps will be difficult and they will use a new compilation of Mayhem 17 resources with some fun extras. Slaughter, puzzles, tough small scale fights, precarious platforming, friction, weird original gimmicks: anything you can think of to test the player is a-ok. I am hoping to keep maps on the smaller side to maintain the arcadey feel of the original project, but if you think you can do a good job with a bigger map feel free! If you aren't keen on mapping but would like to join up to give feedback say so here, we are definitely looking for testers. Deadline for submissions is going to be late December. Current resource: Current resource: v3 Current maps(links later): ========== Tarnsman forli bemused
  22. Marcaek

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    dude this is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  23. Hey guys, ask yourself if this is really worth escalating.
  24. Marcaek

    Two Big, Stupid Maps

    Hey @Octavarium consider uploading these to idgames in case their links expire.