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  1. Your WAD probably has unmodified lumps from Doom2.wad, do this:
  2. Cleaning out my screenshots. Have some cool stuff: Baker's Dozen Map10 "Change of Mood" by Eternal Abyssal Speedmapping 30 map03, "Mucky weather" by Breezeep (with Fuzzball's custom palette) Mayhem 2016 Map05, "Vaalbara Reborn" By ArgentAgent 3 Hueres D'agonie 3, The best author tag ever.
  3. I can't imagine having fun on that boat map, it's way too fucking big for its own good. Too bad I didn't stick around long enough to play it!
  4. If you wanna kickstart pub CTF sometime you may still get some players. I wanna blame the lack of activity on the fact that everyone who would be playing it is playing in tourneys. Also the fact that pub has almost entirely been on IDL maps for the last couple years...
  5. 1) Software or hardware having really dense fog in a DM map isn't going to make you any fans. 2) Do you have a more recent link for comparison? 3) Isn't really an excuse though. If you're new to mapping you should expect to hear your maps are bad, rarely does a newbie make a good DM map without some kind of prior experience. Whether or not your feedback was shitty doesn't invalidate this, if you are looking for better feedback just ask multiple people, preferably those with some DM experience behind them.
  6. Like 4 maps left with any significant work to do. IDK if anyone on the team wants to share screenshots but if so they can feel free.
  7. What exactly would this be, taking soundtracks and effects from old 80's and 90's video games and slowing them down????
  8. Hey Lutz whatever happened to Demios: Anomaly Unleashed???

    1. Lutz


      Yeah, that was supposed to be a thing.  Long story short, I got a little detail crazy and got burned out after 3/4 of one level, partly because I kept trying to top myself and partly because WinDEU (which I used at the time) just isn't suited for more modern level design.

    2. Marcaek


      Given how long it has been I suppose it's (obviously) dead for good. Do you think you'll ever finish off what you had started with it?

    3. Lutz


      I will have to dust off what I had built.  I feel like I looked at it a couple years ago and just wasn't that impressed -- there were some cool pseudo-3D effects (like a elevator cage you could ride on and walk under) but too much artificial filler around the effects.  At the moment I am playing around with the Ancient Aliens texture set with a half-formed project in mind, but I don't really know where it's really going to go.


  9. Vanilla is overdone at this point, I want to see some good wads done in a more modern mapping format, emphasis on good. Boom would be fine too except even Boom mappers are overly conservative about what they change.
  10. Just popping in to say next time you do one of these to take coop compat into account from the beginning, as coop is pretty vital to the lifespan of a project, especially slaughtermaps which enjoy a good bit of coop play.
  11. Taking care of it, will upload very soon.
    1. Catpho


      Ah,i already played both of these,thanks for the recommendations though,they are good wads :)

      I wish there was a boom RETRES cp without gimmicks,or a resurrection of EDIV.

  12. If you're looking for oldschool, consider playing another port as GZDoom does a poor job of emulating classic feel "out of the box". If you're looking for ease of use DEFINITELY do not use GZDoom. If you are dead set on getting GZDoom to work, maybe something in this thread can help.
  13. And it's done. I'm sure something will end up breaking somehow but unless it is actually a problem this is it. good job guys we finally did it
  14. Come play [TSPG] Painkiller: Friday Night Fragfest #412: GVH: Nordic Saga ( zds:// )


    on Zandronum!

  15. I already sent the final version off to idgames. Here's another link
  16. Revisiting one of the handful of GVH versions out there, we're giving Nordic Saga another run. Come reminisce with us, but don't contemplate too much or you may get spooked! When: February 9th, 2018, 20:00 EST Where: TSPG-Painkiller servers WADs: Skulltag Content, Nordic Saga Core, Codepack, Datapack, Patch, NS Addon, Daemonicus, Expanded gvh03, FNF Stat tracking, New text Colors Mode: Team Last Man Standing Maplist: gvh02-09, 13-17, 20, 22, 34, 46, 47 If you want to join, you'll need to download the latest version of Zandronum. You can find out anything else you need to know about Zandronum here. More specific details for this event can be found here. If you need help setting up Zandronum, please look here
  17. I figure it'd be cleaner to have all of these in one thread instead of scattered all over the place, so from now on any FNF events will be posted here. LINKS TO PREVIOUS POSTS ==================
  18. I feel like there's something in the TTV!Zone collection which fits this description.
  19. ass 29 Had to fix a PNG and a load of other texture errors but here it is, will idgames if everything works.
  20. Check this out and lemme know if there are any issues. IDK if I want to bother making MAPINFO lumps if all that is being checked by DEHACKED anyway.
  21. If you have a map started, it would be helpful to post it so people can comment. General advice: play DM more to get a feel for how existing DM maps work. It'll help you understand way better than reading posts about the subject alone.
  22. Included the last couple of (critical) coop fixes. I'd like everyone to check out the text file, see if i am missing anything